The portability of a device offers the best working experience when moving around, which is why many users prefer an iPad. You can use an iPad to study, work, socialize, or browse online at the convenience of your palms. However, the cost is way too high, with high-end iPads costing nearly hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, this guideline expounds on how to get a free iPad. Today, one of the common ways to be eligible for a free iPad is through the Affordable Connectivity Program(ACP).

     Low-income families making an annual gross income of 200% or below the federal poverty guidelines qualify. Besides, if you qualify for Lifeline, you’ll automatically qualify for a free iPad for ACP. You’re also eligible if you receive a Pell Grant in that current year or participate in other qualifying government-sponsored programs, as explained later. Once eligible, you can identify a participating wireless provider and enroll through them. 

    Another way you can get a free iPad is from donors, charities, organizations, and grants. One of the most popular programs includes free iPads for students. This program offers free iPads to eligible university, college, and high school students. To enroll, students must possess a valid I.D., attain a certain grade point average, and submit proof of enrollment. Several big companies sponsor the program, including Apple,  Amazon, and Microsoft.

    Best Ways To Get Free iPad

    You can get a free iPad from the government through participation in the ACP. Through participating wireless providers, this program will pay up to $100 for your iPad. However, an eligible individual qualifying for the program must contribute at least $10.01, but at most $50, towards the iPad purchase price. Through the ACP benefit, eligible individuals can get free iPad models like the 4th generation iPad, iPad Mini 2, and iPad Mini.

    Additionally, you can get a free iPad through grants that include financial rewards from the state,  federal, or local government. The government sponsors specific projects that assist a group of people in receiving an iPad from a grant-funded organization. For instance, Danny’s Wish offers free iPads for low-income family children diagnosed with autism making less than $75,000 per year. 

    On the other hand, some nonprofits get government grants, and others pool their money and resources from charitable donations. You can access a free iPad through organizations like local churches, school systems, libraries, or online markets. Finally, you check local online markets such as eBay or Facebook Marketplace for cheap iPads. However, they aren’t free, but you can get a good deal on an iPad for quite a bargain.

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    Qualifications, Documentations, and Applications To Get An iPad For Free

    A household is eligible to receive free iPad for free through an ACP discount if a member of the household attains one of the following criteria:

    1. A recipient of benefits from Medicaid/Medi-Cal,  SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, SNAP/Cal-Fresh, Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefit, WIC, or Lifeline;
    2. An approved recipient of benefits via  the school breakfast program or the free and reduced-price school lunch program;
    3. A recipient of a Federal Pell Grant during the current award year.
    4. An annual household income that is at or below 200% of the federal poverty level as per the below provision;

    The below mentioned table data and bar chart or pie chart help you to understand if you are eligible or not accordingly.

    Household Size48 Contiguous States, D.C., and Territories
    For each additional person, add:$9,440

    Below are given two states income variations for qualifications like Hawaii, Alaska VS Household Size

    free ipad income  qualifications based states
    Household SizeHawaiiAlaska
    For each additional person, add:$10,860$11,800

    Alaska household income annually chart according to percentage based

    household income of Alaska to eligible for free iPad
    Household SizeAlaska
    For each additional person, add:$11,800

    Hawaii household income annually according to percentage based

    household income of hawaii for eiligible for free iPad
    Household SizeHawaii
    For each additional person, add:$10,860

    Documentations for getting a free iPad

    When applying for a free iPad through a government program, you must submit documentation to the National Verifier to check if you qualify based on income or program-based eligibility criteria. You can submit any of the below documents in each category  along with your application:

    Proof of Program Participation

    • Current or last year’s statement of benefits from an eligible federal, state, or Tribal program
    • Notice letter of participation in a qualifying federal, state, or Tribal Program
    • Program participation documents
    • Another official document proving the consumer’s participation in an eligible  federal, state, or Tribal Program.

    Proof of Income

    • Last year’s state, federal, or Tribal tax return
    • Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    • Latest income statement from your employer or a paycheck stub
    • Divorce decree
    • Child support award
    • Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
    • Federal or Tribal participation notice letter  in General Assistance
    • Or another official document with income information

    Proof of Identification

    • Passport
    • Birth Certificate
    • U.S. Driver License
    • U.S. government, state, military, or Tribal issued-ID
    • Certificate of U.S. Citizenship
    • Certificate of Naturalization or Citizenship
    • Or another official document featuring your full legal name and date of birth

    Applications for getting a iPad for free

    Applications for a free iPad can be made online directly at However, after receiving approval for your ACP benefit application, you can choose a company at that offers ACP discounts on connected devices and sign up for a free iPad offer through your provider of choice.

    How To Get Free iPad For Students

    Some organizations offer free iPads for college students. Among them include Jasmine’s Voice organization in the U.S., which offers iPads to college students with autism in need of special education. Similarly, the Different Needz Foundation in the U.K. offer iPads for college students with disabilities.

    Again, Apple collaborates with various schools (mostly K-12) through programs such as ConnectED. Through ConnectED and other related programs, Apple gives iPads to students as learning aids. You may be eligible for an iPad if your school enrolls in the program. To view the complete list of ConnectED schools, proceed to

    How To Get a Free iPad From The Government

    If you’re not a student, there are other ways to offer a free iPad to eligible individuals. The Federal government offers free iPads to its citizens through ACP as part of its digital inclusion programs. However, you must qualify for Medicaid, SNAP, WIC,  Federal Public Housing, and Veterans Pension programs or follow your annual household income.

    To be eligible for a free iPad from the government through ACP, you must attain an annual income level of 200% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. The ongoing year Federal Pell Grant recipients or participants in another government-supported program can also enroll. In this case, the government through participating wireless providers offer a discount of $100 towards buying cost of the iPad. Then, you must co-pay between $10 to $50 to get the device discount.

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    How To Get Free iPad For Low-Income Families

    Low-income families who are unemployed or receiving a gross annual household of 200% or less following the Federal Poverty Guidelines can apply for a free iPad. However, you need to prove eligibility by submitting documents such as a recent income statement from your employer or a paycheck stub, last year’s state, federal, or Tribal tax return, or any other relevant document that shows your income status.

    Besides, you qualify to apply for a free iPad for low-income families through participation in government programs like SNAP, SSI, SNAP, and other government support programs. In this case, provide proof of program participation, like a benefit award letter and other certificates showing government program enrollment.

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    How To Get a Free iPad With EBT

    Eligible low-income households enrolling for SNAP benefits receive an EBT card credited with money to buy recommended food. Thus, you can apply for a free iPad with EBT if you qualify for SNAP or Food stamps. Affordable Connectivity Program offers a discount on connected devices such as iPad, and one of its core eligibility is Food StamPA/SNAP participation.

    Through the Affordable Connectivity Program, SNAP participants receive a free iPad with an EBT card. Thus, you can enroll for a free iPad with EBT at or look for participating wireless providers like Airtalk Wireless. 

    How To Get a Free iPad With Medicaid

    Medicaid is a Federal government-supported program that provides health insurance for low-income adults, children, people with disabilities,  pregnant women, and the elderly. Besides, Medicaid is one program that qualifies you to enroll for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Medicaid participants can receive a free iPad through this program by enrolling for the ACP-connected devices benefit.

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    Bottom Line

    Despite an iPad having a high price tag, the exciting news is that you can get an iPad entirely free of charge in several ways. You can look for Charitable organizations giving away free iPads to needy children or enroll in a government program that offers a discount on connected devices such as iPad. Either way, you must meet the eligibility requirements of each program or organization. To get a free iPad from the government, you must enroll in the Affordable Connectivity Program and meet the income level threshold or participate in programs such as Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, etc.