The ACP is a federal program that assists low-income households in paying for broadband and internet services they require to stay connected. The Emergency Broadband Benefit program (EBB), which debuted during the last occurred pandemic, was replaced by the ACP. Therefore, if you’re interested in learning more about how to apply for AirTalk Wireless ACP, stay reading.

    Numerous ACP program providers in the U.S. provide free monthly cell phone plans to those in need. Others have gone above by offering free monthly cell phone subscriptions, while some companies merely provide savings on mobile plans. Some providers even go over and beyond by offering eligible customers in the United States a free smartphone. One of the leading US ACP service providers is AirTalk Wireless.

    AirTalk Wireless is one of the most well-known Lifeline & ACP service providers in the U.S. It is run by AirVoice, a U.S.-based Eligible Telecommunications Carrier (ETC) with an FCC license that offers services to qualified customers.

    With AirTalk, eligible people can combine their Lifeline and ACP benefits into one plan that includes unlimited monthly call, text, and data usage, as well as a free 4G/5G smartphone. There are also no contracts, no credit checks, and no additional fees to be aware of. Read more on the AirTalk ACP program now if you’re interested.

    Qualification For AirTalk Wireless ACP

    More than 11 million American families had joined up for the ACP program as of the beginning of April 2022. If you or at least one member of your home fits one of the following requirements, you may be eligible for the ACP:

    • Get involved with the Lifeline Program
    • Had a Pell Grant awarded to them for the current award year
    • SNAP, Medicaid/Medicare, Federal Public Housing Help, SSI, or WIC recipients
    • Approved to receive benefits from the School Breakfast Program (SBP) or the National School Lunch Program (NSLP)
    • Participates in tribally specific programs, such as the Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations, the Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance, or the Tribal TANF.

    Additionally, individuals may be eligible for ACP if their total household income is less or equal to 200 percent of the state-specific Federal Poverty Guidelines.

    Application Procedure For AirTalk Wireless ACP

    For you to apply for the AirTalk wireless ACP, follow the steps mentioned below:

    Step 1 – Go to the official website

    The first step is to go to the company’s official website, AirTalk Wireless, then look for a button on the website home page named ‘Apply Now’ or the apply option on the top right of the website and click it. After clicking the apply button, an ‘Start Application’ screen will appear requesting you to enter your zip code, enter the code and click the ‘Apply’ button.

    Step 2 – Choose Lifeline and ACP Combo

    After clicking the apply button, you will see the various services available in your area and choose the best plan for your needs. At this point, you should choose the lifeline and ACP plan; this plan is the best Affordable Connectivity Program plan for qualified persons who need 4G/5G smartphones from iconic manufacturers and also unlimited free call, data and text. After selecting the plan, click apply now to continue.

    Step 3 – Enter personal information and SSN

    To continue, you will have to enter your details in the blanks so that you can receive the free phone through the ACP plan, and you will have to enter your social security number, enter a number and then click the option. After that, you must enter your email, street address, and phone number and click continue.

    Step 4 – Upload proof of identity, eligibility, and your address

    At this point, you will have to provide proof of your eligibility to the program; by providing the necessary documents and also proof of your address and identity. Therefore it is essential to note that the address on your identity card should march the address you provided. If you have provided a different address, you must prove that you live in a different place. After you have uploaded the proofs, click continue.

    Step 5 – Confirm your submission and double-check your information

    A pop-up screen will appear requesting you to check that you have given the proper address; click confirm to proceed. Following that, you’ll need to recheck your household’s details right away. You must type your initials into each box in this section if you accept the one-per-household restriction and the AirTalk Wireless guidelines. For instance, if your name is James Smith, you will put J.S. as your initials in the box.

    Step 6 – Choose your government program

    You must now decide which government program, such as Medicaid, Veterans Pension, or Supplemental Security Income, you will take part in. food stamps, among other things. After selecting the program, click proceed to be transported to the “National verifier” page, where you will once again be asked to produce proof for verification. You’ll be returned to the AirTalk wireless website once the verification is finished.

    Step 7 – Choose your phone and pick a phone number

    You will need to select your free phone on the AirTalk Wireless website. After you have selected and been accepted for your device, your phone will ship in 5 to 10 business days. Additionally, AirTalk Wireless gives you a choice to “Bring your own phone” if you already own a device you know and love. You can also upgrade your phone at a substantial discount.

    Step 8 – Finalizing your application

    The AirTalk Wireless agreement must be accepted after choosing your phone. Ensure you’ve read everything before clicking the “I AGREE” button. Please be aware that you will be accountable for the device’s price if you do not agree to 120 days of service. Select “Continue” after choosing a new phone number or porting your existing one to AirTalk. On the contract, check out every box. Then click “Finish” to finish the application process.

    Benefits of AirTalk ACP

    Customers that qualify may earn a free smartphone from well-known manufacturers, like Apple iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8, LG G7 ThinQ, and others. The free AirTalk phones have some standout characteristics, including a big screen, a long battery life, and a good camera.

    Additionally, the carrier offers users the option to upgrade their free phone to an increased model at huge discounts that can reach up to 80% off retail prices. Therefore, you must understand how to apply for AirTalk wireless ACP to use these fantastic services.

    Bottom Line

    One of the best ACP program providers in the United States is AirTalk, you have to be eligible for the ACP program, and you can apply. You can apply through the provider’s official website and submit your documents as stated in the article. Therefore, you will get a free smartphone with 4G and 5G internet speeds and unlimited talk, text, and call.