TracFone Wireless is a US based mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers the most comprehensive and well-known mobile phone deals and plans from other carriers. Although there are no specific TracFone plans for seniors, various plans would be ideal for them. TracFone, which offers low-cost prepaid cell phone services, is excellent for seniors who only require basic cellular coverage.

    One of the most excellent TracFone plans is the one-year plan for $15 per month, including 500 minutes, 500 messages, and 500MB of data. This plan would be ideal for seniors who don’t use their phones frequently but still require data. You can also choose the 2-year plan, including 1500 minutes, 5000 text messages, and a $10 monthly service fee.

    The plans described above are just a few of the TracFone offers that senior can benefit from. As a result, some of TracFone’s most outstanding senior plans will be reviewed later in the article. In addition, the article discusses how to acquire senior plans, the best TracFone phones for seniors, TracFone unlimited plans for seniors, and many other topics.

    Reasons Of TracFone Plans Best For Seniors

    TracFone is a mobile virtual network operator in the United States that offers simple and affordable plans for seniors aged 55. The corporation owns several sub-brands, including Net 10, Total Wireless, and Straight Talk, serving millions of Americans across the country.

    If your TracFone plan is current, you can rollover your unused data, call, and service days. Aside from this fantastic package, there are several other reasons to pick TracFone:

    1) Cheap Mobile Phone for Senior

    The company also sells phones with its own logo solely compatible with its network. Samsung, LG, ZTE, and Motorola all have mid-range devices in the Tracfone shop. It does not carry Apple or Samsung’s most recent smartphones. The store also sells Tracfone flip phones, popular among seniors due to their simplicity, low costs, and substantial Tracfone discounts.

    If you’re looking for a cheap smartphone, Tracfone has options starting at $10. The iPhone 8 is the most recent model available in the Tracfone shop if you’re seeking an iPhone gadget. Tracfone offers some of the top phones for seniors, including:

    • Alcatel Myflip
    • Samsung T245g TracFone
    • Alcatel Big Easy Flip Phone
    • Samsung Galaxy J7 Sky
    • Tracfone Alcatel A383g Big Easy Plus

    2) Bring Your Own Phone Plan

    If you don’t locate the phone you desire in the store; you can bring your own. However, the phone must be compatible with the company’s network.

    Process Of Seniors Purchase TracFone Plans

    To get a TracFone phone and service, go to the company’s website first. You can learn more about each of its service plans and the devices it currently offers on its website. CVS, 7-Eleven, Total Wireless, and other authorized merchants also sell TracFone devices and plans.

    i) Tracfone at Walmart

    Walmart has a large selection of Tracfone phones and service contracts. They can be bought online or in person, which is very convenient because Tracfone does not automatically renew your service unless you request it. You can go to Walmart right away to prolong your service or add more minutes.

    ii) Tracfone Cost

    Tracfone is one of the most cost-effective wireless providers compared to other options. Its cellular service starts at $9 per month and has no long-term commitments. Plans start at $15 per month if you want to pay every month.

    Your voice, text, and data allocations will also transfer over to your next service term if your phone is constantly enabled. Your service will not be carried over if you let it lapse.

    iii) Tracfone and Overage Charges

    Unlike many other carriers, Tracfone does not levy overage fees. Your service is canceled when you reach the end of your monthly minutes, texts, or data allowance.

    Best TracFone Plans For Seniors

    Tracfone offers a 14-day trial period with 300 minutes, 300 SMS, or 300MB of internet plan, whichever comes first, a huge perk. If you’re upset after you’ve arrived at that point of confinement or after those 14 days, talk to someone.

    The company offers a variety of pay-as-you-go, family, prepaid, and immediate plans ideal for seniors. They also offer monthly unlimited plans. The following are the company’s best plans for seniors.

    1) Tracfone Pay as You Go Plan for Seniors

    Seniors with basic phones might discover low-cost talk-only plans starting at $10 per month for 30 any-time minutes. Plans with 90 days of service are available for $20 per month. Annual Tracfone plans start at $100 for 400 minutes and are considered low-cost Tracfone plans that can help you save money.

    Any call made or received, and any incoming or outgoing SMS will be removed from your plan. If you set your account to auto-refill, you can save 10% on some plans. After adding a new airtime card, both unused minutes and service days rollover.

    2) Tracfone Talk Plans for Seniors

    Seniors who only wish to use the phone to make calls and do not wish to use the internet or send messages can use this plan since it comes with a great deal. The prices of the plans depend on the validity period, as shown below;

    a) 30 days plan

    • $9.99 providing 30 minutes of talk time

    b) 90 days plan

    • $19.99 plan that comes with 60 minutes
    • At only $29.99, you will get 120 minutes
    • 200 minutes are available at $39.99 for three months
    • With only $79.99, you will get 450 minutes for 90 days 

    c) 365 days plan

    • $99.99 provides 400 minutes for one year
    • You will get 1000 minutes for 365 days at $159.99 
    • 1500 minutes are available at $199.99

    3) TracFone Smartphone Plans for Seniors

    The company offers a variety of talk minutes, text messages, and data packages for smartphone customers. Small data packages are included in the plans, and the unlimited option is available, although service days are long. The Tracfone smartphone year plan is $125 and includes 1500 minutes, 1500 texts, and 1.5GB of internet.

    Tracfone smartphone plans are ideal for seniors who want more flexibility. This plan’s pricing is likewise decided by service days, and varying amounts of minutes, talk time, and data are available. They consist of

    i) $15 Plan

    Tracfone $15/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    The plan $15 plan is valid for 30 days. It is one of the most affordable plans by Tracfone plans for seniors. It comes with 200 minutes, 500 texts, and 500 MB of data. With the help of high-speed data, you can also use it for streaming.

    ii) $20 Plan

    With a validity of 30 days, this plan provides 300 minutes of talk time, 1000 texts, and 1 GB of data. You get similar high-speed data. That is why; it is suitable for any streaming.

    iii) $25 Plan

    If you require fewer resources but greater availability, this is your plan. You will have 60 days of validity. For only $25 for two months, you get 500 minutes, 1000 SMS, and 500 MB of data.

    iv) $35 Plan

    Tracfone $35/Mo. Plan – See it on Amazon

    The plan provides validity for 60 days at only $35. You will receive 750 minutes, 1 Gb of data, and 1000 texts with this plan. High-speed data means that you can use this plan for various applications.

    v) $45 Plan

    The company s $45 plan includes 750 minutes of talk time. It comes with 1000 messages and 1.5 GB of data. The $45 plan, provides 90 days of validity. As a result, it’s one of Tracfone’s top cell phone plans for seniors.

    vi) $50 Plan

    The plan provides you with service for 90 days at $50. You get 750 minutes of talk time, 1000 texts, and 2 GB of data within this plan.

    vii) $125 Plan

    Are you interested in Tracfone’s most expensive senior plan? If so, have a look at this one. The duration of the conversation is 1500 minutes. In addition, you will receive 1500 texts. You will receive 1.5 GB of data.

    4) TracFone Monthly Plans

    Because these plans are only available with a smartphone, they are only available to seniors with smartphones. All monthly plans come with unlimited talk and text and a set amount of data. With a monthly plan, unused data rolls over as long as the service is active and in use. The following are the most acceptable Tracfone unlimited monthly plans for Seniors:

    • Unlimited talk, text plus 1GB of data for $20 per month
    • Limitless talk, text plus 2GB of data for $25/mo
    • Unlimited talk, text plus 3GB of data for $30 per month

    Bottom Line

    If you’re a senior seeking a low-cost network provider with no long-term commitment, TracFone can be a good fit. One of the company’s 365-day plans can be a fantastic option to have a phone for emergencies that costs less than $10 per month, especially for folks who use their cell phone seldom. As a result, if you’re seeking the most acceptable TracFone cell phone plans for seniors, our guide can certainly help.