Prepaid cell plans have significant advantages over mobile contracts, including reduced costs and greater flexibility. Boost Mobile is also no different. They provide a competitive selection of prepaid data plans with beginning prices as low as $15 and nationwide coverage. Their multi-month plans, which are also their most affordable options, are the most intriguing. But is Boost Mobile right for you? This article will review the best Boost Mobile prepaid plans and pricing before signing up.

    One of the most known companies in wireless services, Boost Mobile, made its debut in the US market in 2001. A “mobile virtual network operator” is what Boost is (MVNO). This indicates that the wireless network infrastructure they employ to serve consumers is not something they possess. Instead, Boost essentially “piggybacks” on another wireless service provider’s infrastructure.

    Boost was previously owned by Sprint and ran on the Sprint network. When T-Mobile and Sprint combined on April 1, 2020, Dish Network bought them. Up until 2027, Boost will function on the T-Mobile network. The simple version is that Boost offers discounted T-Mobile service and coverage. This suggests that all Boost Mobile prepaid plans feature unlimited voice and text messages in the US and 5G access with compatible devices.

    Our Best Analysis Boost Mobile prepaid plans List

    For an excellent prepaid phone carrier for your family, consider the best Boost Mobile prepaid plans. We’ve picked out the best Boost Mobile prepaid cell phone plans and can answer the main questions you might have about the service. 

    1) Best Boost Mobile unlimited plans

    The only distinction between Boost Mobile’s two versions of the same unlimited plan is that one of them is more expensive and has a larger mobile hotspot cap. The $60/month Unlimited Plus plan from Boost has recently benefited from K Health, which offers free medical consultation. (Other Boost customers can purchase that option at $7.99 per month in addition to their existing plans.)

    Even though Boost offers unlimited plans for only one phone line, choosing a family plan will give you the best deal. You will pay $50 per month for your first line of unlimited data; however, each additional line will only cost $30 per month (or $40 per line with Unlimited Plus). A family of four will spend $140 per month for unlimited data under this pricing structure.

    Which of the two unlimited plans is ideal for you may be a question in your mind. Right, you can choose Boost’s best value unlimited plan. The less expensive choice is the best-unlimited plan from Boost Mobile. Unlimited calls, texts, and 35GB of fast LTE data are yours for $50 per month. (If you exceed that limit, Boost reduces your speeds to 2G for the remainder of the billing month.) Along with this package, Boost also provides a 12GB mobile hotspot.

    You can upgrade to a prepaid plan with 30GB of hotspot data for an additional $10 per month. You may add more lines for only $30 a month or $40 if you want the additional hotspot data.

    2) Best Boost Mobile Mix and Match prepaid plans

    The Mix and Match plans from Boost are ideal for those who don’t require unlimited data. There are three of these options available from Boosts, and as the name suggests, you may create a family plan by combining the various selections. You can receive five lines of data for less than $50 using the mix-and-match offer, which is a fantastic deal.

    The best mix and match prepaid plans include;

    3) 1GB data plan -Boost’s cheapest plan

    This is the cheapest plan offered by Boost and is only accessible online to new customers. You will only be able to use 1GB of data, and it will only cost you $10 each month. For many individuals, this will undoubtedly be highly restrictive. Still, this can be a reasonable option if you only sometimes use your phone for email and internet searches or if you want a plan for your child. You can purchase an additional 1GB of data for $5 more each month.

    4) 5GB data plan – Boost’s best value prepaid plan

    You may get an extra 5GB of data with Boost by increasing your monthly payment to $25. With some light streaming, social media, and other features, that will meet the needs of a large number of people. You also receive mobile hotspot data like all of Boost’s plans. However, like the plan above, this is only available to new Boost users.

    5) 10GB data plan – A good Boost Mobile prepaid data plan

    The 5GB plan offers the most value for your money, but for just $10 more per month, Boost’s 10GB option doubles your bandwidth. Even better, this plan is open to new and existing users and includes 5G coverage.

    Bottom line

    The prepaid plans mentioned above from Boost Mobile can help you save up to $600 a year if you’re sick of paying high cell phone bills. Since these Prepaid plans are non-contractual cell phone plans, you have the flexibility to modify your plan whenever your needs change. Get inexpensive plans with the same features and wave goodbye to long-term commitments and credit checks. Thanks to T-Mobile, you’ll have access to the same high-quality coverage, including 5G when it’s available.