MetroPCS, now known as Metro by T-Mobile, is one of the small carriers highly recognized in the U.S. The company operates under T-Mobile and thus offers its customers the T-Mobile’s cheap but excellent 4G and 5G networks prepaid plans. Moreover, This carrier also offers free mobile phones such as the Samsung Galaxy A32 and LG Stylo 6. However, you can switch from MetroPCS to T-Mobile to get more similar mobile phone plans and deals.

    From MetroPCS, you also get some of the best iPhone deals. You can get a discount of $300 for the iPhone 13 from Metro when you trade in your old eligible cell phone. Additionally, if you do not have any device to trade in, it gives you a discount of $200 on iPhone 13 just by switching to Metro. However, with T-Mobile, you get better plans and deals from many plans to nationwide 5G network coverage.

    Interestingly, T-Mobile has gained top rankings with its unlimited cell phone plans. T-Mobile customers enjoy tons of advantages of free phones when they join the network. Before knowing if you can switch from MetroPCS to T-Mobile, it is essential to know more about T-Mobile cell phone plans and deals, among other services. This article will explain some of the services offered by T-Mobile.

    Switch From MetroPCS To T-Mobile – A Hassle Free Instructions

    You can switch to T-Mobile without any hassle. However, to successfully switch, you must end your service with MetroPCS and buy or bring your phone to a T-Mobile store and sign up for new service with the company. You can switch to T-Mobile by contacting its customer care at 1-800-937-8997 or visiting their stores.

    T-Mobile allows you to keep your existing number when you switch. You must have your ID, account number, and Passcode or password. However, to transfer your number, you must check if your current number is qualified for transfer to T-Mobile. If eligible, follow the on-screen instructions displayed for the transfer and let the company do the rest.

    Switch To T-Mobile – The Procedure

    T-Mobile network provider is known to provide excellent cell phone plans for new customers compared to other carriers. To enjoy its services, you can switch to their network using the following simple procedure.

    i) Choose a Plan

    T-Mobile provides a wide variety of plans, such as plans for veteran and Military customers, seniors aged 55 and above, and first responders. Therefore, you must choose a plan that only satisfies your needs.

    ii) Prepare to Switch

    There are some requirements that you will require to start the switching operation. They include:

    1. Your cell Phone model and type
    2. Name of the plan of your current provider
    3. Your account number and PIN or passcode
    4. Any credit locks that require clear

    iii) Purchase a Phone or Bring Your Own

    To enjoy the T-Mobile services, you may decide to buy a new cell phone or bring your own phone (BYOP), provided that it is unlocked and compatible with the network. After that, the company allows you to port in your existing number. To port in your current number, check the trade-in value of your existing digital device and back it up after selecting a new phone.

    iv) Switch to the Network

    After purchasing the phone and choosing your desired plan, you can now switch to the T-Mobile network by visiting their stores or reaching them at 1-800-937-8997. To get the T-Mobile store near you, use the store locator on their website.

    Benefits of Choosing the T-Mobile Network

    T-Mobile network provider is the only carrier that offers the lowest upfront cost on the latest high-tech digital devices without any overages on an award-winning nationwide 4G LTE network and no annual service contract.

    T-Mobile has the Magenta plans, which separate the cost of the cellular device from the cost of your phone service. From free phone when you switch to nationwide connectivity, T-Mobile is one of the companies recognized for good services. Some of the benefits that you will enjoy at T-Mobile include:

    i) High-Speed Data

    T-Mobile offers the fast 4G LTE network coverage to new and existing. The company also provides the latest and the fastest 5G network with high download and upload speeds. The two network technologies are best for gaming and streaming, among others.

    ii) Nationwide Coverage

    Since the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint cooperation, T-Mobile has expanded its 4G and 5G network connectivity across the U.S. The company has also increased the speed of the HSPA+ network to 42Mbps in almost 55 states in the U.S. T-Mobile is also planning to offer a mobile broadband dongle using the increased speed. The company has also merged with AT&T; therefore, their customers can enjoy extensive network services using the widespread AT&T towers.

    iii) Affordable Cell Phone Plans

    T-Mobile customers enjoy affordable unlimited talk, text, and data, free phones when you switch to T-Mobile, and whooping discounts on specific cell phone plans and deals.

    Can You Bring Your Phone To T-Mobile

    New customers can decide to buy new phones or use the T-Mobile bring your phone option when switching to the network. This is an affordable plan since I save you from the cost of purchasing new phones. However, for you to bring your device to the company, you must fulfill the following requirements.

    a) Ensure that your phone is unlocked

    Ensure that your device is not tied to operate to any specific network provider. If the phone is locked, contact your previous service provider for assistance.

    b) Confirm if your cell phone is compatible with T-Mobile.

    Use the IMEI checker available on T-Mobile’s website to confirm if your device is compatible with T-Mobile. If the IMEI checker displays a 15-digit number, the phone is compatible. Find your phone’s IMEI number by dialing *#06# from the phone’s settings or checking the battery’s backside.

    c) Buy a T-Mobile SIM card

    If your phone is unlocked and compatible with the network, you can proceed by purchasing a T-Mobile SIM card Kit that will allow you to connect to the network. After that, choose a mobile phone plan for the BYOP option that satisfies your needs.

    Final Words

    T-Mobile is one of the largest network providers based in the U.S. that is known to provide affordable and unlimited text, talk, and data and free mobile phones. The company provides the 4G and 5G nationwide network coverage using AT&T and its towers. Therefore, being one of the known carriers in the US, provided that your mobile phone is compatible, you can only enjoy all T-Mobile plans.