Several network providers in the US offer unique phone plans and deals to the citizens. Jitterbug is one of the mobile virtual network operators explicitly designed to offer mobile services to seniors and individuals with medical conditions. Jitterbug has partnered with other network providers such as the consumer cellular to offer its services. Since it is a virtual network operator, it offers cheap plans such as jitterbug phone consumer cellular plan, free mobile phones, and many more.

    Consumer cellular network provider is one of the mobile phone providers in the US obliged at providing the best cell phone services for the senior and the general public. The company offers jitterbug phones to its customers, different mobile phone plans, and deals to ensure that all customer needs are satisfied. Some of the other network service providers in the US include; Verizon, AT&T, Straight Talk, Cricket Wireless, T-Mobile, Boost Mobile, and many more.

    The US government has also not been left behind. A federal government program commonly known as the lifeline program was initiated to provide free home phone services, majorly for emergency services to anyone. In addition to free phones, this program also provides unlimited talks every month. This program is mainly intended to help seniors who cannot use cell phones easily. Reach Out, US Cellular, and SafeLink wireless are just some of the service providers for

    Consumer Cellular

    Consumer cellular is Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that offers affordable cell phone plans, deals, and regular discounts. Its headquarters is in Portland, Oregon, with over 4million customers, and it focuses its services primarily on customers who are 50 years or older. Being a virtual operator, consumer cellular depends on AT&T and T-Mobile network providers to offer its services. Therefore, consumer cellular provides a 5G high-speed network with nationwide coverage.

    It offers 24/7 flexible customer care services; therefore, it is considered the best option for older adults. The older adults enjoy easy-to-use and cheap jitterbug phones for seniors provided by consumer cellular service providers. These phones come with plans that offer unlimited talk time and text favorable for the seniors. Some of these jitterbug phones include; 

    • Jitterbug Flip 2
    • Jitterbug Smart3

    Consumer cellular network provider also offers American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) members special discounts on wireless mobile phone plans and deals. So, what is AARP? It is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization focused on offering services to over fifty years individuals. Generally, the company provides functional, reliable, and affordable mobile phone plans and deals for seniors and young adults.

    What Is Mobile Phones Compatible with Consumer Cellular

    Mobile phone compatibility is the ability of the Android or iOS operated digital device to run and execute applications and sites written in Android and iPhone environments, respectively. Consumer cellular is an American virtual network operator that offers reliable and fast mobile phone services at affordable prices. It is a virtual company meaning that it has no physical offices. Therefore, consumer cellular depends on AT&T and T-Mobile towers to provide its services.

    To know if your phone is compatible with the Consumer Cellular network operator, you can use the Consumer Cellular IMEI checker, available on the Consumer Cellular website. The phone’s IMEI number is always written under the battery or a sticker on the device’s box. Also, the simplest way to get your phone’s IMEI number is by dialing *#06#.

    Many smartphones and digital devices available in the market today are compatible with Consumer Cellular, from Android to iOS operated. There are very many consumer cellular compatible phones available in the market today. Some of them include;

    • iPhone 11 Pro Max
    • iPhone 7 Plus
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • Samsung Galaxy S10
    • iPhone 11
    • Samsung Galaxy S20+
    • Samsung Galaxy Note 10+
    • Motorola Moto G7 Power
    • Samsung Galaxy A20
    • Doro 7050
    • Consumer cellular link

    Consumer Cellular Plans for Seniors 2022

    Seniors and people with disabilities are individuals who seek time to time attention. For this purpose, the United States federal government offers the best deals for seniors. The adults receive Free Government Smartphones with unlimited talk and text and other cell phone services. Consumer cellular network provider is also not left behind. 

    The company offers the best, cheap, and reliable mobile phone plans and deals to enhance communication between seniors or people with disabilities with their family members. The seniors also use their cell phones to receive help during emergency services, capture special occasions, get some entertainment, and many more. These consumer cellular plans have the following features;

    1) No Contract Plans

     It is not mandatory for consumer cellular customers to use the company’s plan, allowing them to switch to other carrier services freely. Any customer who wants to cancel their contract can do that for free.

    2) Additional AARP Discount

    In addition to cheap plans, consumer cellular offers a 5% discount for AARP members on monthly plans. The customers also get a discount on devices and an additional 45-days risk-free guarantee.

    3) No Hidden Cost

    Consumer cellular offers a mix and match plan for your text, talk, and data at no extra cost. If a customer accidentally exceeds the minutes or data on their plan, consumer cellular will automatically upgrade the plan to the next highest plan. It allows the customers to pay for what they will be using only

    4) Use Your Own Phone

    New customers can use their mobile phones when switching to the Consumer Cellular network, provided that the phone is unlocked or compatible.

    5) Affordable Plans

    Compared to other service providers, consumer cellular is one of the few network providers that offer the cheapest plans for its customers. The plans range from a low cost of $15 to $55 per month.

    With the Consumer Cellular network provider, you only pay for the data that you want to use, meaning that there are no hidden charges. Seniors who do not want mobile data can choose the unlimited talk plan at $15 per month.

    Consumer cellular provides flexible, affordable, and excellent plans for seniors. Some of the other consumer cellular plans for seniors include;

    6) Talk Only Plans

    The plan allows only one line and comes with unlimited talks and unlimited texts at only $15per month. It has no data plan. It is ideal for seniors who want to recharge the plan away from home quickly.

    7) Unlimited Talk and Text Plans

    There are several plans that come with unlimited talk and texts at different costs and different amounts of data for the senior. They include;

    • $20/mo plan that offers 1GB of data.
    • $25/mo plan that offers 3GB of cell phone data.
    • $35/mo plan that offers 7 GB of cell phone data.
    • $40/mo plan that offers 10GB of mobile data.
    • $45/mo plan that offers 15GB of cell phone data.
    • $55/mo plan that offers unlimited mobile data.

    Which Phone Deals Do Consumer Cellular Provide?

    Consumer Cellular is a mobile phone network operator and thus offers different types of cell phones, smartphones, and tablets. The company provides mobile phone deals to its customers, from iOS to Android-operated mobile phones.

    The company also offers the best flip mobile phone deals suitable for seniors, such as consumer cellular link II. These smartphones are available at meager prices. These consumer cellular phone deals include;

    i) Motorola Moto G Stylus

    The phone is sold at $249, but a customer can subscribe to a deal of paying $9 per month for 24 months.

    ii) Motorola One Ace 5G

    The phone is sold at $349, but a customer can subscribe to a deal of paying $13 per month for 24 months.

    iii) Samsung Galaxy A12

    The smartphone has an up-front price of $179 and allows $7 per month for 24 months.

    iv) Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G

    The smartphone has an up-front price of $1,799 and allows $74 per month for 24 months for customers who lack the total amount.

    v) iPhone 13 

    It has an up-front price of $829 and allows $34 per month for 24 months.

    vi) iPhone 13 pro

    It has an up-front price of $999 and allows $41 per month for 24 months.

    The phone has a one-time payment of $59 for 8GB, or a customer can opt for the up-front deal of $30.  This mobile phone is ideal for seniors.

    viii) ZTE Wireless Home Phone Base

    The smartphone has an up-front price of $79.

    Consumer cellular network provider customers can also get these consumer cellular phones at Walmart. Walmart is a global online retailer based in the US that deals with selling different types of merchandise, including home accessories, electronics, apparel, and many more. Walmart provides the latest iPhone and Android smartphones available in the market today.

    Bottom Line

    Consumer cellular is one of the few network providers in the US that offers the best, most reliable, and flexible mobile phone plans and deals at affordable prices. Customers are provided with various consumer cellular phones at Walmart at meager prices. These include modern high-tech smartphones to flip phones ideal for seniors.