There are over a hundred mobile phone network providers in the US, and T-Mobile is one of the three largest carriers including Verizon and AT&T companies. T-Mobile is a Mobile Network Operator, providing wireless voice, messaging, and data services at affordable prices. The company is known to provide excellent T-Mobile new customer deals, affordable plans, and other services. The company also offers free mobile phones and tablets.

    The customers enjoy access to nationwide 4G LTE and 5G network, unlimited talk, text, and cell phone data. Additionally, the company participates in the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) initiated by the federal government to offer free wireless services and devices such as T-Mobile free tablet through Metro by T-Mobile. Additionally, the company offers many attractive smartphone deals and special offers on smartwatches and tablets.

    Through the ACP program, eligible low-income households can access free or discounted internet connectivity, free smartphones, and tablets. More about the ACP program is discussed in the article. Moreover, the article talks about the services that T-Mobile provides and the deals offered by the company to new customers.

    Things To Know Before Subscribing To T-Mobile Network

    T-Mobile is one of the network providers in the US, offering the best network services to customers. Apart from the unlimited talk, text, and cell phone data and free phone when you switch to T-Mobile, new customers enjoy other benefits of subscribing to the carrier, such as;

    i) Nationwide Coverage

    T-Mobile has its towers spread in almost all states in the US, thus providing nationwide coverage of up to 55% of the US landmass. This is possible since it has increased the speed of the HSPA+ network to 42Mbps in almost 55 states in the US. 

    ii) Super-high Data Caps

    Their mobile phone plans come with unlimited high-speed data with a high-speed data cap. If you go past the limit of your data cap, data speeds reduce. Through its mid-tier Magenta plan, T-Mobile provides unlimited data with a data cap of 100 GB per month.

    iii) Fastest Data Speeds

    Research shows that T-Mobile has the fastest data speeds in the US country. This is good for gaming, streaming, or generally working on your phone. Combined with high data caps, the 4G high-speed data makes T-Mobile a powerful carrier for new customers who want high performance over all other services. Additionallythe company provides the latest and fastest 5G network with the fastest average 5G download speed of 135.17 Mbps and the highest average customer time connected to 5G.

    iv) Wide Selection of Mobile Phones

    T-Mobile offers different brands of cell phones, from iOS to android operated digital devices. The company provides Samsung, iPhones, Nokia X2, Motorola, Google Pixel, REVVL V, OnePlus, etc. It is the only company that offers Sidekick; therefore, T-Mobile is one of the most diverse mobile phone network providers in cell phone technology.

    T-Mobile Phone Plans For Customers

    The company is known to provide T-Mobile bring your own phone (BYOP) plan for new customers who do not wish to purchase new cell phones. New customers who use the BYOP option when switching to the network get a whopping discount of up to $800. T-Mobile provides three basic plans with excellent data suitable for new and existing customers. The T-Mobile plans are the Essential Plan, Magenta Plan and Magenta Max Plan.

    i) Essential Plan 

    The plan is offered at $30 per month per line. For an additional maximum of 3 lines, a customer will have to pay $90 per month, plus it is tax-free. The Essential Plan comes with –

    • Unlimited talk, text, & smartphone data on T-Mobile network
    • 5G access at no extra cost
    • Best-in-wireless scam protection
    • Unlimited texting abroad
    • SD streaming
    • A dedicated customer care team
    • Free stuff every week
    • Talk, text, & 2G data in Mexico & Canada
    • 3G mobile hotspot data

    ii) Magenta Plan

    T-Mobile customers get this plan at $40 per line per month. Pricing for three lines with AutoPay is $120 with 3rd line free. The plan also includes taxes & other fees. To purchase this plan or get more information about it, visit T-Mobile. This plan comes with –

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • Premium Data of 100GB
    • Unlimited 5G & 4G LTE data on T-Mobile network
    • Netflix Basic: 1 Screen SD (for 2+ line accounts)
    • Taxes & fees included
    • Mobile hotspot data of 5GB with Unlimited 3G speeds
    • Unlimited SD video streaming
    • Extended Range 5G
    • Ultra-Capacity 5G

    iii) Magenta Max Plan

    A customer can get this plan at only $47 per line per month. Moreover, customers who wish for more lines can purchase additional three lines with an AutoPay at $120 per month plus taxes and fees. Magenta Max plan offers –

    • Unlimited talk & text
    • Unlimited Premium Data                              
    • Netflix Basic: 1 Screen SD with 1 line
    • Unlimited 5G & 4G LTE data on our network
    • Netflix Standard: 2 Screen HD (for 2+ line accounts)
    • Taxes & fees included   
    • Mobile hotspot data for 40GB of high-speed data, which uses unlimited 3G speeds
    • Unlimited 4k UHD video streaming          
    • Extended Range 5G        
    • Ultra-Capacity 5G

    T-Mobile Deals For New Customer

    T-Mobile offers the best data plans and mobile phone deals compared to other mobile phone service providers, from T-Mobile’s affordable connectivity program, and affordable plans to the cheapest and free mobile phone services. The Affordable Connectivity Program is a federal government program, just like the Lifeline program entitled to provide free or highly discounted mobile phone services to low-income individuals.

    Some of the T-Mobile new customer deals include:

    i) iPhone Deals

    The company provides the most affordable 5G enabled iPhone for new customers. The iPhone mobile plans come with 24 monthly bill credits when a customer trades in a qualifying digital device. However, some iPhones, such as iPhone 13, do not require trade-in.

    The T-Mobile iPhone deals for new customers offer the buy one get one (BOGO) free deal plan that enables new customers to get $700 off when they purchase one iPhone 13 series cell phone through 24 monthly bill credits when you switch to the network by activating more than two new lines.

    The iPhone devices that the company provides include:

    • iPhone 12/ 12 Mini/ 12 Pro
    • iPhone 13/ 13 Pro/ 13 Pro Max

    These mobile phone deals are available in the stores & can also be purchased by calling on the customer service line at +18554808520. However, the company requires a $30 assisted or upgrade support charge. To find more deals on iPhones, customers can visit T-Mobile Offers.

    ii) Samsung Deals

    New customers of T-Mobile can get Samsung Galaxy S22+ for free and up to $1,000 through 24 monthly bill credits when you trade in an eligible digital gadget. A free phone of Samsung can also be received if the new customer switches to an eligible T-Mobile for business unlimited rate plan. However, for a customer who cancels the plan before the 24 credits bill, credits stop, balance on the required finance agreement may be due. To pay, contact customer care.

    You can also get FREE Galaxy S21 128GB when you add an extra line on a qualifying Business Unlimited Advanced or Ultimate rate plan as a new customer. This plan comes with no extra charge for a 5G network. The customers also enjoy excellent performance on the go when using unlimited cell phone data for $10 per month. The plan also provides a free Samsung Tab A7 Lite when adding an extra qualifying line.

    Samsung phones that the company offer include:

    • Samsung Galaxy S22 Series
    • Galaxy S20 FE
    • Samsung Galaxy S21 series
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3

    The company provides these Samsung Galaxy phones in their physical stores and online shop website. New costumers can visit the T-Mobile website at T-Mobile business offers to get more deals on Samsung Galaxy mobile phones.

    iii) OnePlus Phone Deals

    T-Mobile offers 5G OnePlus mobile phones at a very affordable price. For example, new customers can purchase OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro at only $99.00. The company also provides the buy one get one free deal on new OnePlus cell phones. Customers are allowed to buy the OnePlus mobile phones via 24 monthly bill credits when you add a new line on an eligible plan. These mobile phones are available at the company’s stores.

    Some of the OnePlus mobile phones that T-Mobile offers include:

    • OnePlus 9 5G and 9 Pro
    • OnePlus Nord N200 5G

    iv) Google Pixel Phone Deals

    The company has been offering hot and heavy deals on the Google Pixel promotions with some excellent Google Pixel deals that include a Pixel 6, which is entirely free when you trade in a qualifying digital device. New customers may also get up to $600 off a Google Pixel 6 Pro with trade-in. New customers also get up to $300 off when they purchase a Google Pixel 6 Via 24 monthly bill credits using the trade-in option of an eligible digital device.

    The best part of this mobile phone is that you can back up your phone details to the available 500GB of Google One Cloud Storage for just $5 per month. Additionally, T-Mobile provides the Google Pixel 6 mobile phones for only $99. However, there are some requirements for this plan which include;

    • You have to buy a new Google Pixel 6 with a monthly payment plan and pay the applicable sales tax on the pre-credit price.
    • The customers must then add an extra new service line on a qualifying plan.

    The plan allows you to receive $500.99 back through the 24 monthly bill credits. Check out the latest promotions on Google phones offered by T-Mobile.

    Final Words

    T-Mobile is one of the mobile network operators in America that offers the best t-mobile phones deals and plans. It is among the largest carriers; therefore, it is known to offer cheap cell phone deals.

    It is one of the network providers offering unlimited text, talk, and cell phone data at affordable prices to both new and existing customers. The company also provides the BYOP option to new customers, provided they have T-Mobile compatible cell phones.