Consumer cellular phone carrier is one of the US network providers tasked with offering the best cell phone services to elderly citizens and the general public. Consumer Cellular provides AT&T and T-Mobile networks for as little as $20 per month if you want to save money on your phone service. If you have extra mobile users in your household, you can save even more money with consumer cellular family plans.

    The company’s mobile phone plans and deals are straightforward and inexpensive, starting at $20 per month, and mobile phones, start at $59 and are affordable to most older citizens’ finances. Surprisingly, the organization offers a risk-free trial, allowing you to try out their services before committing to the network.

    Indeed, this corporation cares about low-income individuals. It participates in the Lifeline program, ensuring that eligible low-income individuals and households have access to free or reduced-price mobile phone services. Before we get into our primary issue, the best consumer cellular family plans, it is essential to go through some of the company’s advantages and phone plans.

    What Exactly Is Consumer Cellular

    Consumer Cellular is an MVNO that collaborates with two networks, AT&T and T-Mobile, to offer prepaid plans with unlimited text, talk, and 1GB of data starting at $20 per month. With over 4 million customers, the corporation is situated in Portland, Oregon. Because it is an MVNO that leases service from another carrier, it can provide low-cost services because it does not have to pay rent for physical stores.

    Because consumer cellular is owned by two of the country’s top network providers, it can offer the latest high-speed 5G network with nationwide coverage. Additionally, consumer Cellular uses the two firms’ GSM network technologies to provide services.

    Because GSM is the network technology that most mobile phones use, there is a wide range of consumer cellular compatible phones, from simple flip phones to the latest high-tech iPhones and Samsung devices.

    What Should I Know about Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

    i) Family Plans

    Consumer Cellular offers family plans that let you split your voice, text, and data allotment among many lines. You can only buy two lines online right now; if you want more than two lines on your account, you’ll have to call Consumer Cellular personally.

    Family cell phone plans exist to reduce the expense of equipping every family member with a cell phone, and cellular firms offer them to lock in more business upfront.

    ii) Plans and Pricing

    Consumer Cellular has six prepaid plans ranging in price from $20 to $55 per month, including the $5 autopay discount. All plans include unlimited talk and text. Only the $55 per month unlimited plan gives you unrestricted access to 2G data speeds once you’ve reached your monthly limit.

    If you use too much data on any other plan, you’ll be immediately upgraded to the next one. Apart from the family plan, the company offers two plans, as shown below;

    iii) Talk Only Plans

    At only $15 a month, the plan allows for only one line and includes unlimited talks and texts. It does not have a data plan. It’s excellent for elders who need to recharge their plan rapidly when away from home.

    iv) Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

    There are multiple options for seniors that include unlimited talk and text at various prices and different amounts of data. Among them are:

    • $20/mo plan that offers 1GB of data.
    • $25/mo plan that offers 3GB of cell phone data.
    • $35/mo plan that offers 7 GB of cell phone data.
    • $40/mo plan that offers 10GB of mobile data.
    • $45/mo plan that offers 15GB of cell phone data.
    • $55/mo plan that offers unlimited mobile data.

    What Are the Benefits of Switching to Consumer Cellular

    The corporation provides the cheapest and most reliable mobile phone plans and services to help the elderly and persons with disabilities communicate with their families.

    Seniors also use their cell phones to call for aid in an emergency, photograph significant situations, find entertainment, and so on. The following are the features of these consumer cellular plans:

    1) Plans with No Contract

    Consumer cellular users are not required to use the company’s plan, and they are free to transfer to other carriers. Any customer who wishes to terminate their contract is free to do so.

    2) AARP Member Discount

    Consumer cellular gives AARP members a 5% discount on monthly plans in addition to low-cost programs. Customers will also receive a device discount and a 45-day risk-free promise.

    3) There are no hidden costs.

    Consumer cellular provides a no-cost mix-and-match package for text, call, and data. If a customer mistakenly surpasses their plan’s minutes or data, consumer cellular will immediately upgrade the user to the next highest plan. It allows users to pay for only the services they will use.

    4) Make Use of Your Own Phone

    New users can use their existing phones when switching to the Consumer Cellular network as long as they are unlocked or compatible.

    How Can I Choose the Best Family Cell Phone Plans

    The best cell phone plan balances the expenses of several lines of data with the benefits that each provider provides. Suppose you stream a lot of videos, for example. In that case, you’ll want to choose a plan that not only includes a streaming service as a perk (Netflix with T-Mobile, multiple streaming services with Verizon, or HBO Max with AT&T’s most expensive plan) but also doesn’t throttle your data if you use a lot of data in a month.

    As a result, various variables must be considered before deciding on the most acceptable family plans available. Some of these characteristics include:

    a) Data Allowances

    While shopping for a family cell phone plan, it’s always a good idea to know your family’s monthly data usage. While most family cell phone plans on our list appear to be limitless (at least on paper), they all contain data use restrictions.

    While you won’t be disconnected from your cellular service, if you go over your soft cap – which is usually around 35GB to 50GB, depending on the plan – you may be demoted to 3G speeds or worse. Most carriers make data use reports easily accessible via their client sites, so login into your existing account should provide you with the required information.

    b) Perks

    Although subjective, the number of benefits a carrier provides can make or break the plan’s total worth. For some, features like bundled subscription services, international calling, and large mobile-hotspot allowances are a nice bonus, but they are a must for others.

    c) Parental Controls

    You don’t need a specialized child-friendly mobile phone plan to receive some protection because most Android and iPhone devices include parental control features readily available via the phone settings. You may monitor your child’s phone activity using the AT&T Secure Family app for $7.99 per month and the T-Mobile Family Mode app for $10 per month. 

    d) Do You Prefer to Pay Separately or All at Once

    Separate billing for each line is available on some of our list’s cheaper family cell phone plans. While this is less expensive, it can be more complicated in terms of paperwork, and some people prefer to have everything on one monthly bill. If you prefer to keep things simple, the more traditional (but more expensive) family cell phone plans may be worth considering.

    What Is the Best Consumer Cellular Family Plans

    For years, Consumer Cellular has offered family-friendly cell phone plans. For example, for only $10 per month, per line, you can add a family member to your Consumer Cellular plan. Additionally, all calls between phones on the same account are free. Adding several lines means that other family members may take advantage of everything your Consumer Cellular account has to offer.

    Each additional line on your account can share the minutes, messages, and data on your Talk and Connect plans for only $15 per month with the consumer cellular family plans bundle. Calls between your account’s phones are free, and you avoid the cost and inconvenience of managing several cellular accounts. In general, the only and the best consumer cellular family phone plan is the 

    $15/mo Plan

    Consumer Cellular provides a $15/month per reduced line rate on family plans with up to three lines. This improves the total value of family plans, as you can get three lines on Consumer Cellular’s unlimited data plan for just $90/month before any AARP discounts.

    When contrasted to most other carriers, $90/month is a terrific deal; however, keep in mind that data is shared with these family plans, which means that data (35GB in this case) is split among all lines rather than 35GB per line.

    Bottom Line

    Consumer Cellular is an MVNO that operates under two of the leading carriers in the United States, T-Mobile and AT&T. Therefore, the company has access to nearly 99 percent of the US landmass. The company is well-known for its elder services and its economical and flexible mobile phone rates, which start at just $20 per month.