iPads are crucial devices that allow you to perform various activities, such as making calls, sending texts, and using cellular internet for those with SIM card slots. You can also use an iPad to prepare documents, play movies and music videos, listen to music, and play games. However, iPads are expensive devices that only a few can afford. This article will teach you how to get a free iPad for seniors. 

    Seniors are the older community members at least 62 years of age. However, the age varies from country to country or service to another. Most older adults cannot get money because they do not work; thus, they need to assist them with free iPad tablets to use when in need. Giving the elderly free iPads gives them the key to prosperity because they can work online using the devices.

    Additionally, seniors can give their kids iPads for studies. We all know that technology has pushed us to online learning, where school-going kids use devices to learn. We have various platforms that offer educational materials to benefit learners. One can download apps with educational content from the relevant stores or access them online. Due to the many uses of iPads, there is a need to assist the elderly in getting the devices. 

    Factors to choose iPad tablets for senior citizens

    You should choose iPads over other operating systems, such as Android and Windows, for various reasons. They include the following.

    1. Fast processing speeds

    iPads allow you to carry out various tasks faster. The device allows you to multitask by opening various apps simultaneously and working with all of them. That way, you can do a lot of things at once. For example, you can open a document typing application and simultaneously open a spreadsheet and a video editor. The reason why the device can multitask is the ability to refresh apps periodically, thus creating room for more apps to run.

    1. Long-lasting batteries

    The devices have long-lasting batteries that can take a long when fully charged. Even though the batteries may have low-charge capacities compared to Android tablets, they have effective mechanisms to conserve power, thus lasting longer. After all, the devices have ultra power saving modes where you can reduce power consumption when not actively using the tablet. 

    1. High-resolution cameras

    iPads have high-resolution cameras that allow you to take amazing photos and videos. If you like snapping everything that appears memorable, getting an iPad can serve you right. You can also switch various resolutions to suit your needs.

    1. Large storage spaces

    iPads have large storage spaces that allow you to save as many files as possible. You can save videos, music, photos, and documents on your device to access them in the future. Additionally, Apple, the manufacturer of iPads, has a cloud storage service called iCloud, whereby you can store your files online and get them from any device upon logging into your phone. You can also add memory cards since iPads have slots to expand your memory.

    1. High-level security 

    iPads and other products from Apple have high-level security that allows you to safeguard your files from attacks by viruses and malware. It is tough to hack an iPad tablet; thus, the devices are considered the most secure worldwide. That’s why most government offices use iPads and other Apple products, such as Macs, to perform various tasks and store crucial data. 

    Best ways to get free iPad for seniors    

    There are various ways seniors can get free iPads for their activities. They include the following. 

    1. Look for cellular service provider sign-up deals. 

    Mobile phone providers offer new customers free products to lure them to their companies. Even though it’s not easy to find iPad tablets as sign-up rewards, you can be lucky to come across a service provider offering free iPads. Remember that getting a free tablet from a mobile service provider requires signing and honoring a contract. However, so long as you want a free device, honoring a contract should be fine. 

    2. Check with the US Department of Veterans Affairs. 

    You can get a free iPad tablet from the US military if you are a veteran. Veterans are those senior citizens who worked with the security forces and retired. The VA has worked with Apple to offer free cellular-enabled iPads to veterans to assist them in accessing benefits and remaining connected. Suppose you don’t have a video-enabled mobile phone, computer, or tablet. In that case, you can contact your local VA health care group to determine eligibility.

    3. Trade in your other Apple products. 

    You can trade in your old Apple products to get an iPad. Even though the things you trade in are yours, it is like getting the device for free since the items were useless to you. Therefore, if you have Apple products that are not in use, you can trade them in for credit and get an iPad. Since iPads are expensive, you must trade in enough devices to get a free iPad. For example, if you trade in an iPhone Pro Max, it can give you up to $500 in Apple credit which is enough for various models of iPads.

    Additionally, if you trade in a high-end MacBook Pro, you may get up to $1530, which is enough for two iPads or more, depending on the model you want. You can learn more about Apple’s Trade-In service at https://www.apple.com/shop/trade-in.

    4. Ask a family member. 

    If you have sons and daughters or siblings who are financially stable, you can request them to assist you with a free iPad to do your things. Most relatives are ever willing to assist their seniors with items they require. Also, letting them know what you need can trigger their kindness to bring you an iPad during your birthday party or any other important event. 

    5. Non-governmental organizations

    Various non-governmental organizations offer free iPads and other tablets to the needy. Such organizations receive donations from well-wishers to assist the needy. You can therefore look for such non-profit organizations to get a free iPad.   

    Bottom line

    iPads are crucial devices that allow you to perform various tasks such as preparing documents, watching movies, listening to music, and taking photos and videos. The devices are among the best due to high-class security mechanisms and smooth processing of tasks. However, the devices are expensive, and most seniors cannot afford them. Therefore, there is a need to assist them. Seniors can get free iPads through non-governmental organizations, through offers by service providers, and so on.