Consumer Cellular is an American Mobile Virtual Network Operator established in 1995. This wireless service provider mainly focuses on providing services to users over 50 years of age (seniors).

    The carrier offers cellphone plans, deals, and accessories to its subscribers. These plans are pretty affordable as currently, the carrier has over 4 million customers. Today, we will check on some of the best Consumer Cellular internet plans and other related facets.

    Since it was founded, Consumer Cellular strategies mainly focused on subscribers who require a phone, but they aren’t heavy users. With the plans offering unlimited talk and text, the clients can choose as little as 1GB per their needs.

    You can get a plan costing as low as $20 per month, and hence its entry-level plans are among the most affordable in wireless service provision. These plans are discussed in detail below.

    Consumer Cellular also offers a variety of smartphones to acquire new devices. You can also bring your own phone to the carrier, provided it meets the set requirements, which will be explained below.

    Additionally, you can port your current number across when switching to the network. Consumer Cellular also participates in the lifeline program that ensures all eligible low-income households and individuals access internet and phone services.

    Operation Process For Consumer Cellular

    As stated above, this carrier is an MVNO meaning it lacks its own network towers; hence it leases service from another existing network infrastructure. Does this bring us to the question, what network does Consumer Cellular use for operation?

    The company relies on AT&T and T-Mobile networks, and hence the carrier’s subscribers can enjoy a nationwide coverage as AT&T and T-Mobile are significant providers in the US. They can get a vast 5G high-speed network at any place.

    The two leading providers use GSM network technology. Most phone companies and mobile services providers worldwide use the GSM network. Therefore, most phones can operate well while using the Consumer Cellular network. Some of the benefits of joining the Consumer Cellular network include:

    1. Faster internet connections
    2. Quality and latest phone deals
    3. Wide network coverage
    4. Affordable cellphone plans
    5. Excellent customer service

    To get Consumer Cellular cell phone service, you need to sign up at the carrier’s website, and anything you order from there will be shipped to your home directly. For any assistance, you can reach their customer service at 1-888-345-5509 between 9 a.m. and 8 p.m. Eastern time while in the US, for all days of the week. Additionally, you can visit a nearby store as their services are available at select Target locations nationwide.

    The Most Acceptable Consumer Cellular internet plans

    Consumer Cellular offers various plans that involve no contract, and also, no activation fees are required. The plans are available on the two major 5G nationwide networks with a compatible phone, i.e., AT&T and T-Mobile. These internet plans suit both new and existing customers. The plans include:

    1) $20/month plan

    The plan comes with 1GB of high-speed data for a single line and unlimited talk and text nationwide. Adding another line costs $40/month and $55/month for three lines.

    2) $25/month plan

    This plan gives unlimited nationwide talk and text + 3GB of high-speed data for a single line. The plan costs $45/month for two lines and $60/month for three lines.

    3) $35/month plan

    The plan comes with 7GB of mobile data and unlimited talk and text countrywide. For two lines, the plan costs $55/month, and for three lines, it goes for $70 per month.

    4) $40/month plan

    This internet plan includes 10GB of high-speed data and unlimited nationwide talk and text. When you add a second line, you will pay $60/month and $75/month when you add three lines.

    5) $45/month plan

    The plan comes with 15GB of mobile data and unlimited talk and text nationwide. It costs $65/month when you add a second line and $80/month when you add a third line.

    6) $55/month plan

    This one offer unlimited data, although the speeds may be reduced after 35GB of data use. It also offered nationwide talk and text. When you add a second line, the plan costs $75/month and $90/month when you have three lines.

    Consumer Cellular internet family plans

    If you’re looking for a cell phone plan for the whole family, Consumer Cellular offers a per-line discount when you add someone to your plan. The following shows how much you can save when you add one to two extra individuals to your Consumer Cellular plan when compared to the cost of a single line:

    • 2 lines and save $5-$35/month
    • 3 lines and save $5-$75/month

    If you invite a friend or family member to share your Consumer Cellular phone plan, you can only have three lines at maximum.

    Consumer Cellular bring your own phone

    It is possible to join the Consumer Cellular network with your current phone. The procedure is quite simple for any interested and new client. This one is available via the Consumer Cellular BYOP plan, which helps new users save on the cost of purchasing a new device.

    However, if you want to get a new one, Consumer Cellular has quality deals on its website. You can visit and acquire one of your preferences. To bring your current phone to this carrier, you need to ensure that:

    i) The phone is compatible

    Although most of the latest phones are compatible with the GSM network used by Consumer Cellular, it is advisable to do a speed compatibility checking. Some old phone models might be using another network technology and won’t comply well with this carrier’s network. The carrier has a compatibility checker on its website where you need to enter your phone’s IMEI number and confirm.

    ii) The phone should be unlocked.

    It should not be tied to a particular carrier, like your previous provider. After that, you can choose a cellphone plan among the ones stated below, purchase a SIM card, and then activate the phone. Remember, it is possible to maintain your current number when switching from another carrier to Consumer Cellular.

    You can contact the carrier’s customer care, and you will be guided on how to achieve this. Alternatively, you can go to a nearby store and get help, and a store locator on its website can guide you in spotting a nearby store.

    Consumer Cellular setup fees

    You will be responsible for both the first month of service and either the down payment or the entire purchase price of your phone, plus any applicable taxes or fees when you sign up for an account with Consumer Cellular. If you choose the monthly payment plan, you must pay sales tax on the device’s total purchase price and the first month’s payment.

    You can also use an existing phone as long as it accepts a SIM card. A SIM card from Consumer Cellular is free of charge. If you choose to use your own phone, you will only be responsible for the first month’s service and taxes and fees.

    Ways To Get the best deal with Consumer Cellular

    While Consumer Cellular currently has low-cost plans, you can do a few things to ensure you’re receiving the best deal. These include:

    a) Be an AARP member

    You will save up to 5% on your monthly phone bill and receive a discount on some device accessories. To join AARP, visit its website and enroll for membership.

    b) Look for seasonal promos

    Consumer Cellular offers seasonal promotions to help you save money. The carrier offered new consumers a $100 credit on each new line in writing.

    c) Refer a friend

    If you refer a colleague or family member to this carrier, you will receive a $10 referral credit when they join up for service.

    d) Pick up the phone

    Saving money by speaking with a customer support agent is a fantastic way of getting a great deal with Consumer Cellular. You will inquire if they have any special offers or discounts that you should know. Notably, they’ll be the first to know!

    Does Consumer Cellular have optional features

    New customers joining the network and acquiring an Apple phone can get the AppleCare is available for an additional $7.99 per month or an Allstate-backed protection plan for most other devices, which is available for $2 per month. This guard against unintentional damage to your device. Again, customers can add roadside assistance to any plan for an additional $3 per month.

    Bottom line

    Consumer Cellular is an MVNO in the US that operates using the GSM network from AT&T mad T-Mobile providers. The carrier mainly offers its services to seniors, i.e., over 50 years of age. The carrier has several internet plans offered at lower prices, as stated in this article. After having an unlocked GSM phone, you can choose the one that suits you and enjoy it since its coverage is nationwide.