Optimum Mobile is the most recent internet provider to enter the phone service market. The cable company Altice USA, which runs Optimum Mobile, first introduced it as Altice Mobile in September 2019. Altice Mobile changed its name to Optimum Mobile in July 2021. You can combine your Optimum service plan with your countrywide phone service with Optimum Mobile. As a result, this article aims to discuss the best Optimum phone plans.

    Over the nation’s top network for 5G coverage and speed, Optimum Mobile offers complete connectivity. Customers can select between 1GB, 3GB, or unlimited data plans, and they are free to switch plans at any moment as their needs change. Optimum Mobile won’t blow you away if you currently have an Optimum internet subscription, but it’s worth a look because of features like its 50 GB phone plan.

    Customers may save up to 40% yearly on their wireless bills with Optimum Mobile, and plans start at just $14 per month. Clients can benefit from integrated connectivity at home and on the move when linked with Optimum or Suddenlink Internet. Customers who add Optimum Mobile can reduce their Optimum or Suddenlink internet subscription. Are you ready to learn about the top Optimum phone plans? Let’s get going.

    You’ll get common features like 5G compatibility and nationwide cellular coverage with Optimum Mobile because it leverages T-Mobile’s network. Optimum Mobile provides several gigabyte-based and unlimited data plans to potential consumers. Each Optimum mobile plan includes the following features:

    • Unlimited talk and text
    • Flexibility to switch
    • 5G access at no additional cost
    • International plans and travel passes are available to purchase
    • Extra phone setup support

    No discounts for several lines except on the $45/month and $55/month plans. Subscribers can manage multiple lines under a single account. Residential customers are only permitted a maximum of 5 lines on their account. A business account is limited to ten lines. Additional fees and taxes apply. Below are details of the best Optimum phone plans and their pricing.

    1) 1GB Plan- Best for light users

    This 1GB plan comes with:

    • Unlimited domestic calling and calls to more than 35 nations
    • Unlimited texting within the United States and to more than 35 other countries
    • 1GB of bandwidth at high speed followed by unlimited 2G data
    • 600 Kbps hotspot with 1GB of data

    With this plan, you can periodically check social media, light web browsing, send and receive emails and photos, and send and receive text messages. Optimum’s 1 GB plan ($14/mo.) is competitive with that of Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum Mobile, whose 1 GB plans cost $15 and $14, respectively.

     2) 3GB plan- Best for moderate users

    This plan costs $22 per month for existing Optimum and Suddenlink users. It contains:

    • Unlimited domestic calling and calls to more than 35 nations
    • Unlimited texting within the United States and to more than 35 other countries
    • 3GB Data (After using up the permitted 4G LTE data, speeds are dropped to 2G)
    • 600 Kbps hotspot with 3GB of data

    Use this plan to stream music, closely monitor social media, participate in a few video chats, and occasionally broadcast videos. Xfinity Mobile and Spectrum’s 3GB plans are more expensive per month than Optimum Mobile’s 3 GB plans.

    3) Unlimited plan – Best for heavy users

    Optimum’s unlimited plan will benefit you, including high data caps and multi-line savings. For each additional phone line, you add to your account, your monthly fee will decrease by $5 (Up to five lines). This plan is not as inexpensive as we would like it to be at $45. But even so, it’s still considerably less expensive for those who aren’t already members than Optimum’s $60 unlimited plan.

    Included in this Unlimited Everything plan are

    • Unlimited domestic calls as well as international calls to Over 35 Countries.
    • Unlimited texting within the United States and to more than 35 other countries
    • 20 GB of high-speed data, after which 3G data is unlimited
    • 5GB of hotspot data

    4) Unlimited Max plan- Best unlimited hotspot plan

    Existing customers of Optimum and Suddenlink can get this unlimited plan for $55 per month. However, given what it includes, its price is justified.

    • Unlimited domestic calling and calls to more than 35 nations
    • Unlimited texting within the United States and to more than 35 other countries
    • 50GB of high-speed data, then unlimited 3G data
    • 15GB hotspot included then unlimited at 512 Kbps speeds

    After 15GB of data consumption, mobile hotspot tethering is unlimited and available at 512 Kbps for each line with HD video streaming (720p). There are no monthly data use restrictions with Optimum Mobile’s Unlimited Max data package (reduced speeds after 50 GB). Get up to $20/month off each line for multi-line savings with a maximum of five lines when you add a member to this plan.

    Hidden Fees for the Optimum Phone Plans

    The most outstanding fee at Optimum Mobile is the $20 activation fee per line. Although this fee is a one-time charge, it might build up if your plan has many lines. Unlike Xfinity Mobile, which does the fees entirely, Spectrum Mobile charges a $20 activation fee.

    Although Optimum Mobile doesn’t require Optimum internet, many other cellular plans from internet service providers do. You’ll get the best Optimum Mobile rates with a bundle. You’ll need to pay an extra $10 to $15 per line per month for Optimum Mobile if you don’t have an Optimum internet subscription.

    Additionally, Optimum Mobile’s policy on international calls is a little unclear. Four groupings of nations make up Optimum’s international coverage. You’ll pay a set monthly charge for phone and text service for each group that ranges from $20 to $60. It won’t be easy to obtain value from Optimum Mobile’s international price unless you frequently phone family members who live abroad.