PureTalk operates on the nation’s largest GSM network, which offers 99% of Americans coverage. This carrier also delivers 5G coverage with a compatible 5G device. However, the actual 5G coverage, availability, and speed may vary. Immediately you get your PureTalk SIM or cell phone, you must activate your service. For activate PureTalk phone, proceed to PureTalkUSA activate website or call the Customer Support team at 1-877-820-7873.

    Moreover, when activating your cell phone or Simcard on PureTalk, you will require your SIM number, email address, and Zip code. You are given 90 days to activate your PureTalk SIM card from the order date before it expires. On the other hand, if you do not want to port in your current number, you can request a new number during activation. Your mobile phone must be a GSM unlocked device to port your number to PureTalk.

    Interestingly, installing and activating your Pure talk SIM card/Phone is quick and easy. To start the activation process, you need to order the PureTalk SIM starter kit online. When it arrives, please insert it into your phone and get started. After Sim/Phone activation and you decide to cancel your service, you must contact the PureTalk Customer Support Team at 1-877-820-7873 or dial 611 using your PureTalk phone.

    How to Activate My SIM And Phone With Pure Talk

    Whether you purchased a new cell phone from Pure Talk or joined the carrier through the bring your own phone program, you need to activate your Sim Card/ Cell phone. To start the activation process, proceed to Pure Talk activate start and follow the steps as follows:

    • Input the PureTalk USA SIM Card Number
    • Key in the 20-digit number printed on your SIM Card starting with 89
    • Enter Your EmailEmail Address
    • If you have given Pure Talk an email address, enter the same email address for verification. Otherwise, you can provide one for future use and verification. PureTalk USA does not sell email addresses to any third party.
    • Enter Your Billing ZIP Code
    • In this step, key in the 5-digit ZIP code of your billing address.
    • Lastly, tap the “Next” button to finish the activation process.

    How To Activate PureTalk phone use APN General Settings

    If you have purchased a new device or are switching to PureTalk through BYOP, you may have to change your APN settings. To configure your phone MMS and data settings for PureTalk, use the Access Point Name described below:

    General Internet and MMS settings for your Pure Talk phone.

    • nternet Profile or Network Name: PureTalk
    • Internet APN (Access Point Name): RESELLER
    • APN type: default,mms,supl
    • MMSC: https://mmsc.mobile.att.net
    • MMS Proxy Address: proxy.mobile.att.net
    • MMS port: 80
    • MCC: 310
    • MNC: 410
    • Username: [leave it blank]
    • Password: [leave it blank]

    Apple iPhone / iOS Devices

    To configure the PureTalk APN settings for iPhone, you need to update your device to iOS 13.3.1 or higher. After your device is on iOS 3.3.1, install any Carrier Settings Update that appears on your cell phone when you connect to Wi-Fi or iTunes.

    To confirm if you have set up the latest PureTalk settings, proceed to Settings → General → About → Carrier should be PureTalk 40.1 or higher. Besides, if it does not display PureTalk and you do not get the Carrier Settings Update from Apple, contact the customer service team using a different cell phone at 877-820-7873.

    Pure Talk Data Setting

    If you encounter a problem with your data (accessing the internet, sending picture messages), you must most likely update your APN settings to work with the Pure Talk network. However, follow these step-by-step instructions, and your data should activate in a few minutes.

    1) For iPhones

    These settings are automatically set to the specific values when PureTalk SIM cards get inserted and can’t be altered. You can reset your network settings to ensure they are correct by the below guide:

    • From the Home Screen, press Settings > General > Reset.
    • Press Reset Network Settings
    • Key in the device password if prompted.
    • Confirm selection.

    2) For Android Phones

    • In Settings, see under the Wireless and Networks or tap the Connections tab.
    • Then, Tap the Mobile network. You may have to choose More settings, More…, or More networks first.
    • Press Access Point Names.
    • Tap the three vertical dots and choose Reset to Default. If not, tap the Menu key or “+” and touch New APN.
    • Next, confirm these are the APN settings in your cell phone. Otherwise, update accordingly:
      • Profile Name: PureTalk
      • APN: RESELLER (note: must be all CAPS)
      • MMSC: https://mmsc.mobile.att.net
      • MMS Proxy: proxy.mobile.att.net
      • MMS Port: 80
      • MCC: 310
      • MNC: 410
      • Authentication Type: None
      • APN protocol: IPV4
      • APN Type: default, MMS, supl (no spaces between each type)
    • Tap the Menu key and press Save.

    Confirm that the circle next to the APN is complete or selected. Then, perform a soft reset. Long press the power button until the cell phone turns off and restarts. Ensure your data is working now. First, turn off your Wi-Fi. Then, open the internet on your cell phone and launch any website. The page should load. However, if you’re still experiencing data issues, contact Pure Talk Tech Support at 1-800-768-4360.

    Can I Bring My Cell Phone And Activate With PureTalk

    Pure Talk allows new customers to bring any unlocked GSM device to its network. However, your current cell phone must be compatible and unlocked. If you bought your cell phone from another carrier, you need to call that carrier to check if the phone is unlocked before bringing it to Pure Talk.

    GSM and CDMA are two leading network technologies used by most US wireless carriers. Pure Talk is a GSM carrier; hence it accepts all devices using GSM technology. AT&T and T-Mobile both use GSM technology. Thus, if your cell phone is set up to operate on any of these networks, it will be compatible with PureTalk. Verizon operates on CDMA technology, and cell phones from their networks are incompatible with Pure Talk.

    PureTalk Service Activation

    If you wish to bring your own cell phone to a cheaper carrier, you can consider Pure Talk. Follow the below steps to switch:

    • Order your PureTalk SIM starter kit online
    • Insert the SIM card into your cell phone and follow the activation process.
    • If you want to transfer your mobile phone number, this can take up to 24 hours.

    How Do I Confirm if My Phone will Work With PureTalk

    There are three main criteria used to determine if you can bring and activate your phone on Pure Talk:

    • Your cell phone must be unlocked, in other words, not tied to another carrier.
    • It must be GSM Compatible. Cell phones bought from AT&T and T-Mobile are GSM compatible.
    • Cell phones reported lost or stolen have an incompatible IMEI and will not work with Pure Talk.

    How Do I Check If My Cell Phone Is Unlocked

    There are several ways to find out if your cell phone is unlocked. First, you can contact your original carrier of the device to ensure it is no longer linked with a contract or billing plan. Second, you can check the mobile device before you buy it to ensure it is already unlocked. Alternatively, you can try switching the SIM card to see if you have coverage.

    Most importantly, for a cell phone to function on the PureTalk service, it must be unlocked and GSM SIM compatible. PureTalk stocks only unlocked GSM cell phones. Besides, PureTalk can’t unlock cell phones that were locked by other wireless carriers. If your cell phone is locked, you must contact your previous carrier and request a device unlock.

    What Phones Can I Get And Activate On Pure Talk

    Typically, you can purchase a mobile device from Pure Talk Shop Phones pages, or you can decide to bring your own unlocked and GSM-compatible cell phone. You can check the available cell phones on the Pure Talk website under “Shop Phones” at Pure Talk online.

    Can I Keep My Phone Number When Switching To Pure Talk

    You can port in your current phone number when you join Pure Talk. First, you will have to check with your current carrier to know if your phone number is eligible to “port” to PureTalk. Additionally, your existing carrier can unlock your mobile device, provided it is not tied to a contract or payment plan.

    However, when moving your phone number and activating with Pure Talk, your current service provider will have to offer you your account number and PIN/password. Alternatively, you may get these details via your online account or an old bill statement. After confirming your number is eligible for transfer, you can begin the transfer process through Pure Talk online activation.

    Where Do I Get a Pure Card SIM Card

    The process of acquiring a Sim Card from Pure Talk is not hectic! You need to order a SIM card on the company’s website, PureTalkUSA.com, or call Customer Support at 1-877-820-7873 or dial 611 using your PureTalk cell phone. If you are an existing customer, log into MY ACCOUNT and select to add a line on the plan tab.

    PureTalk SIM cards are universal and feature standard, micro, and nano sizes. If your cell phone requires a small-sized SIM card, pop out the smaller card embedded within your current SIM card. On the other hand, if your new cell phone needs a larger SIM card, you insert all three pieces of SIM card that fits the size of your SIM slot.

    Bottom Line

    Generally, to use any wireless services from Pure Talk, you need to activate your SIM card and cell phone. For Pure Talk activation, you need details such as your SIM card number, email address, and your billing code. You can activate a bring your own phone with Pure Talk, and you can even bring your cell phone number with you from your current carrier.