The AT&T Directv Packages for Existing Customers

Despite the rise in online-based streaming services, satellites are still widely considered by millions of Americans to offer entertainment services. DIRECTV is seen to be one of the largest satellite TV service providers in the US. Under a T&T, DIRECTV has seen media advancements in technology, which has also led to increased consumer usage. DIRECTV is popularly known in the North American continent, where AT&T runs 12 satellite users to get stable broadband connectivity. The AT&T DIRECTV packages for existing customers are a great option in which users may get affordable deals and discounts on the plans.

Since the acquisition of DirectTV by AT&T, we have seen some significant changes in the type of services offered by the network. DirectTV has improved TV services across the country since they offer high-quality TV stations that broadcast shows at HD quality. AT&T deals for existing customers are also seen to offer exciting discounts if you have a direct TV plan.

Direct TV has 12 satellites distributed mainly in the North American area ends users get stable coverage. However, broadband services are pretty standard in urban areas with limited satellite connectivity capacity. These areas also leverage AT&T TV, a subsidiary of AT&T but offer a different network stack from Direct TV.

 This article aims to provide insights on the best at&t DirecTV packages for existing customers. We will look at how to apply for AT&T Direct TV and the components required to get started. The following section will cover the best AT&T Direct TV deals for existing customers. If you’re looking to get a free Direct TV package, this article will provide more insight on how you can do it using the emergency broadband benefit program. Let’s get started.

How to apply for AT&T DirecTV packages for existing customers?

 Applying for AT&T DIRECTV packages is a very straightforward process that involves several procedures. The process is done online, and applying online is the recommended option since it takes a short time.

Step 1: Create Online Account

An online DIRECTV account is required to get started with the service. The account will help you by providing an application form and tracking your order. Creating an account requires you to have an email address and password, which will be used to access it. It only takes a few minutes. Once you have the account.

Step 2: Select Programming language

Here you will select the type of language you wish to receive based on your TV stations. Most people use English as their standard language, but other languages like Spanish, French, and much more. Choose one that suits you and your family.

Step 3: Select desired package

This step involves you deciding the type of package you want. You can evaluate it based on your budget, the difference between watching TV stations like football, and much more. Later in the article, we will cover some of the best packages you can consider.

Step 4: Select any special offers

Once you have selected the desired package, you may choose any special offers under this section. Here you may find discounts and promotions on selected plans. Special offers may also include free upgrades to a higher Package or free installation, and much more.

Step 5: Select the number of TVs

This section requires you to evaluate the number of TVs in your homestead or the ones required to use the package. It will also be used to evaluate the total pricing of the package you choose.

Step 6: Select the desired equipment

Once you have the number of devices, there are several pieces of equipment that you can choose from. Here evaluate the best equipment which will work with your TV seamlessly. It is also recommended to read customer reviews and find out which equipment is the best and which ones are faulty or tend to have issues from time to time.

Step 7: Fill out your personal information

Once you’re done, fill out personal information like your address, building, and any other relevant information that will aid in installing the equipment. This information will also be used in the future in case you wish to get another DIRECTV package.

It entailed submitting an order and taking your email for confirmation. Once confirmed, the order takes 1-2 business; this is the process, and you will receive a confirmation email once everything is ready. A DIRECTV agent will call you to schedule installation time once everything is on track.

Which is the best AT&T Direct TV for existing customers?

At&t directv packages for existing customers

  There are several at&t DirecTV packages for existing customers, and the best ones include:

1) The Essentials

It is an excellent plan if you’re looking for entertainment services. It costs $64.99/mo, and the pricing is inclusive of taxes and any fees. You also get discounts if you opt for autopay and paperless billing.

The service offers 160 plus HD channels, which offer various streaming services from news to entertainment. You also get 45,000+ on-demand titles which come in several gens to accommodate all users. Other benefits include Showtime, Starz, Cinemax & EPIX, which are for the first three months. This offer applies to new customers. However, old customers may be subjected to pay between 5 to $10 a month for such service.


This is the package that offers sports-oriented streaming services. It costs $69.99/mo, inclusive of taxes and any fees for up to 12 months, after which the praise is subjected to change.

The plan comes with 185+ channels and has 50,000 on-demand titles, which maximize the entertainment aspect of DIRECTV. The plan offers the NFL Sunday Ticket for the 2021 games. Included in the package are HBO marks, Showtime, Cinemax, and EPIX.


Looking for a package that offers sports, news, and movies, this is the recommended package. It goes for $89.99/MO for up to 12 months, after which the price is subjected to change. If you do not opt for paperless billing, you may be required to pay a higher price. The regional sports fee is one of the extra services that go for $9.99/mo.

This package comes with 250 + channels that offer HD quality shows, news, and other TV-related products. You also get 60,000+ on-demand titles, and they keep on being updated from time to time to ensure the user is entertained. These titles also include classic TV shows and movies. The 2021 NFL Sunday ticket is included in this package giving the user maximum benefits for paying for the ultimate package, and there are no extra costs.

Users who have AT&T prepaid phones Walmart May benefit from the streaming services offered for free of us three months. These streaming services come from HBO Max, epics, and Cinemax. After three months, you may be subjected to pay between $5 to $14/mo.


DIRECTV offers this premium package and includes everything from the other packages mentioned earlier and much more. It costs $134.99/mo in this pricing includes taxes and any fees. You also get discounts when you opt for paperless billing and autopay. Regional sports fees come to around $9.99/mo, exempting from the Premier pricing.

users get up to 330+ channels with varying shows ranging from sports, comedy shows, entertainment, live shows, and much more. 70,000+ on-demand titles are included in the package that allows users to watch TV shows and movies based on different genres. Included in this package is NFL Sunday live ticket for the 2021 games. HBO Max, STARZ, SHOWTIME on Cinemax is included in the package at no extra cost.

If you are an existing customer, these plans listed here may not be new, but you can consider them if you wish to do an upgrade or downgrade. The packages come with other costs like the $19.95 activation fee. There is an early termination fee of $20 per month for each month remaining on the agreement. Additional fees may apply depending on the services you wish to get or change in terms of service.

Can I get a free AT&T DirecTV packages for existing customersn?

Users may get a free Direct TV package if they meet the underlying requirements based on qualifying through income or participation in a federal assistance program.

The application process may be done via an emergency broadband benefit program that connects users to such programs, between 24 to 48 powers for the applications to be approved. If you qualify, an emergency broadband benefit program will be issued to the voter redeemed on the DIRECTV package. However, you may be subjected to pay for installation fees and activation charges.

Bottom line

The AT&T DirecTV packages for existing customers offer a wide range of benefits and are pretty affordable compared to other networks. The application process for these packages is relatively straightforward, and it is recommended to turn online since you get feedback faster.

Users may also consider getting the package for free if they are of low income or participated in a federal assistance program. The AT&T mobile hotspot unlimited plan can be a great option to leverage on streaming services offered by this package.