Spectrum Mobile has been expanding its tablet collection daily to include some of the best brands like  Apple and Samsung Galaxy Android devices. You can buy a new Spectrum Mobile tablet for sale online and at Spectrum in stores nationwide at budget-friendly pricing. Spectrum Customers can use the tablets at home and on-the-go thanks to Spectrum’s widespread broadband network. Thus, customers will enjoy reliable and seamless connectivity and the fastest internet speeds.

    Besides, Spectrum Mobile offers simple unlimited data plans and pricing on these tablets. The service is available to Spectrum Internet customers, allowing them to save up to 60% on their existing monthly mobile bills. The top tier plan includes By the Gig starting at $14 per Gig and Unlimited data starting at $29.99 per month for subscribers with two or more lines. You can shop for Spectrum tablets for sale or bring your own. Then, choose a data plan designed for your budget. 

    Interestingly, all the plans feature access to nationwide 5G at no additional cost, unlimited talk and text, and with no contracts and no additional taxes and fees. Spectrum Mobile subscribers also enjoy the flexibility to switch plans as required for no extra cost. You can also tap interest-free monthly installment plans for the best Spectrum phones and tablets. Again, you can bring your own tablet and receive a free SIM card from Spectrum Mobile.

    Best ways to Get Spectrum Tablets For Free

    Spectrum is one of the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP) participants, offering eligible households a monthly discount toward broadband service of up to $30 per month and up to  $75 monthly for households on Tribal lands. Besides, ACP also offers discounts on connected devices, and getting a spectrum free tablet eligible for this program is possible.

    Current and new Spectrum customers can enroll in this program and get free devices and internet discounts. Customers who already applied for eligibility via the National Verifier may contact 844-815-8926 to enroll in this program. The broadband benefit gets applied to an existing Spectrum Internet plan anytime during the program duration. All Spectrum Internet packages are eligible for ACP.

    Additionally, eligible low-income households could receive 100 Mbps download speeds for $29.99 per month for the Affordable Connectivity Program. This plan includes in-home WIFI, modem, and self-installation at no extra charge. Eligible households can get up to $30 monthly on  Internet service. In other words, eligible customers can obtain Spectrum Internet 100 at no monthly bill.

    Spectrum Mobile Tablet Plans Offer

    Spectrum Mobile provides three main plans for tablet Spectrum: By the Gig,  Unlimited, and Unlimited Plus. You can select a single data option or mix and match between lines on your account. 

    1. By the Gig

    Spectrum Mobile’s By the Gig data is the top-tier option. This plan lets you share cellular data among all your By the Gig lines. However, each By the Gig line will get billed for 1GB upfront monthly.

    If all the By the Gig lines on your account utilize more than the 1 GB per-line cellular data allotment in a month, you’ll pay for the extra data used on your next bill. In this case, you will get billed for every 1 GB used, regardless you utilize the entire gigabyte or not.

    Moreover, after hitting 5 GB per line, you’ll experience slowed speeds for the remaining period of your bill cycle. Immediately the new cycle starts, and your speed gets to normal.

    1. Unlimited Plus

    Spectrum Mobile’s Unlimited Plus plan includes the same benefits that the Unlimited plan offers and more. Every Unlimited Plus line packs 30 GB of data per month, and when the line hits 30 GB, download and upload speeds for that line reduce until the billing cycle ends. However, extra data used won’t be charged, and once the next billing cycle begins, you’ll resume back to full speed.

    1. Unlimited

    Spectrum Unlimited plan doesn’t charge for extra data you use after depleting your monthly allowance. This data plan packs 20 GB of data per month, and if an unlimited line hits 20 GB, the download and upload speeds will reduce for that line for the remaining part of the billing cycle. Then, after the next billing cycle begins, you’ll resume full speed.

    Spectrum Mobile Bring Your Own Tablet Program

    You can bring a tablet to Spectrum Mobile and get a free Sim Card. Before making the switch, you must check your device compatibility. Also, devices must be unlocked before bringing them to Spectrum Mobile.

    Before initiating the BYOD process, ensure your tablet runs the most up-to-date operating system software. You can use the Spectrum Mobile IMEI Check tool to see if your device is compatible with the Spectrum mobile network using your device ID (IMEI).

    Through the Spectrum bring your own tablet option, you can enjoy unlimited talk and text without additional charges, taxes, or signing of contracts. Other benefits include:

    • Flexibility to switch plans
    •  Nationwide Free WiFi network
    •  Keep Your existing number
    •  No additional fee for new equipment
    •  Free nationwide talk and text

    List Of Tablet That Offers Spectrum Mobile for subscribers

    The following are the best spectrum tablet deals you can find online:

    1. iPad Pro 12.9-inches- starting at $36.11 for 36 months, at  0% APR
    2. iPad Pro spectrum 11-inches- starting at $27.77 for 36 months, at  0% APR
    3. iPad Air spectrum -starting at $20.83 for 36 months, at  0% APR
    4. Apple iPad- starting at $16.66 for 36 months, at 0% APR
    5. iPad (9th Gen)- starting at $12.77 for 36 months, at 0% APR
    6. Galaxy Tab A7 lite- starting at $5.55 for 36 months, at 0% APR
    7. Galaxy Tab A8 lite- starting at $5.55 for 36 months, at 0% APR
    8. iPad Mini- starting at $18.05 for 36 months, at 0% APR

    To get the above deal on Spectrum tablets, customers must trade in a qualifying device, add a new line, and buy and activate a new cell phone. If you fully pay for the new phone, the credit gets applied to the purchase. If you purchase the new phone through financing, the credit gets applied to the bill throughout the device Payment Plan. You can go to spectrummobile.com/trade-in for more details.

    Bottom Line

    Spectrum Mobile offers deals on Apple and Samsung tablets to Spectrum Internet customers. You can buy a new tablet or bring your current one, provided it’s compatible with the Spectrum Mobile network. You must attain the eligibility requirements for the best deals on Spectrum iPad Air and Samsung Galaxies tablets, including an eligible trade-in. Besides, if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP), you can get a free tablet, including free monthly plans from Spectrum.