GA is the Alpha code for Georgia, one of the USA states. If you are searching for a free phone in the state, you are in the right place to get relevant information about how to get one. Phones and especially smartphones are expensive devices that not everyone can afford, especially those living under the poverty line. In this article, you will discover free government phones in GA. That way, you can get a new device for your communication activities. 

    Usually, the federal government offers free phones to needy persons in the country. Applicants are required to apply for free devices via various service providers. You can only choose one provider to give you Lifeline services. Usually, the government offers free phones through Lifeline, a benefit program that ensures needy Americans can afford communication services. Eligible persons get a free phone plus a cellular plan to communicate with others. 

    Initially, beneficiaries used to get feature phones but now receive smartphones of high quality. We even have another affordable Connectivity program that allows you to get a free tablet and broadband. Some service providers offer free phones through the Affordable Connectivity Program combined with Lifeline. The major disadvantage of the free phone program is that only one individual per household can benefit from the program.

    Qualifications to get free government phones in GA

    You can qualify for Lifeline and get a free phone in two main ways. First, you can qualify by income, whereby your total income should be 135% or below the Federal Poverty Guideline. You must bring documentation to show that you have the required income level. You will learn about the various documents needed to prove eligibility by income.

    Secondly, you can qualify for the Lifeline program through benefits programs. We have numerous programs that are meant for low-income persons. These include Medicaid, WIC, and  SNAP, among others. A single-benefit program is enough to qualify you for the Lifeline benefit. Once again, you must provide the necessary documents to prove eligibility. 

    Additionally, you may qualify for Lifeline and get a free phone in Georgia through a dependent. Again, you may qualify through your child if they participate in one of the benefits programs. 

    Qualify with Your Household Income Level

    As mentioned, you can qualify for Lifeline in Georgia and get a free phone through income. The 135% varies with the number of people in a household. In Georgia and other 47 contiguous states, DC, and territories, 135% stands at $18,347. In Alaska and Hawaii, the 135% stands at $22,937 and $21,101, respectively, for a household with one person. The more people in an eligible household, the higher the 135% mark. 

    However, the above monetary figures are not fixed since they are adjusted annually. The above represents the 2022 adjustments. 

    Documentations for free government phones in Georgia 

    As mentioned above, you must produce documents to show that you qualify by income or program participation. Otherwise, people who do not deserve assistance can pretend to be in need and enjoy the free benefit. The following documentations are necessary when applying for Lifeline.

    i) Income documentation

    If you qualify for Lifeline through income, you need to produce documents such as;

    1. Prior year’s federal, state, or Tribal tax return
    2. Income statement from your current employer or a paycheck stub
    3. Unemployment or Workers’ Compensation statement of benefits
    4. Veterans Administration statement of benefits
    5. Tribal or Federal notice letter of participation in General Assistance
    6. Child support award, divorce decree, or other official document having income information

    The document you bring must contain your first and last name or your dependent’s name and your annual income.

    ii) Program Participation documentation

    You can bring any of the following documents to show that you qualify for the Lifeline program through a benefits program participation. The following are the various documents you can bring. 

    1. Approval letter
    2. Statement of benefits
    3. Benefit award letter
    4. Benefit verification letter

    The document you bring should contain details such as your name or your dependent’s name, the name of the program, the name of the government or Tribal agency that gave you the document, and an issue date within the last twelve months or future expiration date. 

    iii) Date of birth

    It is a requirement to bring a document showing your date of birth. Various documents can prove your date of birth. They include the following. 

    1. Government, state, military, or Tribal ID
    2. Government assistance program document
    3. Permanent Resident Card or Green Card
    4. Birth Certificate
    5. Driver’s license
    6. Certificate of US Citizenship/Naturalization

    The document you bring must contain your first and last name and your date of birth.

    iv) Social Security Number/Tribal ID Number

    During your application, you must provide your Social Security Number. You may also provide your Tribal ID Number where necessary. To prove your Social security number, you must provide any of the following documents. 

    1. Social Security Card
    2. Most recent W-2 or tax return
    3. Government assistance program document
    4. Military discharge documentation
    5. Government, military, state, or Tribal ID
    6. Unemployment/Workers’ compensation benefits

    Each document must have your first and last name plus the Last 4 digits of your social security number or Tribal ID.

    v) Address

    An address is crucial when applying for Lifeline since you will receive your smartphone through it. Your service provider must send you a phone and SIM card kit through the address; thus, it must be as accurate as possible. You can provide the following documents to prove your address.

    1. Utility bill
    2. Most recent W-2 or tax return
    3. Mortgage or lease statement
    4. Driver’s license or other valid government, state, or Tribal ID

    Interestingly, you can use the online mapping tool to provide your physical address when applying through the online platform. Additionally, when applying for Lifeline through the mail, you can include a map clearly showing your physical location. 

    vi) Life

    It is also crucial to provide proof that you are alive. That prevents fraudsters from using your identification details to apply for Lifeline. Various documents to prove that you are alive include the following. 

    1. Government, military, state, or Tribal ID
    2. Social Security card
    3. Government assistance program document
    4. Birth certificate
    5. Prior year’s tax return or W-2
    6. Current utility bill
    7. Current mortgage or lease statement
    8. Government assistance program document
    9. Current income statement, such as a paystub

    The document you bring must contain details such as your date of birth and first and last name, and the Last 4 numbers of your social security number or Tribal ID. 

    Applications for getting free phones from Georgia

    Suppose you are eligible for Lifeline in Georgia or any other state. You must apply to start benefiting, as you will need someone to give you the benefits. You can apply for the program in three main ways. These include the following.

    1. Apply online at the

    When applying online through the NV.fcc, you pass through the National Verifier portal so that the systems can confirm that you are eligible. You can proceed with your application and provide the necessary documentation. You will receive further email communication and choose your preferred service provider.

    2. Apply through mail

    The Lifeline program administrator allows you to apply via mail. You only need to download the application form online, then fill out the necessary details. Next, you attach all the required documents and send them in an envelope to the;

    • USAC
    • ACP Support Center
    • PO Box 7081
    • London, KY 40742.

    3. Apply through your service provider

    Another reliable way to apply for Lifeline in any state is through a service provider. Usually, the service providers allow you to apply online. They also must subject you to the verification process to ascertain whether you qualify for the program. 

    Providers that provide free phones in Georgia 

    Various service providers in Georgia offer Lifeline. They include the following. 

    1. Assurance Wireless

    Assurance Wireless in Georgia allows you to apply for Lifeline online and receive your free phone at your location. You can qualify through income, program participation, or dependent. Benefit programs such as Medicaid, SNAP, and WIC can qualify. 

    2. TruConnect

    TrueConnect allows you to apply for Lifeline and the Affordable Connectivity program. You can apply online by providing all the necessary documents. You can qualify by income or benefit programs such as WIC, Medicaid, and SNAP. 

    3. Life Wireless

    Life Wireless offers government-assisted mobile phone service to low-income families and persons in Georgia. If you are qualified, you may be eligible for a free phone and a cellular plan to use for your communication purposes. You can apply online.

    4. SafeLink

    SafeLink Wireless, one of the largest service providers of free government cell phones, offers Lifeline services in Georgia. Qualifying applicants can receive a free cell phone and a cell phone plan. You may apply for the program online by uploading all necessary documents, like many others. 

    5. Access Wireless

    You may also qualify and apply for Lifeline through Access Wireless. One only needs to show that one qualifies by income or program participation. You may apply online by visiting the website of the service provider. 

    Does Georgia provide free phones under ACP

    The ACP program is entirely meant for free tablets and broadband services. You may also get a highly discounted computer through the program. One can use ACP and Lifeline simultaneously since there are no limitations. 

    Does Georgia provide free phones under Lifeline

    Georgia provides free phones to Lifeline-eligible applicants under the Lifeline service. You also get a free cellular plan alongside your free phone.

    Bottom Line

    Georgia is among the USA states whose residents receive Lifeline benefits such as free phones and cellular plans. You can qualify for Lifeline if your household is 135% or below the Federal Poverty Guideline. You may also qualify for the Lifeline program through program participation. Companies offering Lifeline in Georgia include Assurance Wireless, Access Wireless, Safelink, TruConnect, etc.