Generally, the question of who has the cheapest unlimited data plan for 2 lines has been a significant concern to many internet users. Fortunately, this guideline will highlight some of the best packages you can get for you and your family.

    The best-unlimited data plan means more than just which plan features the lowest price. Indeed, a low monthly bill is attractive and will get plenty of choices with cheap, unlimited data.

    However, some unlimited plans contain more perks, making them a better overall value. The cheapest phone plans with unlimited everything also include unlimited talk time and text.  Additionally, you can get other benefits such as LTE hotspot data, international data usage, and HD video streaming.

    On the downside, the biggest limitation with the said plans is data throttling. Throttling means that the data speeds get reduced after you go beyond a certain threshold of monthly data allotment.

    Moreover, not all providers throttle data, and most of them now include 5G data access on all their unlimited plans. Unlimited data means that every month, you’ll never get bared from accessing the internet from your cellphone. As earlier stated, some unlimited plans involve data caps on the high-speed data, but even when you reach that limit, you’ll still use your phone’s data.

    Factors To Choose the Best Unlimited Data Plan

    Before signing up for an unlimited data plan. It would help if you considered the following;

    i) Data

    Understand your data needs by knowing how much data you require each month. This tactic will enlighten if an unlimited plan is economical for you or not. Notably, not all data packages are equal; hence, be sure you closely examine what “unlimited data” is all about. It can be unlimited but very sluggish.

    iii) Coverage

    If you’re residing in a big city, the three major networks AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, provide pretty great coverage. However, outside urban areas, one network may deliver better service than others. You can use coverage maps to check which networks are best and available for your location.

    iv) Price

    Usually, unlimited high-speed data cost more than capped, throttled, or deprioritized data. You need to understand in between the lines about data speeds before buying.

    v) Features

    You need to address the question of; will you be utilizing your cellphone as a mobile hotspot? Do you want international coverage for your overseas travel? Do you require free subscriptions to streaming services? For every unlimited plan, you may have an extra thing for you, like the free cell phone service without paying.

    The 8 Best Cheapest Unlimited Data Plan For 2 Lines

    The following are some plans with affordable unlimited data plans from the major carriers in the US, together with some MNVOs. You can choose the cell phone plan that provides the most value based on what your needs from the following picks;

    1) Boost Mobile – Unlimited Gigs plan

    Boost Mobile provides a variety of no-contract family plans with 2 lines so that you can find the perfect plan for your family. Luckily, all these plans come with a mobile hotspot. The Unlimited Gigs plan is an excellent choice for users who require a premium unlimited data plan at a low price.

    Boost Mobile Unlimited Gigs Full Features

    • $80 per month inclusive of the multi-line discount
    • Data Unlimited data, texts, and talks
    • No Contract
    • $0 activation fee for New Phone, and $20 for used phones
    • Data Max Speed   5G / 4G LTE
    • Data throttling 2G speed at 35 GB
    • No shared data
    • $0.00 data overage charges       
    • Video Streaming Quality SD
    • Mobile Hotspot Throttled After 12 GB

    Unlimited Gigs Pros

    • You are eligible for Boost Perks, the carrier’s customer rewards program.
    • This plan includes more 4G LTE mobile hotspots compared to other plans.
    • No long-term contract
    • Allows bringing your own phone when switching to Boost Mobile.


    • Reduced data speeds during network congestion

    2) AT&T- Unlimited Starter Plan

    AT&T Wireless packs a wide variety of cell phone plans, including flexible shared data plans, affordable prepaid plans, and unlimited plans. However, the Unlimited Starter Plan is AT&T’s cheapest unlimited plan costing $35 per month.

    Besides, you will have unlimited data on the Unlimited Starter Plan, but your speeds slow down when AT&T’s network gets busy. You may need to pay $20 in “access charges” if signing up for a new AT&T cell phone plan.

    AT&T Unlimited Starter Plan features $150 per month for 2 lines with a $30 discount for AutoPay, Paperless Billing, and Multi-Line. You can bring your own device when you subscribe to the Unlimited Starter plan, provided it’s compatible with AT&T’s network.

    AT&T Unlimited Starter Pros

    • Has spam risk alerts and fraud blocking, which protects you from phone scams.
    • Qualifies for AT&T Thanks, the carrier’s rewards program.
    • Allow sending of texts to more than 120 different countries.
    • You can save cash each month with AT&T’s AutoPay and paperless billing discounts.


    • DVD quality video streaming.
    • Data speed throttles when the network is congested.

    3) Cricket Wireless- Core Plan

    The Core plan by Cricket is the cheapest unlimited data plan with 2 lines that gives you unlimited data at a lower price compared to some of the major US wireless carriers. This plan for 2 lines costs $110 exclusive of a $30 multi-line discount. You can decide on 10 GB of mobile hotspot added for an additional monthly cost of International calling and texting. You can also get the cheapest unlimited data plan for 1 line with this carrier.

     However, this plan’s speeds are slightly slower, but you’ll still enjoy unlimited data, minutes, and messages. Plus, you can save extra by signing up for AutoPay. Upon signing up for the Core plan, you can receive a free trial of Deezer, Cricket’s music streaming service. Also, you can enjoy Cricket Protect, the carrier’s phone insurance program.

    Cricket Wireless Core Pros

    • You can send text messages to 37 countries using the Cricket Wireless Core plan.
    • Cricket Wireless features unlimited data, talk, and text in their Cricket Wireless Core plan.
    • You can access data in Mexico and Canada as well as domestically.


    • Data speeds are limited to 8 kbps on the Cricket Wireless Core plan.
    • Additional fee for mobile hotspot.

    4) Consumer Cellular- Connect Plan

    Consumer Cellular is an excellent choice for seniors because of the carrier’s AARP discount. However, this carrier’s Connect plan is an excellent no-contract plan that gives AARP members a discount of up to 5% on their Connect plan. You can save more when you add multiple lines to your plan.

    Moreover, this plan comprises many great calling features such as call forwarding, conference calling, call waiting, caller ID, voicemail, and direct international dial. You can upgrade or downgrade your Connect if you need more data or minutes per month at the end of any billing cycle. The pricing for 250 minutes, unlimited texts, and unlimited data are $70 per month.

    Consumer Cellular Connect Pros

    • Consumer Cellular customers can change their plans at any time.
    • This plan features many helpful features like Voicemail and Call Forwarding.


    • If you exceed any of your plan’s monthly limits, Consumer Cellular automatically upgrades your plan.
    • After 35 GB of usage, the Consumer Cellular Connect plan with unlimited data is subject to throttling.

    5) Metro by T-Mobile-Unlimited High-Speed Plan

    The Unlimited High-Speed plan by Metro by T-Mobile is a no-contract unlimited data cell phone plan featuring unlimited minutes, unlimited messages, and 10 GB of mobile hotspot. With this plan, you’ll get access to many features such as Data Maximizer, which controls your data usage for optimal.

    This plan includes many great calling features such as Wi-Fi Calling, three-way calling, and call waiting. Your phone will also get protected with Scam ID, which helps keep you away from notorious callers like telemarketers.

    Interestingly, if you love streaming music, you’ll get the Music Unlimited feature. This feature allows you to stream music data-free from several premium sites, including Spotify, iHeartRadio, and Apple Music. The 2-line unlimited data, text, and text plan is $100 exclusive of a $20 multi-line discount.

    Metro by T-Mobile Unlimited High-Speed Pros

    • This plan offers excellent multi-line discounts.
    • A no-contract unlimited plan with many perks
    • This plan comprises free Amazon Prime for new customers.


    • Calling Mexico and Canada costs extra.
    • Data speeds throttled after 35 GB.

    6) H2O Wireless- H2O Wireless’s Family & Friends Plan

    H2O Wireless’s Family and Friends plan with 2 lines is an excellent deal for international features at a great value with no overage fees. However, H2O Wireless’s H2O Wireless Family & Friends plan comes with unlimited texting and calling.

    Moreover, this plan features 5 GB of 4G LTE data monthly and unlimited international text, and free international calling to more than 50 locations. The price for these unlimited minutes, messages, and unlimited data for 2 lines is $120 exclusive of a $10 multi-line discount.


    • A no-contract cell phone plan featuring 4G LTE data.
    • The plan features unlimited domestic talk and text.
    • Unlimited international texting is a part of this plan
    • This plan does not have an activation fee.


    • Only select H2O wireless plans qualify for the discounts that the H2O Wireless Family & Friends plan gives.
    • This plan is only applicable to new H2O Wireless customers.

    7) T-Mobile- Essentials Unlimited 55 Plan

    Mobile’s Essentials Unlimited 55 plan with 2 lines is an excellent suitable option for seniors interested in saving money on a government-oriented free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. The lifeline beneficiaries can take advantage of this plan as long as they meet the eligibility criteria set by the Federal Communication Commission.

    Besides, T-Mobile’s Essentials Unlimited 55 plan is a straightforward unlimited high-speed data plan accessible to anyone 55 or older. The pricing for the unlimited texts, talks, and unlimited data for 2 lines is $90 per month, exclusive of a $35 autopay and multi-line discount.

    T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 Pros

    • Affordable data option for the seniors
    • For an extra $10 per month, you can access 10 GB of 4G mobile hotspot.
    • T-Mobile Essentials Unlimited 55 users get access to T-Mobile Tuesdays.


    • Video streams in 480p standard definition under this plan’s coverage.
    • Mobile Hotspot functions at 3G speeds when covered by this plan.

    8) Total Wireless- Shared Family Plan With Unlimited Data For 2 Lines

    Watch your whole family connected with shared data on a Total Wireless Shared Family plan with 2 lines. If you are hunting for a prepaid cell phone plan with the least price and flexibility, you can opt for a Total Wireless Shared Family plan.

    Notably, your family can save even more when signing up for auto-refill, which automatically replenishes your plan at the lapse of every service period. The pricing for the unlimited text, talk, and unlimited data for 2 lines is $60 per month exclusive of a $3 auto-refill discount.

    Shared Family Plan Unlimited Data For 2 Lines Features

    • Allows up to 4 lines for sharing cellular data.
    • You can convert the monthly data to a mobile hotspot using the Total Wireless Shared Family plan.
    • This plan allows access to 4G LTE data.
    • A no-contract family plan.


    • Total Wireless’s Total Wireless Shared Family plan comprises a pretty generous amount of data per line, no matter how many lines you sign up for.
    • If you are a Total Wireless’s Shared Family customer, you can qualify for a discount you register for the auto-refill on this plan.
    • This plan includes unlimited talk and text.


    • Hotspot data is part of this plan’s 30 days data allotment.
    • The global calling feature requires an additional $10 per month.

    Bottom line

    Unlimited data plans are standard with many internet service providers alongside the best cell phone deals. However, you will get low-priced options as provided above with colossal discounts and many perks, thus saving a considerable amount of money towards your monthly cell phone bills.

    Additionally, whether you are looking for a senior, family, or multi-line discounted plan, you can find the one that delivers the best value depending on your texts, talk, and data consumption needs. You can compare from the above well-researched plan and pick your favorite.