Verizon is the top carrier in the United States. It provides a variety of Verizon internet deals for new customers featuring different internet plans. The internet plans feature the flexibility to easily upgrade whenever you require more bandwidth to add more devices. You can take advantage of special discounts when you enroll in a Verizon internet plan or bundle it with TV and phone services.

    Most importantly, Verizon customers with an unlimited wireless plan or Fios Gigabit connection plan can save $10 per month when pairing with any other internet or wireless plan. Additionally, you can receive a $10 monthly rebate towards your next phone or tablet purchase. Verizon Fios provides customizable TV and internet bundles for new customers accompanied by free subscriptions and other add-ons. 

    You can find Verizon fixed wireless internet that enables you to stream, game, and watch some of your favorite shows. Check hundreds of movies and series you can stream or download with a multi-room DVR-enhanced service that works seamlessly with Netflix and Amazon’s Alexa.

    About Verizon Internet-Only New Customer Deals

    Occasionally, new Verizon Fios customers can receive the Disney Bundle (Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+) for 12 months free when they enroll in the Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection plan. Additionally, you can enjoy six months of the Disney Bundle if you pick another Verizon Fios plan. 

    When you purchase the Verizon Fios Gigabit Connection plan, you will get a $100 Verizon Gift Card and 2 TB of Verizon Cloud storage. Besides, you will also get $300 off the Stream TV Soundbar featuring audio by Bang & Olufsen, plus a free Whole-Home Wi-Fi router and Wi-Fi extender.

    Moreover, consider Verizon 5G Home Internet instead if you’re after Verizon internet plans. You can receive half of the monthly price by enrolling for select 5G mobile plans. You can also get Disney+ for free for one full year and two free months of Sling TV. Currently, Verizon is availing new 5G Home Internet customers’ first month of service completely free.

    On the same note, potential Verizon High-Speed Internet customers may get savings through bundling their internet plan, Verizon home phone service, plus the Verizon High-Speed Internet and Freedom Essentials bundle for $74.99 per month.

    Best Verizon Internet Deals For New Customers

    Whether you’re looking after Verizon wireless small business plans, chasing after a fast internet-only plan, or huge savings on a bundle deal, Verizon offers some of the best new customer internet deals. There are no extra fees, no annual contracts, and no surprises. However, new customers can get the following when they enroll for either Verizon Fios or Verizon 5G Home Internet:

    Verizon Fios Internet Deals

    New customers will receive a monthly discount off of a qualifying Fios Home Internet service:

    • $5 off/month on 200 Mbps
    • $5 off/month on 400 Mbps
    • $10 off/month on Gigabit Connection

    Fios Internet:

    i) 300Mbps up from 200 Mbps for $34.99/month 

    • Save $10 per month with Unlimited Wireless 
    • 300 Mbps Up from 200 Mbps
    • Stream and download movies, shows, and photos.
    • $34.99 Per month w/ Auto Pay + taxes and equipment. Charges.
    • Order online to save $99 Setup Charge.
    • Disney Bundle for six months

    ii) 500Mbps up from 400 Mbps for $59.99/month 

    • Save $10/month with Unlimited WirelessGreat for multiple users, binge streaming, and sharing large files.
    • $59.99 Per month w/ Auto Pay + taxes and equipment. Charges.
    • Order online to save $99 Setup Charge.
    • Disney Bundle for six months

    iii) Gigabit Connection for $79.99/month 

    Ideal for a virtually seamless entertainment experience. Up to 940/880 Mbps

    • Save $20 per month with Unlimited Wireless
    • Disney Bundle for 12 months6
    • $300 off Stream TV Soundbar7
    • Whole-Home Wi-Fi coverage included
    • Router Rental Included
    • 2TB Verizon Cloud storage included
    • $100 Verizon Gift Card

    Verizon 5G Home Internet Deals


    • 50% off 5G Home Internet with select 5G mobile plans
    • Free Verizon Stream TV device
    • $300 off Stream TV Soundbar by Bang & Olufsen
    • The free first month of 5G Home Internet
    • Free Disney+ for 12 months
    • Free Sling TV Blue or Orange for two months or a credit of $35 per month

    Procedure to Receive the Best Verizon Internet Deal

    The following are some general tricks to keep in mind when choosing  Verizon internet deals:

    • Consider the speed you want. Check what you utilize your internet for and how many users you have on your internet plan. If you have many heavy internet users in your home, you will require a higher internet speed. If you have few users in your home who utilize the internet casually, you should consider a lower internet speed.
    • Package your Verizon services. You can combine your TV, internet and home plans. There is a considerable discount if you bundle home or mobile phone service.
    • Buy your own wireless router. Getting your own router and equipment saves installation and up to $20 per month in rental fees.
    • Opt for self-installation. Based on the connection type you opt for, you can choose to install your service yourself and save yourself up to $99.

    Is Verizon Have Any Other Discounts

    Verizon Fios provides discounts between $5 and $15 off per month on select plans to eligible first responders and the military. The discounts on Verizon low-income internet are also available to low-income households who qualify for other government-supported programs. However:

    • Verizon gives discounted internet service to military and veteran business owners who avail proof of eligibility. The active-duty and veteran military are also eligible for discounted wireless service.
    • Firefighters, EMS workers, retirees, police, volunteers, and immediate family of servicemen fallen in the line of duty may get up to $10 off Verizon Fios internet service upon providing proof of eligibility.
    • Verizon participates in the Verizon affordable connectivity program, which provides affordable broadband for qualifying low-income customers.

    Verizon Wireless Promotions, Deals and  Offers

    First, to qualify for Verizon phone deals for existing customers, your account must be current and not past due. Your promo credit automatically stops if the deal’s eligibility requirements are no longer attainable, even if you didn’t receive the full credit.

    However, suppose the deal needs you to buy your new device on a device payment agreement, to receive the total promo value. In that case, you must continue device payments until completing your device payment agreement term.

    On the other hand, if the promotion requires you to be on a particular monthly mobile plan and later change that plan before receiving all the promo credits, the credits will stop.

    Verizon Wireless Free Phone Offers

    Through Verizon deals for new customers, you can get your next phone, now free when you switch or add a new line with no trade-in required. Verizon Wireless free phone deals avail a great selection of free phones at You can choose among Apple, Alcatel,  LG, and Samsung smartphones. 

    Alternatively, you can also bring your device and get Verizon’s best deals.

    i) Check compatibility

    Find your IMEI number in your device settings to check if you’re compatible with our network.

    ii) Select a plan

    From families to gamers and more, Verizon has a cell phone plan for you with the best offers and features.

    iii) Complete your order

    Activate your eSIM compatible device immediately or receive a free SIM card for your mobile device.

    Final Words

    If you decide to switch your current cellular carrier, you should consider Verizon as your next wireless provider. Verizon always has frequent offers and promotions on the internet and devices. The offers apply to new and existing customers. However, new Verizon customers will interact with numerous deals on internet options, including 5G home internet and Fios high-speed internet.