If you want to experience the best Boost Mobile cell phone service, you’ll first require to have a phone. However, you can decide to bring your own phone to the plan or buy a new phone via the Boost Mobile store. On the other hand, you can use boost mobile swap phones if you want to transfer services to your latest phone. Once you swap your phone, the next step is to activate your cell phone.

    In this case, you can get ready by following the steps of the activation process on Boost Mobile’s website. You can also subscribe to a plan from Boost Mobile at one of their authorized retail stores. Boost Mobile features over 500 locations across the country, and consequently, if you decide to sign up for a Boost Mobile plan in person, you can visit an authorized retail associate.

    However, whether you want to boost mobile bring your own phone, or switch mobile phones on your Boost Mobile account, you must confirm that your device is unlocked. The next step is to insert the current Sim card into your new device. Afterward, you need to activate your new cell phone with the Boost Mobile network.

    About Boost Mobile

    After the T-Mobile and Sprint merger, Boost Mobile became a part of Dish Network. However, Boost Mobile operates as an MVNO, also known as Mobile Virtual Network Operator, under the T-Mobile network and participates in the boost mobile lifeline program.

    In other words, Boost Mobile does not have its own signal towers infrastructure, but the company uses the network of larger carriers. Additionally, understand the following about this carrier:

    • Boost Mobile is a contract-free carrier.
    • The company has 99% nationwide coverage.
    • They provide unlimited talk, data, and text.
    • Their plans also feature a mobile hotspot.
    • Their plans include unlimited music streaming with no data charges.
    • Boost Mobile provides a diverse selection of the newest phones from the renowned manufacturer at relatively affordable prices.

    Boost Perks include:

    • Special Deals for new and existing customers
    • Exclusive Perks
    • Chances to Win VIP Experiences and privileges

    How To install or Swap a SIM Card in Your Boost Mobile Phone

    Step 1: Switch Off Your Phone

    Keep your cell phone switched off until you get to Step 4 of this guide.

    Step 2: Find Your Phone’s SIM

    Search for the cell phone SIM tray (typically embedded on the side of the phone or under the battery). Insert a paper clip or a SIM remover tool into the SIM tray pot. Push gently until the tray opens.

    Step 3: Identify and Insert New SIM

    Keenly note the sitting position of your SIM in the tray and then eject it out. Find the SIM card included in the package and compare if the current SIM on the card corresponds to the size of your phone. Take out the right fit size on the SIM card and put the new SIM into the tray.

    How To Swap A Boost Mobile Phone?

    Before you begin the phone swap process, there are critical things that you should get ready. First, you will require the cell phone’s serial number, which is usually located on the original packaging box or at the back of the cell phone behind the battery.

    Next, you will also require the device’s phone number you want to swap and your account PIN. If you have to get ready the above things, you can proceed with the transfer. Moreover, there is a simple procedure to transfer your Boost services to a new cell phone, and it includes the following steps:

    1) Check If Your Cell Phone Is Unlocked

    You must unlock the device you want to use with Boost Mobile Simcard. Also, you will require an unlocked device if you want to swap boost mobile compatible phones. If you want to confirm your cell phone is unlocked, you can insert a different phone from another carrier and see if it will work.

    2) Switch off the cell phone

    After confirming the new Boost Mobile device, you want to swap is unlocked, ensure the old device you are currently using gets turned off. This step is helpful to prevent the network from detecting it. Remove Boost Mobile Simcard from the device once you switch it off.

    3) Put the Simcard into the new Boost Mobile Swap Phone.

    Using the Simcard you ejected from your old phone, insert it into the new, unlocked cell phone you want to use with Boost Mobile services.

    4) Activate the Boost Mobile Swap Cell Phone

    Immediately you insert the Simcard into the new phone and turn it on. However, you will realize that it has no signal reception, so you’ll have to activate it.

    Boost Mobile Phone Activation Tips

    If you are bringing your mobile phone to Boost, you can get boost mobile new customer deals. However, ensure you observe the following before you begin the activation process:

    • Request your current provider to unlock your cell phone to qualify for activation with Boost.
    • If you decide to transfer your current number to Boost, you will need to collect your account number and a number port in PIN from your current provider. (Also, your current account must remain active and paid in full to bring your number.) Do not terminate with your current provider before you fully activate with Boost.
    • Locate your IMEI number for iOS: Go to Settings > open General > then About.
    • For Android: Proceed to Settings > About phone or dial *#060#

    How Do You Activate Boost Mobile Swap Phone?

    You can activate a phone under the Boost Mobile network in two ways:

    i) Activation through Boosts Customer Service

    If you opt for this mode of cell phone activation, you need to follow these steps:

    • Call Boost Mobile’s customer support number
    • Choose option 3 for account changes
    • Then, choose option 2 for swap phone or phone swap
    • Follow the prompts that the voice command will direct you to do

    2) Activation Through the Online Method

    You can activate your new phone or boost your mobile replacement phone by following the online method. Below are the tricks you need to follow:

    • Open Boost Mobile Website
    • Tap on the Activate a New Device or Existing Customer
    • Select the options depending on your current situation and tap continue
    • Then, follow the onscreen instructions to proceed with the process until your device activates.

    What You Need Before Switching to Boost Mobile

    Boost Mobile is a contract-free carrier, and it has no special requirements. Essentially, you must select a prepaid plan option that matches your need. Then, you also require a device to use with that plan. You can either bring your own device or purchase one of their devices.

    If you decide to enjoy the company’s services through Boost Mobile’s, Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) option, you will be required to check the compatibility by getting your device’s IMEI or ESN number by dialing *#06#. Then, proceed to Boost Mobile’s “Bring Your Own Phone” page.

    On that page, input your IMEI/device ID number. If you decide to use a new Boost Mobile cell phone, you require money to purchase it, or you may subscribe to boost mobile plans with free phones, a special deal that provides a free phone to new customers.

    Most importantly, you’ll have to purchase a new SIM card if you Bring Your Own Phone from a non-Boost Mobile wireless provider. Your new Boost Mobile SIM card, upon activation, will enable you to enjoy the Boost Mobile network.

    How To Bring Your Number to Boost?

    When transferring your number to Boost Mobile service, navigate to activate and choose ‘keep existing number.’ You do not require to contact your previous provider; Boost Mobile will do that on your behalf. Thus, ensure that you enter your details, including name, DOB, phone, or account number, correctly as it is with your existing provider so that the transfer gets processed quickly as possible.

    Nevertheless, keep your old SIM in your current cell phone until you’ve completed the activation. You will receive an SMS to verify you have access to the phone number transferred to your old phone. However, your number should be active on Boost Mobile within 4 to 24 hours after activating.

    Bottom line

    Boost Mobile is a prepaid MVNO that offers customers the option to swap cell phones and use the current device on its network. Besides, you can choose the ‘Bring Your Own Phone option if you’d love to keep your existing device.

    Additionally, you must ensure that your mobile phone is compatible and unlocked with Boost Mobile services before swapping and using it with its SIM card. You need to obtain a CDMA-compatible cell phone to use Boost Mobile’s CDMA network.