Phone deals are always an excellent option for you to get affordable cell phones. Many service providers offer exclusive deals to phones ranging from low-budget, mid-range, and flagship devices. The phones are sold on their website, and you have the option to opt for financing or pay for the phone entirely, but in the end, there is a discounted price on it. The Consumer Cellular phone deals are among the best deals you can get when getting a phone from a service provider.

    Consumer Cellular has been in existence since 1995, and they strive to offer affordable cell phone plans, devices, and accessories to people of 50 years and above. Most of their customers are seniors who wish to get a plan with little perks like talk and text only or talk, text, and data. Consumer Cellular also offers the best network coverage under GSM, and they rely on one of the best standard service providers. With Consumer Cellular, you are also assured of dedicated customer service and many other great perks.

    This article will focus on the best Consumer Cellular phone deals. We will also review information on their network type, reliability of their services, the phone’s compatibility, type of plans available, and so much more. Once you read this article, it will be easier to get any Consumer Cellular service. Let’s get started.

    Consumer Cellular Network Explanation

    Consumer Cellular is a mobile virtual network operator that relies on AT&T and T-Mobile to offer their network services. By utilizing both networks, you are assured of nationwide coverage, and this makes it a perfect option for people who travel a lot, especially to rural areas. You are also assured of no downtimes and any other cons.

    Both T-Mobile and AT&T offer unique perks when it comes to network reliability. They cover 99% of the US population, and they both utilize GSM network technology, which gives you a wide range of Consumer Cellular phones.

    However, you may experience slow internet speeds during network congestion since the network priority goes to subscribers who use post-paid services on the network.

    The Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

    1) $20 Plan

    With this plan, you get unlimited talk, text, and 500MB of data. The plan is valid for 30 days.

    2) $22.50 Plan

    The plan comes with unlimited talk, text, and data, plus you get 3GB of shared data.

    3) $27.50 Plan

    The plan offers 10GB of data, unlimited talk, and text.

    4) $32.50 Plan

    The plan offers unlimited talk, text, and 15GB of data.

    5) $37.50 Plan

    You get unlimited everything. It is a good option if you wish to stream music, videos in high definition.

    Consumer Cellular Bring Your Own Device

    For your phone to be compatible with consumer cellular, it has to run on the GSM network technology. This is because the standard service providers that lease network services to Consumer Cellular use GSM.

    To know if your phone is compatible, you will also need to check through the Consumer Cellular phone compatibility checker on their website. This platform utilizes an IMEI number. Simply key in your IMEI number, and you will receive a prompt as to whether the phone is compatible or not. If your device is compatible, here are some steps to bring it to Consumer Cellular.

    i) Choose a cell phone plan

    You will need to create an account at Consumer Cellular and choose the most convenient plan for you. If you are eligible for an AARP discount, please tick the box and proceed to view your discounted offer.

    ii) Buy A SIM card tool kit

    GSM phones use SIM card toolkits to give you access to their network. You will buy the SIM card kit from Consumer Cellular, and they will ship it to your mail, or it can be collected at their stores.

    iii) Activation

    Once you receive your sim card, place it in your device and power up the phone. You can then log in to your Consumer Cellular account and activate the device. The process usually takes some minutes. From there, you can then use the Consumer Cellular phone plans.

    For your device to be activated, it also needs to be unlocked. This applies to people who opted for BYOP. If your phone is locked to another network, it may not work on Consumer Cellular. Feel free to contact the network and tell them you want the device to be unlocked.

    They may charge you a fee for it or request you to pay the total amount for the device. Some service providers will just unlock it for free after signing some agreement. Also, if your device has ever been reported stolen or lost, it may not work on Consumer Cellular network.

    Best Consumer Cellular Phone Deals

    The Consumer Cellular phones at Walmart are some of the best devices you can get. Consumer Cellular also sells some stunning phones on their website and some feature financing. These phones include:

    • Galaxy Note 20 5G – Pay $1000 or opt for EASYPAY and pay only $80.
    • Apple iPhone 11 – The phone is available in 64, 128, and 256GB. The phone goes for $25 with EASYPAY, or you can pay the total price at $600.
    • Grandpa – This is an excellent tablet for seniors. It has a large and bright display and a simple user interface. The tablet goes for $10 via EASYPAY, or you can pay $250 due today.
    • Apple iPhone XR –This is an excellent flagship phone that goes for $10 through EASYPAY, or you can pay $350 for the total price.

    Bottom Line

    The Consumer Cellular phone deals are a great spot to get affordable cell phones. The phones sold on Consumer Cellular’s website are affordable and of high quality. These devices range from low budget to flagship, with the cheapest phone going for only $80 as the total price.