Net10 Wireless is one of the famous Mobile Virtual Network Operators owned by TracFone Wireless. The carrier was founded in 1996 and aimed to offer hassle-free wireless services despite operating as an MVNO. Net10 Wireless has distinct reliability, and you can get quality and affordable cell phone plans and deals if you join the Net10 Wireless network today. This article will focus on Net10 Wireless plans that make more residents join this carrier.

    If you wish to enjoy cheap plans with no contracts, join Net10 Wireless. The switching process is quite simple regardless of whether you are switching with your current phone or you have a new device. The carrier has a defined BYOP plan that allows new users to maintain their current phones when joining. Here, you will have saved the cost of buying a new device. Also, the carrier has amazing phone deals on its online stores that you can check out.

    If you need unlimited data plans, Net10 Wireless got you. The plans include no overcharge; hence you won’t be charged if you go over any data limit in a month, although you can run out of high-speed data. Net10 Wireless plans include pay-as-you-go plans, unlimited prepaid plans, and data add-on plans, and some include discounts if you acquire via AutoPay. Let’s know more about this carrier and the plans it offers to its customers.

    Net10 Wireless Plans – Exposed Details

    As most prepaid carriers do, Net10 Wireless plans include no activation or cancellation fees. The plan has discounts if you add several lines to your account and set up auto-refill. You can also change a plan as no commitments are included.

    You will enjoy a broad 4G LTE and 5G network connections for the data plans due to the primary provider’s comprehensive coverage across the US. The plans are:

    1) Pay-As-You-Go Plans

    These plans include no data, and they are:

    • $15/month plan with Auto-refill + $0.99 upfront, which gives you 200 nationwide minutes for talking and no texts.
    • $25/month plan + $0.99 Upfront, which has 1250 nationwide minutes (1000 + 250 minutes and 30 days with Auto-Refill.
    • $30 per 60 days plan + $0.99 upfront, which has 500 nationwide minutes and 0 messages (300+200 minutes &30 days with Auto-refill).
    • $45/month plan with 60 service days gives you 600 talk minutes.
    • $60/month plan with 90 service days comes with 900 minutes.
    • $100/month plan with 180 service days which has 1500 minutes

    2) Single Line Monthly Unlimited Prepaid Plans

    i) $20/month plan

    Net10 Wireless $20/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    This plan gives you:

    • 2GB of high-speed data
    • Unlimited minutes and texts
    • Unlimited 2G data
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • $10 International calling credit

    ii) $35/month plan or $31.5/month with Auto-refill

    Net10 Wireless $35/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    With this plan, you have:

    • 5GB of high-speed data
    • Unlimited minutes and texts
    • Unlimited 2G data
    • Unlimited international minutes

    iii) $40/month plan or $36/month with Auto-refill

    The plan includes:

    • 10GB of high-speed data
    • Unlimited nationwide texts and minutes
    • Unlimited international minutes

    iv) $50/month plan

    The plan offers you with:

    • Unlimited high-speed data
    • Unlimited minutes and texts
    • Unlimited 2G data
    • 5GB mobile hotspot data
    • International calling
    • Wi-Fi calling

    v) $60/month plan

    With this plan, you will have:

    • 40GB of high-speed data
    • Unlimited nationwide minutes and texts
    • Unlimited 2G data
    • Wi-Fi calling
    • $20 international calling credit

    vi) $65/month super unlimited plan

    The plan has:

    • Unlimited high-speed data
    • Unlimited 2G data
    • Unlimited nationwide talk and texts
    • 10GB of mobile hotspot data
    • Unlimited international minutes

    3) Data Only Plans

    • $10/month plan, which offers 1GB of hotspot data.
    • $20/month plan, which includes 2GB of hotspot data.
    • $30/month plan, which has 2.5GB of mobile hotspot data
    • $50/month plan, with 10GB of hotspot data.

    Net10 Wireless Phone Deals – Splendid

    If you wish to acquire a new phone, Net10 Wireless avails Apple and Android devices like most carriers. The phones are quality and will help you enjoy mobile services with the 4G LTE and 5G network, as some are 5G enabled. Notably, if you buy one device from Net10 Wireless online store, the phone will be mailed to you for free.

    As other MVNOs offer cell phone plans with free phones, you can also get a free phone online from Net10 Wireless after buying airtime. The free phone comes with purchasing a $25 airtime card with 750 minutes or a $40 or higher monthly airtime card. You must continue on one of the $40 per month or higher plans with the Android phone. However, you can choose any monthly plan or switch to a pay-as-you-go plan with the other phones.

    To get a free phone, visit its website and go to the phone promotion list page. After that, select a cellular phone with a $25 purchase price and a $25 airtime card and add it to your cart. Select “proceed to checkout” and enter the details you will be asked to give out, including your name, shipping address, billing address, and credit card information. The $40 airtime card can also win you a free phone.

    After that, verify your information and select “Submit” to complete your order. Your free phone and airtime will be mailed to you and reach you in about three business days. The smartphones available are:

    a) With a $25 card

    • LG Optimus Dynamic
    • Refurbished Huawei Glory
    • Samsung Galaxy Centura

    b) With a $40 card

    • Motorola W408g
    • Samsung T404g
    • Samsung T275g
    • LG 900g

    Net10 Wireless Operation Process

    Being an MVNO, the carrier must rely on another primary provider to offer services. Interestingly, Net10 Wireless leases services from all the major network providers in the US; AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint (which merged with T-Mobile in 2020).

    Does this bring us to the question, what network does Net10 Wireless use? It is a GSM carrier due to T-Mobile and AT&T and a CDMA carrier due to Verizon, as it is always in all TracFone family carriers.

    Therefore, you do not need to worry if you wish to join Net10 Wireless with your current phones. Notably, most phones are compatible with these network technologies, especially GSM, which is being used by most phone companies worldwide. To check if the carrier is available in your area, you can visit the Net10 Wireless website and either zoon in your area or enter your location’s ZIP code to confirm.

    Things To Know Before Switching To Net10 Wireless

    i) Wide network coverage

    Since it uses networks of all the major providers in the US, Net10 Wireless customers are assured of a vast and reliable 4G LTE and 5G network for all enabled phones.

    ii) Bring your own phone.

    If you are interested in joining the carrier, you can evade the cost of purchasing a new phone as you can switch with your current one. However, you must have a compatible device with the Net10 Wireless network to accomplish this.

    Although most phones are compatible with the GSM and other CDMA, you need to confirm this, especially using an older model. The phone also needs to be unlocked from your previous carrier.

    iii) Easy to switch

    Joining the carrier is simple, even if you are joining under the BYOP plan. You require a Net10 Wireless SIM card for your phone to connect to the carrier’s network. Additionally, you can maintain your current number after joining.

    iv) Cheap and no contract phone plans

    Net10 Wireless plans are much more affordable and involve no contract when acquired. You can alter a plan or cancel it if you want. The carrier has several plans, as discussed below. Notably, its provider AT&T offers free cell phone service for life unlimited everything you can check out if you are eligible.

    v) Reliable customer care

    If you have an issue with your line, plans, the switching process, etc., you can always reach Net10 Wireless customer service for assistance at 1-877-836-2368.

    Final Words

    Net10 Wireless is one of the MVNOs operating under TracFone Wireless in the US. The carrier uses networks of all the major providers in the country; hence its coverage and connectivity are much more reliable. Net10 Wireless offers several phone plans which are cheap and hence can be afforded by most residents. If the carrier’s network is available in your area, you can switch via a simple procedure and enjoy these plans explained above.