iPhone is one of the high-end devices that attract a high price tag despite being the most popular smartphone in the market. With the upcoming latest advancement that comes with every new model, Apple users can take advantage of the current deals. If you wish to upgrade to a new phone, grab the free iPhone with new line deals from various wireless service providers, including Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other US-based carriers. 

    Again, there are numerous ways to get a free iPhone apart from enrolling in a new line. You may save huge on the latest iPhones through trade-in deals. You can sometimes receive a free iPhone through one of these trade-in offers. Additionally, if you’re going for one of the carrier-free iPhone deals, you may be required to activate your new iPhone with an unlimited plan at the time of purchase,

    Most importantly, to benefit from the AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon free iPhone deals with a new line, you can trade in, enroll in an unlimited plan or add a new line of service to your existing plan. Free iPhone with new line offers you an opportunity to obtain the best great deals on the newest iPhones and some quality older models. You can land on the latest iPhone free deals, including the iPhone 13, iPhone SE 3rd Gen (2022), and iPhone 14.

    Method To Get a Free iPhone with New Line

    If you’re hunting for free iPhone deals for new lines, the first step is to start with your phone service provider. Many US carriers, including the major carriers Verizon, T-mobile and AT&T, and other MVNOs, have many different promotions and offers available throughout the year. These offers feature deals allow you to obtain free or discounted iPhones, even from the top brand, Apple.

    Customers can get a free iPhone from the latest flagship iPhone to certified pre-owned, renewed models. The next step to getting these deals is to explore the current multiple free iPhone promotion options. Some promotions entail subscribing to the carrier’s unlimited plan, signing in to a new line of service, or trading in your old smartphone for credit. Some carriers allow you to bring over or trade in an eligible cell phone for a brand-new one. 

    On the other hand, you can obtain a certified pre-owned iPhone, including the latest Apple devices with applicable promotions. Still, there are times when buy-one-get-one(BOGO) free phone promotions give you a free device, which is another excellent way to save.

    The Following Are The Requirements For Getting a Free iPhone:

    1. Enroll a new line on a qualifying plan for use with the new device.
    2. Purchase the iPhone through our 24-month installment plan on your newly activated line.
    3. Pay any necessary down payment and applicable taxes on the pre-credit iPhone price during purchase.
    4. Stay active and in good standing on a qualifying rate plan.

    The Best Free iPhone Deals with New Line

    i. Verizon new line deals iPhone

    1. iPhone 14

    Save up $800 off iPhone 14 with a trade-in at Verizon. You can save up to $800 off any iPhone 14 when you trade in your old device and with select 5G unlimited plans. Also, you can purchase one iPhone and obtain up to $800 off the cost of other iPhones with a select 5G unlimited plan required. 

    2. iPhone 13 Pro

    Verizon gives the Phone 13 Pro for $5 per month when you enroll in a new line. In this case, you must buy your cell phone through a monthly installment plan and purchase online only. 

    3. iPhone 13 Pro Max

    New Verizon customers can obtain the iPhone 13 Pro Max for a minimum of $10 per month with new-line activation. 

    4. iPhone 13

    Obtain a free iPhone 13 with trade-in and enroll for the unlimited plan at Verizon. New and existing customers get up to $800 off their new iPhone through trade-in their old device and adding a new unlimited data plan. This deal applies to multiple iPhones, including the iPhone SE and the iPhone 13 series. 

    5. iPhone SE (2022)

    iPhone SE(2022) is free with a new line and an unlimited Verizon plan. The Company is providing a great deal right now. New and existing subscribers can obtain the iPhone SE 2022 for free when they enroll for a new unlimited line.

    6. iPhone 12

    Obtain a free iPhone 12 with a new line and an unlimited Verizon plan. This Company offers a variety of iPhone 12 deals for its customers. You can receive the iPhone 12 free when you enroll in a new line and subscribe to an unlimited data plan. This deal is available online only. 

    ii. AT&T Free iPhone with New Line

    1. iPhone 14

    Get iPhone 14 for free with a trade-in and enroll in an unlimited plan at AT&T. New and existing AT&T subscribers can land on an iPhone 14 for free after a trade-in. You’ll have to enroll for one of AT&T’s qualifying unlimited plans to obtain this deal.

    2. iPhone 13

    New and existing AT&T customers can get an iPhone 13 for just $5 monthly by subscribing to an eligible unlimited data plan. You’ll have to purchase your cell phone through a  monthly installment plan and enroll for an unlimited data plan. 

    3. iPhone 12 mini Purple

    Apple deals are now available for iPhone 12 mini for $0 per month with a trade-in plus a new line at AT&T.  New and existing Verizon customers can obtain the iPhone 12 mini purple for free with a trade-in of an old device by enrolling in a new unlimited plan. 

    iii. T-Mobile Free iPhone with New Line

    1. iPhone 12

    Save up to $830 off with a trade-in from T-Mobile. You can buy any iPhone 12, enroll in a new line, and trade in your old device to obtain up to $830 off your new iPhone. The promotion applies to any T-Mobile plan. Besides, T-Mobile is giving 50% off family plans on its Magenta, Essentials, and Magenta Max lines. 

    Final Touch

    Apple users can look for promotions and deals from carriers featuring free iPhones with free lines currently available. The best cell iPhone deals allow you to bundle your new device with carrier premium wireless service. To qualify for this offer, you must combine your wireless service with any of the latest and top Apple iPhones by enrolling in a new line of service, trade-ins, or subscribing to an unlimited plan.