Google Fi, originally Project Fi, is a partnership between T-Mobile and US cellular that dynamically switches your phone across networks based on your location. Subscribers can choose from three easy Google Fi cell phone plans, two of which include unlimited data and one paid as you go. Each has advantages, but you must pick which is best for you. Both plans support up to six lines, making them excellent for bigger families.

    On Google Fi, all three plans offer unlimited calls and texts. As mentioned in the article, mobile data is slowed after 15GB of consumption on the Flexible plan, 35GB on the Simply Unlimited plan, and 50GB on the Unlimited Plus plan. Two of the options will additionally provide you with free international calls. The plan you select is based on the quantity of data you consume and how frequently you will travel outside of the United States.

    The “fair and flexible” pricing structure of Google Fi is the most intriguing feature. So, you’re never surprised at the end of the month; you can track your bill online and through the Google Fi app. Before going into and discussing the best Google Fi mobile phone plan, it’s critical to understand how the firm works, how to switch to the company, and how to acquire the best plan.

    How Can I Switch to Google Fi?

    Are you considering switching to Google Fi? Do you want to enjoy some of the Google Fi benefits, such as free data-only SIMs, an always-on VPN, and call forwarding? You can utilize Google Fi with your existing phone number, eliminating the need to share new contact information.

    Google Fi has a toll-free number: 1-844-TALK-2-FI, which you can call for help. However, by following the easy procedures outlined below, you can connect to the company’s network.

    • Visit Google Fi website.
    • Fill in the details of your current plan.
    • Insert the SIM card (eSIM-enabled smartphones such as the Pixel 2 and later do not require this step).
    • Set up your phone just like any other new gadget.
    • Use the Google Fi app or the official website to check the status of your transfer.
    • Watch for a notification when the transfer process is complete.
    • Wait until all functions are entirely functional before attempting to utilize Google Fi.

    What Is the Best Google Fi Cell Phone Plan?

    google fi cell phone plan

    Google Fi has three plans, two unlimited plans, and a flexible plan. The plans are discussed as follows;

    1) Flexible

    Choosing the Flexible plan with Google Fi is the most excellent way to save money. You’ll pay a monthly service fee — no more than $20 per month — and then per GB of data used. Data access becomes free after achieving a monthly threshold of 6GB for a single line.

    After that, you can continue to access high-speed Internet for up to 12GB at $10 per 1GB. It acts as a bill cap, ensuring that you never pay more than a set amount. What do you do with that data; full-speed hotspot access is available.

    Google Fi is the plan to use if you plan to go overseas after the current COVID-19 pandemic. Texts are free, international calls are one cent per minute, and data is charged at the usual rate. The plan is perfect for individuals who want to talk and text but don’t require a lot of data. The plan, in general, gives you with;

    • Low price for monthly service
    • Enjoy international trips with free unlimited text and data.
    • $10/GB while traveling outside the U.S., Canada, and Mexico
    • Wi-Fi calling to 200+ countries

    2) Simply Unlimited

    Google has reduced the price of its unlimited plan in half, making it a little more affordable alternative for individuals who expect to stay in the United States. The Simply Unlimited plan, as the name implies, includes unlimited talk, text, and data, as well as free calls to Canada and Mexico. The following Google Fi plan starts at $60 per month for one user, significant savings above the unlimited plan.

    This plan does not charge per gigabyte; however, speeds will slow after 35GB of usage. Unlike Google Fi other mobile plans, there are no international travel perks and no mobile data SIM option. However, you will receive 5GB of mobile hotspot data.

    Simply Unlimited also doesn’t include a Google One subscription, so you’ll have to pay a few additional dollars each month. Users who require call, text, and data but want to remain in the United States should choose this package. It usually includes the following:

    • Free calls to Canada and Mexico
    • You will enjoy low prices for unlimited talk, text, and data
    • Wi-Fi calling to 200+ countries
    • No international data or texts

    3) Unlimited Plus

    The top-tier plan, which includes unlimited talk, text, and data, is designed for those who know they need it all. You may get a mobile hotspot connection and DVD-quality video streams for as little as $70 per person (480p). The Unlimited plan includes a complimentary Google One subscription with 100GB of cloud storage.

    It also includes 50GB of high-speed mobile data and the Flexible plan’s travel benefits. Google Fi Unlimited is also the superior foreign option because data and texting are free. You’ll still have to pay for calls, but your monthly fee includes more than 50 countries. If you have many lines, you can save money on your plan because the cost per line on the unlimited plan drops with each extra line (up to four) or up to five on the flexible plan.

    So, if you have six lines altogether, your cost per line will be the same as four. You can also get a free data-only SIM, which allows you to share your data with another device without setting up a hotspot. It’s great for users that want everything and want to travel extensively. The plan includes the following features:

    • You can use the available mobile data as much as you want, up to 50GB
    • Google One membership is included
    • Text and data are free, and calling charges are reasonable when traveling abroad.
    • Data is available for free in over 200 countries.
    • Includes international calls and messages
    • Calls to over 200 countries using Wi-Fi
    • Free international calls to over 50 countries

    How to Choose the Best Google Fi Plan?

    It’s simple to figure out which plan is best for you: think about how much data you’ll consume. If you need more than four or five GB per line, choose one of the Unlimited options. If you spend practically all of your time on Wi-Fi and use a small amount of mobile data per month, the Flexible plan is for you.

    You might also consider international access when making your decision. Google Fi wireless network provider is only available in the United States, but the Unlimited Plus package may be worth it if you plan to travel a lot. If you plan to call our North American neighbors, you could try Simply Unlimited. If you travel sometimes, the Flexible plan should be sufficient.

    How Does Google Fi Operate?

    In April 2015, Google launched its MVNO, previously known as Project Fi, by invitation only, in conjunction with the Nexus 6. In 2016, Project Fi opened up to the general public, though it’s difficult to estimate how many people have signed up. Project Fi was renamed Google Fi in 2018 and has now expanded to include more devices, including iPhones. Instead of having its own Better Business Bureau profile, the carrier is part of the Google umbrella.

    Like other mobile virtual network operators or MVNOs, Google Fi gets cellular coverage from another carrier’s network. Google fi network are provided by T-Mobile and regional provider USA Cellular network provider. Google claims that its cellular services for Fi-certified devices assess which carrier have, the fastest network where you are and connects you to it. You’ll be moved to a better connection if you move to a location where another carrier partner has better coverage.

    If you have a suitable device — one with a 5G modem — you may expect 5G coverage from those networks and LTE service. When a wireless network is available, Google Fi, like other MVNOs including Republic Wireless and TextNow, delivers talk time minutes, text, and mobile data across VPN-protected public Wi-Fi hotspots. Google also promises smooth switching between Wi-Fi and cellular connections for its Fi-certified devices. And it’s because of this dependency on Wi-Fi Google Fi can provide lower monthly fees than the primary carriers.

    Bottom Line

    According to the article, Google Fi offers fixed pricing for Internet, voice, and texting and has a solid network covering most of the United States. The company is also unique in that its coverage is provided by a mix of US Cellular and T-Mobile, with compatible phones switching between the two based on network congestion and signal quality. As a result, this is one of the greatest MVNOs available.