One of the best-known MVNOs is Boost Mobile. After Sprint merged with T-Mobile, they were sold to DISH. On the other hand, T-Mobile has granted DISH access to its network for the next seven years while developing its own 5G network. This low-cost carrier offers plans at a tenth of the price of traditional carriers while yet giving the same level of coverage. There are a few different Boost Mobile plans to choose from. However, this article will discuss the best Boost mobile unlimited data plan to make your decision a little easier.

    Unlimited data plans are convenient since they eliminate the need to track your internet usage. You are free to listen to as much music as you want, see as many videos as you want, and play online games for as long as you want.

    Furthermore, it has been discovered that consumers on genuinely unlimited plans only utilize 18-20GB of data per month on average. Is this to imply that people are paying for data they don’t require? As a result, the best Boost Mobile unlimited data plan mentioned in this article will suit your needs and budget.

    You can use an existing phone or acquire a new one from Boost Mobile when signing up for a plan. All plans include mobile hotspot functionality, but depending on your plan, your high-speed data will be limited when utilizing the hotspot.

    Consumers can add up to five lines to a plan, and adding a supplementary line to an existing family plan is frequently less expensive. Customers can cancel or alter their Boost plan at any time because there are no service obligations.

    Advantage Of Data Plans By Boost Mobile

    If you want a high-quality wireless service at a low cost, the Boost Unlimited data plan can help. The following are some of the advantages you will get MVNO’s unlimited data plan over others.

    i) Quality Network Coverage

    You can expect the same nationwide coverage whether you use the T-Mobile or AT&T networks. Check out the Boost Mobile coverage map to see if AT&T or T-Mobile has the best coverage in your region.

    ii) No Contracts

    You won’t have to sign a 12- or 24-month contract as a prepaid carrier. So, if you’re unhappy with your plan, you can change or cancel it at any moment because you’re not locked in.

    iii) Phone And Plan Bundles

    If you want to get a new phone, you can choose from various the best Boost Mobile plans with free phones. Boost Mobile offers the same phones as the big networks but more inexpensive payment options.

    iv) Value For Money

    Boost Mobile SIM cards are inexpensive and easy to use. Although you’ll get the same features and coverage as a T-Mobile or AT&T plan, you may save up to $600 per year with Boost Mobile. Unlimited plans from Boost Mobile are half the price of unlimited plans from AT&T or T-Mobile. Unlimited talk, text, and data are included.

    Boost Mobile Unlimited Data Plans

    The two unlimited data plans offered by Boost Mobile cost $50 to $60 per month. Depending on the plan, additional lines cost $30 to $40 per month for these plans. Consumers can add up to five lines to a single plan in total.

    The primary variation between these plans is the quantity of mobile hotspot bandwidth accessible, as all have mobile hotspot functionality and unlimited calls and texts.

    1) The Unlimited BYOP Plan

    The Unlimited BYOP plan from Boost Mobile is the most fantastic unlimited data plan available. It’s Goldilocks’s cell phone plan equivalent–right, it’s in the middle of price and value. Here’s what you get with Boost Mobile’s Unlimited BYOP plan for $50 per month:

    • Unlimited data (5GB of 4G LTE / 5G Data slowed to 2G speeds afterward)
    • Unlimited text
    • Unlimited talk
    • 12GB of mobile hotspot data
    • Unlimited DVD-quality streaming
    • 5G Access

    This plan can also be purchased as a family plan with up to 5 lines. All of these features add up to a robust cell phone package. You can find a cheaper unlimited plan (Visible Wireless’s $40 Unlimited Plan or Mint Mobile’s $30 Unlimited Plan).

    2) 35GB $60 Unlimited Data Plan

    If you want the best of Boost, the $60 plan comes with a slew of benefits that more than make up for the steep price tag. The following is a list of all the benefits and features included with the $60 Boost Unlimited plan.

    • Unlimited data (35GB of high-speed 4G LTE/5G data and then throttled to 2G speeds)
    • Unlimited text
    • Unlimited talk
    • 30GB of mobile hotspot data
    • Unlimited HD streaming

    The enormous hotspot data allocation and limitless HD streaming are the big-ticket features of this package. For example, Boost’s 30GB of mobile hotspot internet is comparable to top-tier data plans at a fraction of the cost.

    Benefits Of Unlimited Plans

    a) Monthly Unlimited Talk and Text

    Unlimited domestic talk and text, 50 minutes of domestic voice roaming (for Android devices only), and 411 Directory Assistance calls are included in the plans. Only Boost’s domestic coverage region offers unlimited services.

    b) Optional Add-ons

    • HD Video Streaming: This unlimited data plan includes HD streaming. For $10 per line per month on other plans, you can add HD Buy Up resolution streaming.
    • More 4G LTE: Get an extra 1GB of data for $5 per month or 2GB for $10 per month (either reoccurring or a one-time add-on).
    • $5/month Todo Mexico Plus – Unlimited Calls to Mexico
    • $10/month International Connect PLUS- Per Minute Rates

    c) Missed Payment Options

    You will still be able to receive domestic inbound calls and text messages if you miss a monthly payment on your data plan (within 30 days).

    Bottom Line

    Boost Mobile is an MVNO using T-Mobile’s GSM network to provide its services. Since most residents operate most of their activities nowadays using the internet, the company has the best unlimited data plans. These plans are much more affordable and even help them save on their monthly internet data bills. Boost Mobile also has good deals for new customers joining the network.