Verizon Wireless ranks the largest mobile carrier in the US, and many customers opt to renew their contract, get a new phone, or switch from another carrier. However, its headquarters are in New York City, and Verizon had recorded revenues of $128.3 billion in 2020. Verizon often has temporary promotions and discounts on certain phones; hence it’s crucial to know how to activate a phone with Verizon.

     On the other hand, when you order a new device from Verizon, it will get ready for activation when you switch it on. You have to follow the provided on-screen instructions to fill out the activation process and set it up. Notably, it takes up to 72 hours to activate your Verizon account when porting in your number from another carrier.

    Moreover, this company provides a Verizon ebb program to help qualifying customers stay connected for remote work, virtual learning, telehealth visits, communication, etc. The program applies to new and existing customers who meet the eligibility criteria. The benefits of Verizon EBB enrollment feature monthly discounts on your Verizon monthly bill. Whether you’re a new or a current customer making the switch, you need to activate your phone to get the most out of Verizon’s robust network.

    Verizon Wireless Phone Activation Process

    If you pick Verizon Wireless as your preferred cell phone service provider, you must activate your device before you start using it. Verizon Wireless has a toll-free number to contact for activation, but if need be, you can also activate your phone online through the following steps:

    i) Activate Verizon Phone Online

    If you want to activate your phone online, you’ll require to open a My Verizon account. When signing up for your Verizon service, you’ll create this account, so have your sign-in information intact.

    Step 1

    Go to ‘My Verizon Online’ Sign In Web page.

    Step 2

    Submit your user ID or cell phone number, input your password and click “Sign In” if you have already activated a Verizon Wireless account. If not, create a new account by tapping the “Register” button and following the prompts. Signing in to your account returns you to the My Verizon homepage.

    Step 3

    Click “Activate or Switch Device” in the “I Want To…” section

    Step 4

    Select a cell phone number from the provided list. Click“Next.” Verizon Wireless will assign the number to your phone.

    Step 5

    Submit your phone’s identification number in the New Device ID box. To get the identification number, switch off the phone, remove the battery and find a sticker under the battery. For most phones, the number come printed on the sticker.

    Step 6

    Click “Submit” to activate the phone.

    ii) Activate Verizon Phone Via The My Verizon App

    Apart from activating your phone from Verizon’s website, you can also activate your device through the company’s My Verizon smartphone app. The process includes:

    • Navigate to the My Verizon app on your cell phone.
    • Click Add device.
    • Click Activate a device I already own.
    • Choose the kind of device you’re adding.
    • Choose the operating system of your device.
    • Key in your device ID.

    iii) Activate Verizon Phone Using a Telephone

    If you arent comfortable activating your phone online or using the app, you can also activate it by phone call. You’ll require your SIM card, receipt, and phone at hand.

    1. Call (877) 807-4646 from any cell phone.
    2. Follow the activation prompts for your wireless service.
    3. Input the SIM card appropriately into your new device.
    4. Put on the battery.
    5. Fit the cover on the back of your device.
    6. Charge your device.

    What Phones Does Verizon Support

    Verizon operates on CDMA network technology. Therefore, most smartphones launched in the recent past work with any carrier, whether GSM or CDMA.

    However, if you don’t want to get tied into a contract, you can consider the prepaid Verizon phones. You might incur a little more for the device, but you’ll save a good amount with time because you’ll only pay for the texts, calls, and data that you utilize. You can find Verizon iphone deals for existing customers on this guideline.

    On the other hand, Verizon features monthly device payments that allow you to own the most current devices through small monthly payments over time rather than paying for its total cost all upfront. The program needs you to enter a device installment agreement to cover the cost for the device over 24 months until your device gets paid off.

    Verizon Wireless Cell Phone Plans

    Verizon Wireless provides some of the most potent unlimited plans with fantastic coverage, a high amount of hotspot data, and an increasingly 5G network that provides unprecedented speeds.

    On the downside, the cost of Verizon’s plans runs about $5 to $15 more compared to similar plans from its competitors. So, if you are searching for the best coverage and fast data speeds, then Verizon can be a good option.

    Immediately after choosing the perfect phone, pick from Verizon Wireless plans for your internet service. This carrier offers Verizon low-income internet, plus a variety of wireless plans that feature text, talk, data, and even hotspots for Verizon smartphones and tablets.

    Factors To Choose The Perfect Plan

    The following are crucial features to look for when selecting your next cell phone plan. They include:

    a) Data

    Your smartphone is of no importance if you don’t have enough high-speed data. Ensure you get the 4G LTE and 5G data that will be sufficient for gaming, work, streaming, scrolling, and any internet-related activities.

    b) Price

    You can get the best price available by comparing plans from a different carrier to get the one with the best offer.

    c) Coverage

    All the three major networks Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile, provide good 4G coverage in major cities. However, 5G coverage and rural coverage vary widely. You need to check on the carrier’s coverage maps to identify the best network in your area.

    d) Features

    Many plans feature tons of extra features such as HD video streaming, hotspot data, international benefits, etc. You must check-in details to see what a plan provides before you sign up.

    Verizon Bring Your Own Phone Program

    If you decide to switch to Verizon and tag along with your old phone, you need to ensure that your current device is one of the Verizon compatible phones and is unlocked to work with Verizon’s network. Fortunately, since most cell phones use SIM cards now, it’s easier to bring your own phone to Verizon.

    However, Verizon’s online tool is a faster and easier way to determine if your phone is compatible with Verizon’s network. You’ll require to give your phone’s IMEI by dialing *#06# on your device or going to the “About” section in your phone’s settings.

    How To Activate When You Switch and BYOP

    After picking your Verizon cell phone plan, activating your unlocked device on Verizon’s network should be straightforward. You need to have your old carrier account information to make porting your number a more straightforward process.

    To activate your cell phone, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Verizon’s BYOD activation page.
    2. Tap “Smartphone.”
    3. Input the model of your phone
    4. Choose where you bought your phone (carrier, retailer, etc.).
    5. Confirm if your previous SIM card ID is compatible with Verizon’s network.
    6. If not, get a Verizon SIM card to your cart.
    7. Select whether or not you require to keep your current number.
    8. Enter your current phone number.
    9. Select a Verizon phone plan.
    10. Proceed to checkout.

    Immediately you get your SIM card in the mail; you can proceed online to Verizon’s website and put your new SIM card number, which will add your SIM to your account. Then, insert your SIM card into your device and follow the instructions on your SIM to activate it.

    Verizon Cell Phones And Devices

    Verizon is the most prominent carrier in the US and immensely has excellent deals on the hottest flagship phones in the Verizon phone deals for existing customers. However, the best time to get an incredible deal on a new device is when you’re enrolling for a new plan. Verizon can surprise you with a great price on the latest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S21, Apple iPhone 12,  or Google Pixel 4a.

    Moreover, Verizon sells a variety of phones, starting from iPhone to Androids, top-of-the-line flagships to discounted budget devices. This carrier releases new and exciting deals often. You can get a discount on the cell phone through a series of promotional credits added to your monthly bill. However, it may take two years to accumulate all your savings, but it’s worth it when it’s about hundreds of dollars.

    Does Verizon Offer Trade-Ins on Device

    Sometimes, Verizon will allow for trade-in deals where you need to trade another phone to receive a discount on a given new phone. Most importantly, you need to understand that you can’t send in any old phone with these trade-in deals. Generally, your trade-in device must be:

    • In perfect working condition
    • Free from damage like scratches and screen cracks
    • Relatively new, you can’t trade in a non-smartphone or one from 10 years ago

    Bottom line

    Verizon is a leading carrier in connectivity and customer pool in the United States. Most customers wish to activate their phones on this network to enjoy the privilege of high internet speed and extensive connectivity. However, when you purchase Verizon phones online, the company ships the device to you unactivated.

    So, if you’re planning to sign up for a new service, choose the best cell phone plan that suits your budget, and choose whether to purchase a new device or bring your existing device to Verizon.