Google is considered one of the largest companies in the US and offers a wide range of products from cloud storage, social networks, and many other services. Since its existence, we have seen Google disrupting the tech industry by coming up with new products to make the lives of millions of people easier.

    Google fi is one of these projects. It is a telecommunication service aimed at offering SMS, telephone calls, and much more with the help of leasing network rates from several standard service providers. If you wish to bring your device to Google, you may wonder what network does Google fi use.

    Knowing the correct type of network technology that Google FI uses will help millions of users bring their devices to this service. Knowing the correct type of network will also help determine whether your location is adequately covered.

    If an area is not well covered, people tend to experience dropped calls and slow internet. Despite there not being a Google FI cell phone signal booster, there is a big chance that your location has stable coverage.

    This is solely based on the standard service providers from which Google FI has leased network services. The networks support several network technologies ensuring there is a wide range of Google FI compatible phones.

    Our read will cover what towers does Google FI use. We will also dive into how to check phone compatibility and how you can bring your phone to Google Fi. We will also cover the benefits of the Google FI network and how reliable is the Google FI network.

    What network does Google FI use

    Google Fi is a mobile virtual network operator that leverages the use of standard service provider cellular towers. Since its existence, the service provider has relied on several standard cellular towers that list network rates. Currently, they use only two service providers, which are:

    i) T-Mobile

    T-Mobile is considered one of the most considerable cell phone service providers in the US. They have cellular towers nearly covering a mentioning percent of the US landmass, making them stand out compared to other standard service providers who cover around 95%.

    We will if I lease network rates in which they get access to cellular towers used to distribute cellular services phones on Google FI. T-Mobile uses GSM network technology, so it is most likely to work with Google FI if you have a GSM compatible device.

    ii) US Cellular

    US cellular is a standard service provider popularly known in the Midwest. The service provider offers stable network coverage in Midwest areas, and if you have a US cellular compatible phone, it is most likely to work with Google FI. US cellular leverages the use of GSM network technology that offers a wide range of phone compatibility. The GSM network technology has also given birth to 15 networks that your cellular incorporates.

    These are the current networks that Google FI leases the services from. A great benefit is that all these networks use GSM network technologies that ensure a wide range of phone compatibility. It also makes it easier for users who wish to bring their own devices.

    How to check phone compatibility on Google FI

    If you think your phone may work with Google FI, you may consider bringing it to the network, and this requires you to check phone compatibility. Check phone compatibility and tails reviewing your phone’s network technology to see if it matches with the one that GSM uses. The process, process entails using an IMEI number.

    The main number is a unique phone identification number used to check several phone details. This number entails information on the type of network technology and network bands compatible with Google Fi.

    You can get the IMEI number by dialing *#06#, And you will receive a prompt with an image of the main number. Read it down and test it on the Google FI phone compatibility checker. If the device is compatible, you can now get a cell phone plan on Google FI.

    Which devices are compatible with Google Fi

    There are several phones compatible with Google Fi. Most of these phones are smartphones and come from Samsung, Nokia, Xiaomi, Motorola, etc.

    Before bringing your device to the network, you should factor in whether the device is a smartphone or not. Smartphones are the recommended option for using Google FI since Google FI does not have any cell phone plans without Internet access.

    If you wish to bring your phone and it is not compatible, Google FI sells some very stunning mobile phones on their website. The devices range from low budget to flagship phones and include the following: Pixel 6 Pro, pixel 6, pixel 5A 5G, And much more.

    Can I transfer my number to Google Fi

    Users can transfer their phone numbers from other networks to Google FI. The whole process is online, or if you don’t have much technical expertise, you may visit the nearest Google FI center for assistance. You will be required to provide information like your name, address, and any other relevant information to aid in the process.

    For you to transfer the phone number, it should never have been involved in any criminal activities. They should also not have independent bills with their previous service provider. Google if I may request for previous monthly Billings to verify if there are any debts or not.

    Also, ensure that you have not deactivated your cell phone service with your previous service provider. Once everything is in check, the porting process can begin by going to the Google FI website in navigating to the transfer your phone number section.

    Follow the onscreen instructions, and once you apply, it will take between two to three business days for the process to complete. Once the process is done, you may activate the number in which your old phone number with Google FI will be deactivated. If you are a new customer, then this will be your primary number.

    What are the benefits of the Google FI network

    There are several benefits of the network Google FI uses and includes the following:

    1) Stable network coverage

    The network that Google uses is very reliable and covers nearly 99% of the US landmass. You are less likely to experience downtime dropped calls by using a cellular device. However, during network congestion, speeds may be slowed down since network priority goes to users on our postpaid plan under their standard service providers.

    2) Affordable cell phone plans

    Google FI offers several affordable cell phone plans, and they also have a family plan in which you can have a maximum of 6 lines. The cell phone plans that at $17.00/mo, inclusive of taxes and government-related fees.

    The Google effect of their cell phone plan is the unlimited plus which is an excellent option if you use a considerable amount of data and travel a lot. This plan offers 22GB of data, and you also get 100GB of cloud storage with Google One. the plan also comes with high-speed hotspot tethering and data-only Sims services. You also get data, texts, and calls when traveling to over 200 destinations around the world.

    You can get up to a $5 discount on each sim card if you go for a maximum of 6 sim cards. The pricing of these cell phone plans does not change often and may be subject to change after 12 months of usage or when Google FI has justifiable reasons to raise or lower the prices.

    3) Phone compatibility

    There is a wide range of phone compatibility within Google FI. This makes it easier to bring your own phone. You can also purchase phones at Google FI online and retail stores at very affordable prices if your device is not compatible with Google Fi.

    4) No contracts

    There are no contracts on the Google FI cell phone plans. No contract cell phone plans make it easier for users to switch to other service providers without paying any early termination fees. It also brings flexibility when it comes to making monthly payments for the cell phone plants.

    Bottom line

    Google Fr uses one of the most reliable networks to offer coverage to their customers. T-Mobile and US cellular are recognized around the country for offering sufficient and fast network coverage.

    The Google FI cell phone plans are also very affordable, and they also have family cell phone plans that come with discounts. Users can bring their own devices to Google FI, and you will only pay a small amount for activation fees if the device is compatible. They also sell a wide range of cell phones on their online and retail stores.