Suppose you’re thinking of buying a new Apple Watch, it’s definitely that you want the best price. However, with the new Verizon Wireless Apple watch deals, you will get Series 7, which is an upgrade over the Series 6, and other choices that are pocket friendly. Therefore, you can get the best prices on the current Apple watches best deals when you shop through Verizon.

    Additionally, you might save a bunch on a Series 6 Apple SE watch, and you won’t miss out on many features. Notably, Apple does not discount its own products. Thus, the best deals are typically from other retailers such as Verizon wireless. If you want to upgrade your Apple Watch, Verizon will offer you up to $200 off the Apple Watch 7 if you trade in your older model and purchase a new one through the company.

    On the other hand, Verizon enables you to connect up to 20 devices to your account, so you can have several Apple Watches on your account, provided they don’t exceed 20 total devices. Most importantly, similar to Verizon activate new phone, you will have to activate Verizon service for the watch, which require an additional $10 to your monthly Verizon bill.

    Factor To See When Buying Apple Watches

    i) Healthy Safety

    You can get heart rate notifications, track your sleep, and quickly call for help in an emergency through these devices. You can also measure your blood oxygen level, take an ECG, and unplug with the mindfulness app.

    ii) Fitness

    You can track all your daily activities and precisely measure your favorite workouts.

    iii) Connectivity

    You can receive calls and texts, listen to music, use Apple Pay and Siri and do more right from your wrist. Call and text without your Apple phone, with available cellular. Get directions with maps, use your wallet to open doors, board planes, or make payments. Besides, you can find thousands of apps in the App Store.

    iv) Personalization

    In this case, you can add a new band to change up your look. Discover, customize, and share watch faces. Set up a watch for relatives who don’t possess an iPhone so that they can access phone calls, messages, and safety features.

    Best Verizon Wireless Apple Watch Deals

    1) Verizon Apple Watch 7

    This watch is the latest, most durable Apple Watch ever built, with the largest, most advanced Always-on Retina display. Apple Watches can be costly, but if you require two, you can get them from Verizon’s deal.

    You can purchase any Apple Watch on a 24 – 30 monthly payment plan and receive a second Apple Watch with $250 in promo credit on your bill for the next 24 or 30 months. Ultimately, you will have two Apple Watches and save $250.

    Additionally, you can obtain both the Apple Watch Series 7 and the Apple Watch SE through this deal, making it one of the netter deals currently on the new Apple Watch Series 7 so far. On that note, Verizon even still packs stock of the Apple Watch Series 6 if you want to save a little more.

    2) Verizon Apple Watch Series 6

    Purchase starting at $18.05 per month for 36 months at 0% APR. Alternatively, you can buy this apple watch for $649.99 total price.

    3) Verizon Apple Watch SE Deal

    Buy this watch from Verizon at $9.99 per month for 36 months at 0% APR. You can also purchase it at a total price of $369.99 at Verizon stores or online.

    Get Up To $180 Off Any Apple Watch When You Trade-In

    You can purchase the Apple watch from Verizon with any data plan or trade in your old eligible smartwatch within 30 days of purchase and receive your trade-in promo credit over 36 months. However, the promo credit may change depending on other unlimited plans.

    Moreover, if you get your Apple Watch with an iPhone purchase, you can get a $180 discount or $230 discount for Apple Watch SE.

    Eligible watches for the discounts include:

    • Apple Watch Series 7 Aluminium 45MM & 41mm
    • Apple Watch Series 6 44MM Aluminium
    • Apple Watch Series 6 40MM Aluminium
    • Apple Watch SE 44MM ($230 discount)
    • Apple Watch SE 40MM ($230 discount)

    Notably, on these deals, you must finance the balance cost of the watch with Verizon and pay it off through 24 or 30 months. If you cancel your Verizon service before that time ends, you’ll lose any remaining discounts and get compelled to pay the watch off immediately.

    Process To Add Apple Watch To Verizon Plan

    If you just purchased an Apple Watch and you wonder how to add Apple Watch to the Verizon plan, or you want to know how much it costs to add the Apple Watch to your plan, stay put for the guidelines.

    However, to add an Apple Watch to your Verizon plan, you’ll have to activate a cell phone plan from your iPhone during pairing with the Apple Watch. You can sign in to the My Verizon app and tap on “Continue” from your iPhone. Then, activate WiFi Calling and proceed through the prompts. Search for the “Device Added” screen and press “OK.”

    On the other hand, you do not have to add a new line for your Apple Watch as it shares the same phone number as your iPhone. Verizon will charge you a $10 activation fee for the connected device. Additionally, Verizon will charge you a $35 device activation fee to activate your Apple Watch on the Verizon network, regardless of your device.

    Best Ways To Get Verizon Deals

    Generally, to obtain the best out of Verizon’s deals, you have to be a new customer switching from a different carrier. Then, subscribe to Verizon’s unlimited plans, and buy your new device through a monthly payment plan. However, unlike some other competing carriers, Verizon doesn’t always leave its existing customers isolated.

    Moreover, many Verizon deals and promotions are reserved for their existing customers. Besides, the savings are typically slightly lower than those given to new customers. Most Verizon phone deals for existing customers tend to have some of the more generous trade-in deals. Where other carriers demand that your trade-in device is in excellent condition to obtain maximum savings, Verizon usually only requires your trade-in to be in a normal working state.

    Again, Verizon often provides buy-one-get-one-free or discounted deals. You can buy one device and receive the second for free or at a highly discounted price. In this case, you’ll get credits for the second cell phone on your monthly bills. Usually, these offers target customers purchasing flagship devices, including Samsung Galaxy S-series or Notes and Apple’s iPhone.

    Bottom Line

    Apple devices and accessories are usually costly, but Verizon breaks that narrative by offering the best deals on Apple watches. You can get a compatible Apple watch that works perfectly with your device at a discount off the total price at Verizon.

    However, every Apple Watch is designed to help you stay more active, healthy, and connected. Therefore, don’t miss your chance to own the best Apple Watch from Verizon Apple has ever made for a great deal.