Many carriers, like Life Wireless, Assurance Wireless, Century Link, Frontier Communication, and others, offer the ACP and Lifeline programs; nevertheless, most providers only offer their consumers flip phones or low-end phone models. Interestingly, AirTalk goes over and beyond to provide its clients with free 4G/5G smartphones from the best manufacturers. So, if you’re a low-income US resident, keep reading to learn about the top AirTalk wireless plans for 2023, among other things.

    AirTalk Wireless is a program aimed at providing services to eligible American households. It is powered by AirVoice, an FCC-licensed Eligible Telecommunication Carrier (ETC) that offers Lifeline and the AirTalk Wireless Affordable Connectivity Program. The main mission of AirTalk is to: offer the best customer service on the largest nationwide 5G/4G network, a simple application process, and top iconic quality phone brands consumers want, such as iPhones, Galaxies, Google Pixels, Motorola’s, and more.

    Currently, the firm offers ACP services within 32 states and the Lifeline service in 10 states nationwide. Depending on the program a customer applies for, and where they live, their benefits could range slightly. Additionally, you will have the option of three plans; a lifeline plan, an ACP plan, and ACP and lifeline combo plan. All these plans include unlimited text, call, and data. And that’s not all! Find out more by reading on.

    Why Choose AirTalk Wireless Plans

    airtalk wireless plan
    • High-quality phones: AirTalk takes pride in offering its customers high-quality devices. The free phones have features like large screens, long battery lives, and high-quality cameras.
    • Free phone delivery: your device will ship at no cost within 7 to 10 business days after your order is approved.
    • Upgrade option: The carrier also allows you to exchange your free device for a more expensive model at steep discounts of up to 80%!
    • UNLIMITED Plans: the company offers unlimited Talk, Text, and data without restrictions.
    • Up-to-date phones: You can get the newest 4G/5G phones from top producers like iPhone, Samsung, and others.
    • Free services: There are no monthly fees, credit checks, activation fees, or contracts

    What are the Airtalk wireless plans

    You will receive the following plan from AirTalk Wireless:

    1. Lifeline Plan:

    With the lifeline plan, you will get:

    • 45 GB of data 1,000 talk minutes
    • Unlimited SMS
    • No cost SIM card

    With the Lifeline plan from AirTalk, you can use your device to access the company’s free monthly service.

    2. ACP Plan 

    Your AirTalk Wireless ACP Plan will give you:

    • Free entry-level smartphone
    • Data of 8 GB
    • Unlimited talk
    • Unlimited Text

    You can get a free basic smartphone from AirTalk’s ACP plan and a cost-free monthly plan. You can get smartphones like the LG V40, LG K51, and Motorola Moto G7.

    3. Lifeline & ACP Combo 

    Customers get the best value from AirTalk Wireless’ Combo Plan, which is still free! Customers who qualify can get

    • A free 4G/5G smartphone and 15 GB of fast 4G LTE/5G internet.
    • Unlimited talk
    • Unlimited text and photo messaging.

    You will receive a free smartphone from a high-end brand you love, such as the iPhone 7, iPhone 6 Plus, Galaxy S8, and others, as part of the Lifeline and ACP combo package. Benefits under this plan for AirTalk are worth up to $750 annually.

    Which Airtalk Wireless plan is the best

    The Lifeline & ACP combo is the best for you; though some will prefer to stick to their federal program (either ACP or Lifeline), this combined plan best fits all your needs. The plan comes with a free 4G/ 5G phone and unlimited text, talk, and picture messaging. Moreover, the package gives an incredible internet experience, as you get 4G LTE and 5G data speeds with no limits.

    How to Apply for a Free AirTalk Wireless Plan

    • Go to Airtalk Wireless website, then search for the “Apply” button. Type in your state’s zip code and click “Apply now.”
    • You get to choose the plan that best meets your needs by selecting it, pressing the Apply now button, and viewing all the AirTalk services offered in your neighborhood.
    • Next, submit the necessary documentation and proof of eligibility to determine your eligibility for the Lifeline and ACP programs. You must upload your identification, residency, and eligibility documents in this phase. It’s crucial to remember that the address on your ID and application must match. Click “Continue” after you have done uploading your evidence.
    • A pop-up will now appear asking you to certify that the address proof you provided is correct. To continue, select “Confirm.”
    • Next, confirm the details of your household. You need to input your initials in each box in this section and choose to proceed if you accept the one-per-household restriction and AirTalk Wireless restrictions.
    • After selecting your preferred government program, click “Continue” to be taken to the Federal Verifier web page, where you must submit additional proofs for verification. Once you have finished this step, you will be automatically redirected back to AirTalk Wireless to finish your aapplication7. You must select the free phone you want. You can choose “Bring my own phone” with AirTalk Wireless if you already own a handset you know and love.
    • After choosing your phone, you must accept the AirTalk Wireless Agreement. Ensure you’ve read everything before clicking the “I AGREE” button.
    • Select a new phone number or port your current one to AirTalk now! Next, click “Continue.”
    • Then, On the contract, check out every box. Click “Finish” to finish your application after that. Within 5–10 business days, if authorized, your item will be shipped free to you!

    Bottom Line

    As stated in the article, AirTalk is one of the best Lifeline and ACP providers in the United States. The company offers you a chance to choose your free phone from three plans and unlimited texting, calling, and data. In addition, the plans come with no limits, no contracts, no activation, and no credit checks. You will also be able to upgrade your plan through the upgrade phone option, which will get upgraded phones at an 80% discounted price.