Frontier Communications Corporation, previously known as Citizens Utilities Company, is an American telecommunications company. It offers long-distance telephone service, broadband internet, digital television service, and computer technical support to customers in 29 states in the USA. It primarily served rural areas and smaller communities.

    However, the company later expanded its coverage and now serves various large metropolitan markets. Approximately the business has 485,000 video subscribers and 3,069,000 broadband internet subscribers. I will take you through the various Frontier TV and internet packages later. 

    The internet is one of the most critical things in modern-day life. Millions of people use thousands of Gigabytes of data daily for various online activities. Some require the internet for entertainment, such as streaming live TV programs, watching movies, and browsing social media sites.

    Others work online using internet connections to make thousands of dollars annually. That is why companies such as Frontier have seen it very profitable to offer internet services. The Frontier TV allows you to enjoy various programs by streaming them online using your computer or an app.

    You can download the Frontier TV app and enjoy various programs on your phone. Both Android and iOS operating systems allow you to enjoy online services. Remember that you also get to enjoy home phone services whereby you get a phone with a crystal clear voice when speaking with your friends and relatives. 

    How to get started with Frontier

    To get started with any product from Frontier, you can call 1.844.249.6894 or order online. Ordering any service online is first and convenient compared to making phone calls as you may not understand each other well or find the lines busy. When applying online, you must enter your physical address to see plans and exclusive offers.

    You also must include your State, City, and Zipcode. Once you enter all the required details, tap the “Check Availability” button and see the best bundle deals for TV, internet, and phone, among other offers. If you opt to give them a call, then know that the hours of operation are as follows. 

    • 8 am – 10 pm ET, Monday to Friday
    • 8 am – 9 pm ET, Saturday
    • 9 am – 9 pm ET, Sunday

    What services can I get at Frontier

    The company offers various services that you can enjoy. They include the following. 

    i) Frontier Internet

    You can bring your family together by purchasing the most convenient Frontier Internet bundle. You must first check availability to see what’s available for your use since the offerings may differ from place to place. The plans are cheap, and they start from 

    $50 per month for 12 months. When subscribing to your plan, some one-time charges may apply. The service is subject to availability, terms, and conditions. Again, internet speeds may not be available in all places.

    The good thing with Frontier internet is that there are no data caps or overage charges, no annual commitments, and Wi-Fi router equipment is available. Frontier Internet is internet without cable or phone line and thus less effort when installing. 

    ii) Frontier Home phone

    Frontier home phones keep you connected to friends and relatives. You can experience very clear calls and converse with your friends and relatives in the most efficient way ever. If you combine your home phone and internet, you will be able to enjoy an excellent connection. The Frontier phone has numerous features that will always leave you amazed. They include the following.

    • Caller ID
    • Call Forwarding
    • Unlimited Talk Time
    • Voicemail
    • Call Waiting
    • Calls to Canada and Mexico Included

    The above features are what everyone needs in a phone to ensure they get the best service. And by the way, if you work from home and have to coordinate your team via phone calls, then considering the service can be very beneficial to you. For your information., you can get the Frontier home phone without bundling up with the internet and save money where necessary. 

    iii) Frontier TV

    You can enjoy various programs from the company’s online TV and stay in touch with the world. As I mentioned earlier, you can even download the Frontier TV app on your phone and enjoy every moment. You can get qualified personnel from the company to install the TV and other accessories to ensure that everything goes well.

    When you get the Frontier TV and internet packages, you are in an excellent position to enjoy to the fullest. Adding a home phone also adds more fun to your life. Remember that the company allows you to upgrade to a Dish TV. If you sign up for DISH, you can get a fantastic Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR system having select packages. 

    For your information, Dish package prices range from $69.99/month-$104.99/month. Therefore, those are fair prices compared to what you get to enjoy. 

    The best Frontier TV and internet packages

    The Frontier are various TV and internet packages that you can purchase to enjoy your connections. Bundling up is the best option. The plans are bundled up to give a combination of TV packages. Some of Frontier’s cheapest TV and internet packages include the following. 

    i) Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice

    The plan goes for $49.99 per month for 12 months with AutoPay, whereby taxes, surcharges, and one-time charges apply. There are no data caps for your connections, and you get a Wi-Fi router and Multi-Device Security. The plan allows you to stream your favorite movies and TV shows and play games online. You can also get unlimited nationwide calling, whereby you can enjoy quality phone calls. To order the plan, you need to call 1-800-398-2128 to start the process. 

    ii) Frontier Internet + Unlimited Digital Voice

    The plan costs $59.99 with AutoPay per month for 12 months. Taxes, surcharges, and one-time charges may also apply. With the plan, there are no data caps or overage charges. Also, you can get a Wi-Fi router and Multi-Device Security. The internet allows you to stream videos on multiple devices, including incredible 4k videos with unlimited nationwide calling. You can call 1-800-398-2128 to order. 

    Alternatively, you can also customize your bundle and get what you feel suits you. That means you are not tied to the already existing plans. 

    Why opt for the Frontier packages

    There are various reasons why most people find the company’s services amazing. They include the following. 

    • Option to bundle up so that you can pay one bill. Paying one bill for internet, TV and home phone is better since you only need to log into your account, then select the most preferred plan, and there you go.
    • Unlimited nationwide calling. When you get your package, you will be able to enjoy phone calls all though until your plan comes to an end. Forget about buying airtime now and then for communication needs. 
    • There are no data caps. We all know that most companies give you limits up to particular data amounts, after which the connections slow. With Frontier Internet, you can be sure that you will enjoy strong connections all through. Data capping is inconvenient, especially when you are a heavy data consumer. 
    • Wi-Fi router. You can get a router to connect various devices. You do not have to struggle buying routers as you might get the wrong brand. 
    • Multi-Device Security. Since there are many threats online, your devices will be protected from online threats such as viruses and hackers. Your data about online banking and so on will have adequate protection.
    • Fast connections. The Frontier internet connections are high-speed, and you can be sure of faster internet connections all through. If you are streaming your movies, then you will not experience latency. 
    • Simplicity. You can manage your plans under one bill other than having separate bills for your phone, internet, and TV. Again, bundling up your plans ensures that you spend less money. Above all, you can order your plan online.
    • Personalization. You do not have to buy the already existing plans, as you can create your plan depending on the amount of data and voice call minutes for your connectivity. The feature is unfamiliar to most service providers, and consumers always find themselves forced to choose the available plans.
    • Excellent customer support. Once you become a Frontier consumer, you should never worry about various issues that may affect your services. There is always someone to discuss your issues to have things put straight. You can either get help online or contact them directly at 1.855.760.6839. 
    • Television on your phone. Frontier allows you to enjoy TV programs right from your phone. You need to download their application and start watching your favorite programs anywhere and anytime you feel like getting entertained. 

    Bottom line

    Frontier Corporation is an American telecommunications company that offers long-distance telephone service, broadband internet, digital television service, and computer technical help to customers in 29 states in the USA. You can get a home phone, internet, TV, or a whole package for all three services. You can order your plans online by providing your current residential areas to check availability.