Frontier Communications Corporation is an American communications company that deals with internet services, local and long-distance telephone service, digital phone, DISH satellite T.V., fiber-optic television, and fiber-optic Internet. The company previously offered its services to the rural areas and smaller communities but now serves several large metropolitan markets. The platform has various deals for new and existing customers to bring more consumers on board. We shall look at the Frontier internet deals shortly.

    The company’s headquarters are in Norwalk, Connecticut, the U.S. It is one of the companies with a long history of operation. The initial headquarters of Frontier was in Minneapolis, USA, where it operated as Citizens Utilities company after the key leadership utilized the remnants of the Public Utilities Consolidated Corporation, which belonged to Wilbur B. Foshay, in 1935. After that, the company began rapid expansions that saw the company grow to what we can see today.

    It is impressive to note that Frontier has various subsidiaries, which include Citizens Cable Company, Citizens Capital Ventures Corporation, Frontier Communications ILEC Holdings, Frontier Subsidiary Telco LLC, Frontier Telephone of Rochester, Frontier Communications of Connecticut, and SNET America. For your information, a subsidiary is a company that belongs to another company. The owner company is usually known as the parent company, and thus, Frontier is the parent company of all the companies you can see above.

    Get Started With Frontier

    Irrespective of the service you want from the company, you must get started online by visiting the company’s website using internet-enabled devices such as smartphones, computers, or tablets.

    To get started, you can call the customer care representative at 1.877.855.4353 and inquire about various issues depending on the service you want from the company. After inquiring about the various services offered by the company, you can create and register your Frontier ID. Next, you will receive a verification email whereby you click the link in the email to finish the verification process. After clicking on the link from the email, you should provide your Frontier ID and password that you created earlier and select Sign In.

    Once you log in, you will be able to see various products and services such as the Frontier TV and internet packages, wireless internet, fiber internet, and so on. You can click on the item you want to learn about and purchase the plan. The account you create helps you pay and manage your bills, check emails, manage your account, use MyFrontier App, and watch TV.

    There are various services you can buy from the company, such as;

    • Fiber Internet
    • Plans
    • Internet
    • Video/TV
    • Phone
    • Frontier Secure
    • Moving services

    Reasons To Choose Frontier Internet

    There are various reasons associated with the Frontier internet. They include the following:

    i) No Annual Commitment Plans

    The Frontier plans give you the freedom to quit anytime you want since there are no contracts. Therefore, you can hop from one plan to the other and get the best service you deserve. After all, you are the buyer and should have the power to decide what to consume and what not to. 

    The companies with contract plans require you to use the services within a specific time, or else there are consequences. Maybe you got a free phone to use a particular plan for a particular duration. If you breach the agreements, you have to pay a particular price for the device. 

    ii) Wireless Network Capability

    Once you purchase your plan, you get a fully optimized Wi-Fi router for every installation. You, therefore, have the freedom to enjoy wireless connections in your home. That sounds very nice. 

    iii) No Data Caps

    We all know how data capping is very inconvenient. Most telecommunication companies allow you to enjoy high-speed data connections up to a particular amount, after which you begin receiving slow connections until you subscribe again for the next period. Frontier allows you to enjoy endless fun online, whereby you get unlimited monthly data to connect as much as you want, with zero overage charges.

    iv) Customized Packages

    If you feel that the available plans do not meet your expectations and plans, you have the authority to create your plan in the best way possible. You can create a customized package with additional services such as a home phone, DISH TV, and Frontier Secure.

    The Best Frontier Internet Deals

    There are various Frontier internet deals that you cannot afford to miss. One of the deals is that you get more than $700 in extras when you order the Gig Service. You get a $200 Visa Reward Card, eero Pro 6 total-home Wi-Fi system, Free Activation, and a 3-year Price Guarantee.

    The Frontier® Fiber Gig Service costs $79.99 with AutoPay, whereby a one-time charge applies to the service. The Max wired speed is 940/880 Mbps. The Wi-Fi, actual & average speeds vary. Again, when you order online, you receive a free Wi-Fi router and equipment. Again, you can save up to $85 and get free installation of the required equipment by professionals. 

    Frontier is also introducing Fiber 2 Gig, their most advanced Wi-Fi ever. There is an offer whereby the first 1,000 customers to order Fiber 2 Gig will get an Amazon Fire TV 43″ 4K UHD Smart T.V. and a Logitech Webcam for free. That will be one of the cheapest TV and internet packages ever. The plan includes;  

    • FREE voice line (plus taxes and surcharges)
    • FREE premium tech support
    • Ultrafast Wi-Fi 6E System
    • FREE activation
    • FREE multi-device security

    Final Thought

    Frontier Communications Corporation is an American communications company that deals with internet services, local and long-distance telephone service, digital phone, DISH satellite T.V., fiber-optic television, and fiber-optic Internet. The company’s fiber-optic internet offers you the best connectivity speeds of up to 25 times compared to the wireless internet. The Frontier’s main services are TV, home phone, and internet. The most exciting thing with Frontier plans is that they have no contracts or data caps.