Cox Communications (also known as Cox Cable) is an American telecommunications, digital cable television service, and home automation services, provider. It is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises. The company is the third-largest cable television service provider in the United States and serves approximately 6.5 million users, including 2.9 million digital cable subscribers, 3.5 million Internet users, and about 3.2 million digital telephone subscribers. That makes it the seventh-largest cellular company in the country. We shall look at the Cox cable deals for existing customers.

    Cox started its operations in February 1962, approximately 60 years ago. Its headquarters are at 6205 Peachtree Dunwoody Rd in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States., in the Atlanta metropolitan area. However, it serves several parts of the country. The areas served to include Arizona, Arkansas, Connecticut, Washington, D.CFlorida, Georgia, California, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Massachusetts, Nebraska, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Nevada, North Carolina, Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island, Virginia. The area covered is a bit large, and that makes it one of the key companies in the country.

    There are various products that you can get from the company. They include Cable television, VoIP, broadband internet, wireless, Business services, Gigablast fiber, and Home Security. VoIP, i.e., Voice Over Internet Protocol, is one of the best communication technologies ever. It involves calling via the internet using special phones. For your information, VoIP phones are the best to deal with emergency cases since they are easy to track their location.

    Get Started With Cox

    You can get started with the service provider online by creating an account that you will use to purchase services. You can use your profile to manage your services, pay bills, schedule tech appointments, or get technical support, among other many things. Once you register for My Account, you will receive a Cox ID and password to secure your account.

    You can start by choosing a downloadable welcome guide to start knowing your service by visiting the Get started page. You can choose to register your account using your phone number, email address, or account number and proceed with the instructions. Your account will give you a lot of features to enjoy. They include the following.

    • Make easy payments. You will settle your bills automatically when you sign up for EasyPay. That way, you will not have to remember to subscribe to your service all the time.
    • Go paperless. You do not have to stack papers in your house while getting paperless billing solutions. The traditional way of paying for services by filling out many papers is long gone. Your account allows you to enroll in paperless billing.
    • Stay up-to-date. You can open My Profile and update your password, contact preferences, account info, and billing preferences.
    • Watch data usage. Very few service providers will allow you to check your data usage. With the My Profile, you will see how much monthly data is left with the Data Usage Meter.

    You can make this possible if you download the Cox app that allows you to take your My Account on the move. You can download the Cox app from the Play Store or App Store to pay bills, find Hotspots, get 24/7 support, see data usage, manage your profile, and so much more. Within the same app, you will see Cox’s new customer deals and choose whichever you think benefits you.

    Services Of Cox Communications

    I briefly mentioned the Cox services that you can get when you join the company. To make you understand them more, I have to discuss them as follows.

    i) Internet

    The internet allows you to connect to online services using various devices such as smartphones, computers, or tablets. You can use various helpful tools to reset your router and run speed tests. It is possible to set up your router and troubleshoot various issues with your connections.

    You can also manage your WiFi and get Internet connection support. The company has some of the cheapest TV and internet packages that you can get today to enjoy your connections.

    ii) TV

    If you want to get more from your TV plan, you can visit the company’s TV support page to reset your receiver and see your TV schedule. Using your internet connection, you can watch TV online, and much more. Therefore, you do not have to buy various equipment to watch satellite TV, which usually disappoints in most cases. Upon subscribing to the service, you require DVRs, Receivers & Streaming Boxes. The Cox HD Receiver allows you to get high-quality pictures for home entertainment.

    iii) Voice

    I talked about the VoIP services that you can get from the company. Some sources claim that Cox phone services are not VoIP, but the fact remains that the company offers digital telephone services. The phone you get allows you to stay connected to friends and family.

    You can call, listen to voicemail, see the call history, and manage your phone settings. Interestingly, you can do all these online using the Voice Tools, which are free with your phone plan. You only need to log into your account to proceed. 

    Cox Cable Deals For Existing Customers In 2023

    Deals are offers that cushion the consumers from the typical cost to a lower cost or include free services to a given plan. Whether you are looking for the best bundle deals for TV, internet, and phone, the cheapest plans for your internet connection, or the best solutions for your Homelife, then you can easily find them online.  

    You can benefit from various deals from the company as we speak. When you sign up, the most fantastic deal is the money-back guarantee if you find that the services do not meet your needs. The company has your back with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Again, you can decide to easily change your internet speed or add/remove Homelife Automation, TV, and Voice.

    There is a one-year term agreement in plan price whereby you get a $10/month discount. Moreover, you can customize your plan and pay only for what you need. That means you must not pay for the existing plans if you feel that they are not a good fit for your case. Various plan deals include;

    • Internet of up to 50 Mbps downloads for $57.99/mo for TV Streaming only.
    • Internet of up to 150 Mbps downloads for TV streaming only at $77.99/month.
    • Up to 500 Mbps downloads for TV streaming only at $97.99/month.

    Bottom Line

    Cox Communications is an American telecommunications, digital cable television service, and home automation services, provider. It is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises and offers various services, including Homelife, internet, TV, and digital phone services.

    You can get various plans from the company, including Gigablast, Ultimate 500, Preferred 150. The Cox internet is fast and allows you to upload large data files, do online gaming, and stream online TV.