Optimum is a telecommunication company that provides TV, Internet, Mobile, and Home phone services. It serves New Jersey, New York, Connecticut Tri-State area, and North Carolina. The company is among the largest cable internet providers in the country, and the Optimum brand is a product of Altice USA and started its operations in 1970. The company’s headquarters are at Long Island City, in New York. You will know about Optimum internet plans for senior citizens shortly. 

    Senior citizens are those people of retirement age or those who have reached age 62 or older. The age can vary from country to country, but the standard age for seniors in the US is 65 years. The seniors do not have enough energy to work and sometimes require a little help to keep their lives moving. Most communication companies tailor their services to suit the seniors. We will see if Optimum is among those companies. 

    Apart from the internet, Optimum offers various services. You can get TV and enjoy services such as streaming various programs on the go. The company has various programs to choose from. You can also benefit from the Optimum mobile, whereby you can save up to 40% on your wireless bill upon switching to the service provider. You can also get a home phone from the company to aid in various communication needs. 

    The Various Optimum Internet services

    As I have mentioned, Optimum is not about the internet only. The company offers other various services that you can benefit from. They include the following.

    i) Internet 

    Optimum offers fiber optic internet, which is usually super fast. You can purchase the internet from Optimum and enjoy various services such as live streaming, fast downloads, uploads, and online gaming, among others. Above all, you can get help from various troubleshooting instances online without having to call someone in your house to rectify things. The internet allows you to enjoy services such as;

    • Email
    • WiFi Hotspots
    • Router
    • Mobile TV App
    • Internet Protection

    ii) TV

    For TV services, you can enjoy various programs such as 

    • Guide
    • On DemandCart
    • TV to GO
    • Mobile TV App
    • Pay Per View

    You can also enjoy various features and settings such as; 

    TV services allow you to stay entertained all through. Optimum is among the companies providing the cheapest TV and internet packages to make your life easy. You can get 1 Gig Internet or just $5/month with other speeds. Interestingly, you will be able to get free installations. 

    • My cable boxes
    • Remote setup
    • HD
    • TV Channel Lineups

    iii) Phone

    You can get various phone services to stay connected to friends and family. The phone services allow you to enjoy various services, including the following. 

    • Voicemail
    • Call history
    • VIP ringing
    • Block unwanted calls
    • Find me
    • International
    • Call waiting
    • Call forwarding
    • Private calling
    • Backup phone
    • Directory Listing
    • Support
    • Stop robocalls

    Since Optimum provides the best internet options for rural areas and urban centers, seniors living in rural areas can enjoy fast internet connections. Even though we couldn’t get specific plans meant for seniors, there are various plans that you can get from the company. The table below shows some of the plans that you can get from Optimum plus the prices. It shows that you can save up to $30/month when you get Optimum Internet and add Optimum Mobile.

    The ordinary plans that you can get from the company include the following. 

    i) 1 Gig internet

    The plan costs $49.99 per month with autopay. It also contains paperless billing, and you can get a $200 visa card. You also get a free WiFi extender to enjoy home coverage. There is a free installation when you order online. Again, you can add optimum mobile for free for 12 months and enjoy excellent connections. You also get free Optimum streaming on your mobile devices and a free HBO max for free for one year.

    ii) Optimum 500-500Mbps

    The plan costs 39.99 per month. It allows you to stream ultra 4K videos simultaneously for several users online. You also benefit from a free $100 Visa card to cater for various expenses. The plan also gives you a free WiFi extender for your connection. Another advantage of the plan is a free installation, whereby you save $99. You can add Optimum mobile for free for 12 months and also get a free HBO max for free for six months. 

    iii) Optimum 300-300Mbps

    The plan costs $29 per month and allows multi-device streaming. If you qualify for the ACP program, you will get the plan for free. It gives you a free $50 Visa card that you can use for your transactions. You will be able to enjoy HBO max for three months. You also get a free WiFi extender, free installation, and an Optimum mobile for 12 months. 

    If you are looking for unlimited prepaid internet for your home, any of the above plans will help. You can choose whichever suits your preferences. 

    Reasons To Choose Optimum internet

    There are various reasons why Optimum internet is considered among the best internet connections throughout the US. They include the following. 

    i) Fast connections

    As I mentioned somewhere up, optimum uses fiber cables to avail internet to its consumers. Fiber internet offers impressive speeds that you can enjoy for various services such as streaming programs online, downloading large files, uploads, among other services that require fast connectivity. 

    ii) Reliable connections

    You can be sure that the Optimum internet will give you the best connections ever. Fiber is not affected by weather conditions such as heavy rainfall or fog and mist. It is also not affected by physical features such as mountains and hills or tall buildings. Therefore, it is among the best connectivity services you can enjoy today. 

    iii) Great Value and transparency

    Your money does not just disappear without you getting quality services. You can be sure that your money will give you what you deserve. Also, there are no hidden fees to surprise you unaware. Every pricing you see is what it should be.

    iv)  Flexibility

    You can select whatever plan works for you and change anytime without limitations. The Optimum internet has no contracts of any nature, and you can leave at will. There are no penalties if you change the services. 

    v) Risk-free

    You can get a 60-day money-back guarantee so that you can get your money back if you purchase a given plan that does not please you. You do not have to struggle with something that you do not want. 

    vi) Excellent customer supports

    The company guarantees you excellent customer support anytime you experience troubleshooting issues and rectify issues any time of the day. Customer care is an integral part of any company willing to succeed. 

    Does Optimum offer internet for low-income households?

    Low-income households are the ones that live under the poverty line. The current federal poverty line is 200%, and you can qualify for discounted internet plans if you fall at or below the line. You can also qualify if you receive other aid services such as Medicaid and SNAP. 

    The company participates in the new Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP), a new internet discount program that replaced the Emergency Broadband Benefit (EBB). The EBB program offered internet discounts to people who were affected by Covid’19. After it ended, the government saw it essential to continue helping people with low internet options, and thus it started the ACP. 

    If you qualify, your Optimum Internet service could be FREE with a $30 monthly credit depending on the speed you choose.  

    Bottom line

    Optimum is a telecommunication company that provides Mobile, TV, Internet, and Home phone services. It serves New Jersey, New York, Connecticut Tri-State area, and North Carolina and is among the largest cable internet providers in the country. You can get various services such as internet, TV, and phone whereby you can choose from various plans to connect to the internet.