AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet avails high-speed Internet service to deserving rural households and small businesses. However, AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet can handle everyday Internet activities such as streaming HD video and music, social media, online gaming, web surfing, and email. The service is available for customers residing in select rural areas who can’t receive other forms of AT&T Internet service.

    Moreover, AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet works using an outdoor antenna, which connects to an indoor Wi-Fi gateway. AT&T will install wireless equipment and an antenna in your home to connect you. Interestingly, a professional installer will ensure sufficient signal strength at your location before installation. Notably, the download speeds of 25Mbps are typical, with a 350GB per month data allowance.

    Most importantly, the carrier can offer AT&T low-income internet service ideal for you with 99% reliability. AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet customers can enjoy download speeds of at least 10 Mbps and uploads speeds of about 1 Mbps. Besides, note that your speed can vary based on the number of devices used at a time, the area weather conditions, and possible signal obstructions.

    However, With 10Mbps Internet, You Can:

    • Connect multiple devices using wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi.
    • Stream music and video and connect on social networking.
    • Download 10 songs in 34 seconds or a 90-minute HD movie in under 53 minutes.

    How To Get AT&T Fixed Internet?

    If you want to install AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet, an AT&T expert will come to assess your home or business and check if it is eligible for the service. However, if your home or business qualifies, an installer will come and install an outdoor antenna plus an indoor Wi-Fi Gateway. After installation completes, you can access the internet.

    In short, AT&T wireless provider will connect you to high-speed internet through two easy steps. First, you need to install an outdoor antenna that connects to the nearest cell tower to achieve a solid and reliable signal. Next, you need an indoor Wi-Fi Gateway router to connect to Wi-Fi on your mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

    Then, after the equipment gets set up, you can enjoy a monthly data allowance of 350GB for internet consumption, with additional data available to buy if you exceed the data allotment. Whether operating a small business or downloading and streaming at home, AT&T avails download speeds of at least 10Mbps, upload speeds of at least 1Mbps, and 350GB of data allowance per month.

    Pros of AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet

    • It’s easier to set up the equipment required for fixed wireless internet than other broadband services since it doesn’t need any physical cables or much hassle.
    • Unlike traditional internet services, fixed wireless internet usually involves very high caps (350GB or more for AT&T) or no caps. Besides, it offers high download speeds than other broadband services.
    • You don’t require a cell phone plan to sign up for fixed wireless internet. In this case, you can sign up for a plan from AT&T that works independently of your mobile service.


    • AT&T fixed wireless internet connection is not stable. Rain, fog, and other weather elements can affect its strength.

    How Reliable is AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet?

    AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet

    You can expect speeds of about 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload. Customers typically access download speeds of 25Mbps.

    However, data speeds vary depending on various factors:

    • In-home Wi-Fi isn’t reliable as a wired connection to your Home Wi-Fi Gateway. You can use a wired (Ethernet) connection for outstanding results.
    • Multiple devices using your internet connection can slow your internet speed.
    • Internet speed gets affected by factors that include interference from trees, weather, buildings, hills, etc., and network capacity.

    How is AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet vs. AT&T Wireless Internet?

    Generally, AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet and AT&T Wireless Internet offer internet access. However, AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is a fixed, non-movable service designed to utilize a professionally mounted outdoor wireless antenna to give a traditional fixed internet service to specific rural areas. While on the other hand, AT&T Wireless Internet is a mobile service available within the AT&T wireless coverage area that offers internet using a small desktop device.

    What Are The Best AT&T Deals for Customers?

    AT&T has great deals for customers, including DirecTV packages for existing customers and discounts on unlimited military data plans, teachers, doctors, and nurses. Additionally, you can get bill credits when you purchase a new phone and trade-in your current device.

    On the other hand, AT&T provides several fantastic phone deals, including deals where you can obtain a new phone with zero dollars for an eligible trade-in. This deal applies to everyone, whether you are a new customer switching from another carrier or you’re already an AT&T existing customer.

    On top of that, AT&T provides multiple discounts, such as special discounts for teachers, doctors, active-duty military, veterans, nurses, and first responders. Besides, several deals are set aside for some students, AARP members, union members, and more as part of the AT&T Signature Program.

    What is AT&T Fiber Internet?

    Fiber broadband, also known as Fiber internet, is an internet service provided over fiber optic cable. This form of internet is different from traditional cable internet, which transfers information by sending data using copper wires.

    Additionally, Fiber can transmit data at high speeds compared to DSL or cable-based internet. In general, AT&T Fiber now provides the fastest internet service of any significant provider, with speeds of up to 5 GIGs.

    Therefore, to avail of this level of service, AT&T Fiber provides five plans, including Internet 300, Internet 500, Internet 1000, 2 GIG Internet, and 5 GIG Internet, plus AT&T low-income cable tv package for eligible households.

    i) AT&T FIBER 300Mbps speed

    The above plan costs $55 per month plus taxes


    • 300Mbps uniform upload and download speeds
    • Fast online speeds for bigger family
    • 15x faster upload speeds than cable
    • Connect 10+ devices at once
    • AT&T Active Armor SM internet security included

    ii) AT&T FIBER 500Mbps speed

    This plan goes for $65 per month plus taxes


    • 500Mbps uniform upload and download speeds
    • Faster speed and more bandwidth
    • 20x faster upload speeds than cable
    • It supports more devices and users
    • AT&T Active Armor SM internet security included

    iii) AT&T FIBER Up to 1 GIG speed

    The above plan goes for $80 per month plus taxes.


    • Up to 1 GIG upload and download speeds
    • Fastest speed for smart homes
    • 25x faster upload speeds than cable
    • Ultra-low lag for pro-level gaming
    • AT&T Active Armor SM internet security included
    • HBO Max™ included for $14.99 per month

    What Are AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet reviews?

    AT&T provides only one type of fixed wireless plan those costs $59.99 per month plus taxes when bundled with a qualifying postpaid AT&T wireless plan. Besides, it packs a minimum monthly data allowance of 1GB, and you must maintain the bundled services to get the advertised pricing.

    However, standalone pricing goes for $69.99 per month with no contract,  no bundle. You can go to website to see the current AT&T fixed wireless internet deals.


    • Typical download speeds of 25Mbps.
    • Upload speeds at 1Mbps.
    • Connect multiple devices at once.
    • 350GB/month of data cap, overage charges apply
    • Wi-Fi Gateway router to connect your devices.

    Fixed Wireless Internet + Directv

    You can look at the at&t internet and tv bundle if you want to combine your monthly bill for your internet and tv packages. However, the above bundling option is $134.98 per month plus taxes.


    • Typical download speeds of 25Mbps.
    • Upload speeds at 1Mbps.
    • Connect multiple devices at once.
    • 350GB per month of data cap, overage charges apply.
    • Provides a Wi-Fi Gateway router to connect your devices.
    • Has more than 160 tv channels.
    • SHOWTIME, Cinemax, STARZ, and EPIX included for the first three months

    How To Choose The Right AT&T Fixed Internet?

    Below is a quick trip to assist you in deciding if AT&T fixed internet is right for you.

    1) Speed

     At about 25 Mbps, AT&T’s data speeds are decent. However, there may be much faster rural service providers based on your location.

    2) Prices and plans

     AT&T only provides one plan, which offers you 350 GB of data at 10 to 25 Mbps speeds. However, the price goes from $69.99 or $59.99 if you have an eligible cell phone plan.

    3) Data Caps

    AT&T’s fixed internet provides a 350 GB data cap. You’ll get charged $10 for every 50 GB consumed if you go beyond the cap.

    4) Contracts, Equipment, and Fees

    You’ll require some special equipment to install fixed internet service, but it’s free (after a $99 installation fee).

    Bottom Line

    AT&T Internet is best rated in customer satisfaction; hence, quality services get guaranteed. AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet represents a wireless internet service provided for customers residing in select rural areas who cannot obtain a traditional AT&T Internet service. However, you need to install your wireless equipment and an antenna to get started.