Phone providers are telecommunication companies that allow you to benefit from services such as calling, sending texts, and accessing online services. Usually, these companies sell compatible phones and tablets that require consumers to purchase to enjoy their services.

    However, most companies allow you to bring your own tablet or phone as long as it can work with the carrier’s network technology. We shall check the various Bring your own tablet companies later. 

    A tablet is a beneficial device in the modern-day world. That is because it allows you to do various things such as playing music & videos, taking photos & videos, playing games, and typing documents.

    We also have tablets with educational software so that children can access learning materials. Most tablets allow you to insert a SIM card from your service provider so that you can make calls, send texts, and access online services.  

    When bringing a tablet to a particular service provider, you must ensure it is unlocked to work with the service provider’s network. Blocked tablets or phones can only work with a specific carrier.

    Again, you must ensure that the tablet has the necessary network technology so that you can easily connect with your service provider. We have companies that support GSM, CDMA, or both. However, most modern tablets can support both technologies. 

    Best 6 Bring Your Own Tablet Providers In 2023

    Tablets are the most essential devices for our daily life. To fill up your demands and require to switch your service due to move any places or other purposes your need to bring your own tablet than follow these bellow details whose provide you a flexible instructions to get your tablets.

    1. T-Mobile

    T-Mobile US is an American telephone service provider headquartered in Bellevue, Washington, United States, and is the largest shareholder in the German telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom AG.

    We have other T-Mobile brands in countries such as the Czech Republic and Poland. The company is among the largest companies in the US, both by revenue and subscribers. As of August 2023, the company held 48.4 percent of the common stock.

    T-Mobile US is the second-largest mobile service provider in the United States. Currently, the company has more than 110 million subscribers. It allows you to bring your tablet for use with your plans.

    Bring Your Own Tablet

    You can add a tablet to your phone plan by contacting Customer Care at 1-800-937-8997. You can also dial 611 from your tablet to complete the process. If you run a business with over 21 lines, you should contact Business Customer Service to get help.

    Requirements To Join T-Mobile

    You can join T-Mobile by following simple steps. You can sign up for an account by calling 1-800-TMOBILE or visiting a T-Mobile store. You can dial 611 to contact an expert if you already have a T-Mobile account.

    Alternatively, you can visit your local T-Mobile store to get the necessary help. T-Mobile has a plan you can use with tablets. The Magenta® for tablets gives you unlimited data and more on your connected devices.

    The Magenta® for tablets includes:

    1. Unlimited 4G LTE data on your tablet
    2. Monthly regulatory fees and sales taxes 
    3. Stateside International unlimited texting
    4. Unlimited texting
    5. Stream unlimited video at 480p
    6. Texting & data abroad in 215+ countries & destinations
    7. Unlimited texting in Mexico & Canada and up to 5GB of 4G LTE data
    8. Mobile hotspot data at max 3G speeds

    Remember that you also need to set up your new tablet to start enjoying connections. That is possible if your tablet supports a SIM card. Since T-Mobile offers internet services using a SIM card, your device should have a SIM card slot. To get started, insert the SIM card from T-Mobile, turn it on, and follow the on-screen guidelines to complete the initial setup.

    2. Straight Talk

    Straight Talk Wireless is a telephone service provider headquartered in Miami, Florida, in the United States. The company is a subsidiary of TracFone Wireless. It operates as a mobile virtual network operator in agreement with various wireless network operators in the US, such as Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile.

    Straight Talk Wireless started its operations in October 2009. Initially, the brand relied on Verizon Wireless before engaging other service providers. Straight Talk also runs a Bring-Your-Own-Tablet program whereby you can get connection services for your current cellular tablet as long as it is not reported as lost, stolen, or locked to a particular carrier network.

    Additionally, your tablet should be compatible with the carrier’s network technologies. You can check your phone’s compatibility by visiting, selecting “Check Compatibility,” and following the steps or texting “KYOP” TO 611611 from your device. Again, getting your prepaid SIM card for your tablet when you join Straight Talk Wireless is straightforward.

    Requirements To Join Straight Talk

    You can join Straight Talk online with your compatible tablet. You only need a compatible device, and you are good to go. You will get a SIM card that you should insert on your device, then power it on and follow the steps to activate it.

    You can activate your device by simply going to to activate. You can also activate your device by calling 1.888.251.8165 and requesting their help. Alternatively, you should follow the instructions on your package to set up your device.

    Also, you will choose from the various plans to get the most suitable plan for your device to begin your connection. You can purchase a plan on Straight Talk’s website or through Walmart. Plans include Straight Talk $45 Silver Unlimited 30-Day Prepaid Plan + 5GB Hotspot Data + Int’l Calling Direct Top Up, Straight Talk $130 Silver Unlimited Talk, Text & Data, Straight Talk $55 Gold Unlimited Talk, Text & Data 30-Day Prepaid Plan + 15GB Hotspot Data + Cloud Storage, among others. 

    3. AT&T

    You can also bring your own tablet to AT&T and start enjoying various services. AT&T is an American telecommunications company headquartered in downtown Dallas, Texas, in the United States.

    It is the largest carrier in the world by revenue and the third-largest service provider of telephone services in the U.S. Even though you can bring your own tablet, the company has fantastic deals where you can buy cheap tablets. 

    For your information, AT&T allows you to sync your smartphone with up to 5 Android tablets to make or receive voice and video calls on your tablet. Therefore, all your synced mobile devices ring if someone calls you, and you can answer with any device you like. Again, to use a tablet with AT&T, you must make sure it has a SIM card slot. It should also be unlocked to support the network. 

    Apart from bringing your tablet to AT&T, you can also buy one from the company and add a line for it. Some tablets that work with AT&T include Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, Samsung Galaxy Tab S8+ 5G, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G, among others. 

    Requirements To Join AT&T

    You should follow various steps to join the AT&T network using your tablet. One only needs to activate your tablet to continue enjoying various services. You can visit the AT&T website to start the device activation process on the activation page. Again, you can connect a tablet to AT&T by following the steps below. 

    1. On your Android tablet, find and open the Settings menu.
    2. Open the ‘Wireless & Networks’ menu.
    3. Toggle Wi-Fi on.
    4. Tap and open the ‘Wi-Fi settings’ menu. 
    5. Hit on the ‘AT&T Home Base Wi-Fi network’
    6. Enter the Wi-Fi network password on the bottom of your AT&T Home Base. If you changed, enter the current one. 
    7. Tap ‘Connect’.

    4. Verizon Wireless

    Verizon is an American telecommunications company headquartered in Manhattan, New York City, although it is incorporated in Delaware. The company allows you to bring your own tablet to enjoy various connections.

    Various tablets work with Verizon. They include Apple iPad (9th Generation), Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite, Apple 11-inch iPad Pro (2021), Apple iPad mini (2021), and Apple iPad Air (5th Gen), among others.

    Once you bring your tablet to the company, you can proceed to add it to your plan. There are various steps you should follow, which include the following.

    1. Activate your tablet. You should begin by activating your device using the IMEI number found behind the battery. You can also get the number on the tablet settings by tapping on the “About device” section.
    2. After getting the digits, you can log in to your My Verizon account and navigate to “Activate Existing Device.” Next, enter the identification number and activate your tablet.
    3. Decide the amount of data you need. Next, you should decide the amount of data you require for your tablet. There are data-only plans at Verizon that you should choose to access online services with your device.

    Requirements To Join Verizon

    You can bring your tablet to Verizon as long as it is unlocked. You should provide the make and model of the tablet plus the carrier you purchased the device from and tap the continue tab. Also, you must complete all the steps to join the network. One can purchase various plans from Verizon to use with their tablet. The plans include the following:

    1. $100/month for $70/month
    2. $80/month for $50/month
    3. $60/month for $30/month
    4. $40/month for $10/month

    Interestingly, you get a free SIM card when you come with your device.

    5. MetroPCS

    Metro by T-Mobile is an American wireless service provider owned by T-Mobile US. The company was originally the fifth-largest telecommunications company in the United States before merging with T-Mobile on May 1, 2013.

    You can use tablets with the company’s network. You only need to activate your tablet and choose the most appropriate plan. You can also purchase a tablet from the company and enjoy various services, which include:

    1. Allstate® Roadside Assistance 
    2. Easy-to-use interface to monitor your car’s health
    3. Real-time notifications for your car security 
    4. In-car Wi-Fi hotspot
    5. Smart driving analytics, as well as optimization reports that encourage good driving habits
    6. Gas Station Finder to help you locate the cheapest gas prices quickly 
    7. Virtual Glove Box that digitally stores important documents related to your car

    Requirements To Join MetroPCS

    You can join MetroPCS online and start enjoying various services from the company. You can activate your service online or visit a store for the same. Alternatively, you can call 1-888-8-METRO8 to activate your tablet.

    Once the service is active, one can choose a plan and enjoy excellent connections from the company. You can use various plans with your tablet at Metro by T-Mobile. They include the following:

    1. $15/month – Unlimited high-speed data plus 480p streaming
    2. $30/month – Unlimited high-speed data* + HD streaming

    6. Sprint

    Sprint Corporation is an American telecommunications firm that is part of T-Mobile. The company merged with T-Mobile US on April 1, 2020. Before then, it was the fourth-largest carrier in the United States and served 54.3 million customers as of June 30, 2019. Its subsidiaries offer wireless voice, broadband, and messaging services.

    Requirements To Join Sprint

    Sprint allows you to bring your tablet and get unlimited data for only $25/month. You can also reactivate your existing Sprint tablet. One can also add their tablet to a Sprint plan by signing in to their Sprint with their username and password.

    Once signed in, you can check on the “My Account page” and scroll to the “I want to” navigation tool on your right-hand side, then click Add a new phone and plan to add your tablet.

    Once your tablet is active on Sprint, you can choose various unlimited plans to enjoy your connections. The Sprint Unlimited Premium Plan includes unlimited domestic, texting, calling, 100GB LTE MHS, VPN & P2P & data.

    Wrap Up

    Phone providers are telecommunication companies that allow you to benefit from services such as calling, sending texts, and accessing online services. You can access these services through tablets as well. Usually, these companies sell compatible tablets that require consumers to purchase to enjoy their services. You can also bring your own tablet to enjoy various services from companies such as MetroPCS, Sprint, Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, among others.