Walmart Family Mobile is among the mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States and thus does not own any cell phone towers. Instead, the company partners with T-Mobile to provide network coverage.

    To use Walmart Family Mobile services, you need to purchase Walmart Family Mobile plans. There are various Walmart Family Mobile plans that you can purchase to use with the service.

    Mobile plans usually come packed with minutes, data, and texts. Those are the components that one requires to communicate with others. You require the voice call minutes to make phone calls to others. As you talk, your minutes reduce.

    Again, you require the texts to send short messages to others. The data plans enable you to access the internet and you can browse social media sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and the rest. 

    Most plans expire every month, and you can set up an automatic renewal so that you will never run short of data bundles, texts, and minutes. Walmart Family Mobile plans usually come with unlimited texts and SMS.

    That means you can call as long as you want and text as much as you want. However, some plans come with limited data bundles, and you can add more in the process if they expire before the month ends.

    Get started with Walmart Family Mobile

    At Walmart, you will not have a free cell phone service for life with unlimited everything as you will have if you qualify for the lifeline program. However, you will enjoy cheap plans to better your life. Walmart Family Mobile service is very affordable, as we shall see.

    The plan prices do not go up in price after the first year of usage. Getting started is also easy as you only need to create an account using your smartphone or even computer. The service does not have any form of contract, and you can opt out any time you feel like it.

    During registration, you require an email address and a phone number. After your application goes through, you can then start using the services. You must log into your account by visiting Walmart Family Mobile and then navigating to My Account, then enter your phone number or email used in your registration to log into your account. Generally, the following are required when opening an account with Walmart Family Mobile.

    i) Supported mobile phone

    Numerous phones work with the service provider that you can get from Walmart stores or bring your own device when getting started with the service. You must have an unlocked GSM mobile phone operating at 1,900 MHz. Additionally, the phone should be LTE-ready to enable you to benefit from all the necessary services. A 5G smartphone will give you automatic access to all the carrier’s services since it supports all kinds of networks.

    When you visit Walmart Family Mobile, you can check various compatible devices. If you have a phone with you, you can check if it is compatible with the service by clicking on the blue “Check Compatibility” button. You can also check your phone compatibility by texting BYOP to 611611 to get a quicker response.  After all, mobile devices from T-Mobile and AT&T are compatible with Walmart Family Mobile.

    ii) Activation Kit

    The other thing you require to get started is the activation kit. You can buy an activation kit from Walmart for only $25 from any physical Walmart store or buy it online. The activation kit has a SIM card and an activation code for the line.

    If you want to retain your mobile phone’s existing number, you have to call Walmart customer service to get assistance on how to go about it. You can also purchase a compatible device along with your activation kit.

    The best Walmart Family Mobile Plans

    Before using the Walmart services, you need to understand the cheapest plans you can use with your compatible phone. You can get a plan for one line or several lines. Walmart has some of the cheapest unlimited data plans for 1 line that you can have today. They include the following.

    1) $24.88 Plan

    The plan offers a monthly package of talk, text, and data. You can enjoy connection speeds of up to 4G LTE on the first 1GB if you use the service with a 4G enabled phone. After that, the speed will be at 2G.

    2) $29.88 Unlimited Plan

    The plan comes with unlimited talking, text, and data that also expire within a month. You will enjoy a speed of 4G LTE on your first 3GB, and then it runs at 2G.

    3) $39.88 Unlimited Plan

    When you purchase the plan, you will get unlimited calls, texts, and data. Again, your first 9GB of data used will have 4G LTE speeds, after which it will run at 2G.

    4) $49.88 Unlimited Plan

    The plan comes with unlimited data, calls, and text that runs for a month. Again, the plan is unique in that your data runs on 4G speeds with no limitation.

    Apart from the above plans, there are add ons that you can purchase to cater to your data needs. They include the 1GB data package for only $9.88 and the $10 extra pack to cater for international calls and roaming to select destinations. Furthermore, you can add more lines to your subscription and pay much less for each line.

    For instance, If you add four more lines to the $49.00 monthly plan, you will pay $149.40, thus saving $100.00. Moreover, when buying four lines on the   $39.88 plan, you will pay $139.40 and save $60.00. You will save $20.00 when you pay $129.40 on a plan of $29.88.

    Activations Of Walmart Family Service

    Once you have purchased a smartphone, an activation kit and have chosen the plan you think is excellent, you can then activate the service and enjoy it. The following is a step-by-step guide on how to activate the service.

    1. Go to the Walmart Family Mobile activation page to start the activation process.
    2. Choose the type of product to activate: between a Family Mobile Phone and Bring Your Own Phone.
    3. Insert your Sim Card number.
    4. Enter all the needed information.
    5. After you are done with the activation, choose the plan you want and then set up your phone as per the instructions. By doing that, you will have completed the activation process.

    Remember that you can have the service activated at any Walmart store when buying a phone and a kit instead of activating it yourself. You can also call customer care at 1-877-308-9621 to request they activate the service for you.

    Remember that the activation process is a free cell phone service without paying anything. After all, you will become their customer and be part of the large number of customers giving them profits.

    Walmart Family Mobile compatible phones

    Various devices can work with Walmart Family Mobile’s cheapest phone plan with unlimited everything ($49.88 Unlimited Plan) or any other plan you feel like subscribing to. The phones include the following.

    • Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra
    • Motorola Moto G7 Optimo
    • Samsung Galaxy S9
    • LG Rebel 4
    • Apple iPhone SE 2nd Gen 2020 64GB 128GB
    • Apple iPhone 11 Unlocked 64GB 128GB 256GB
    • Apple iphone 6s unlocked
    • Apple iPhone 8

    Does Walmart Family Mobile have a strong network

    You can rely on the Walmart Family Mobile’s network since it is available countrywide. Although the company is owned by Tracfone, a telecommunication company in the US, it operates on the T-Mobile network, one of the strongest networks in the US. You can be sure that your connections will always be reliable.

    You can check the Walmart Family Mobile coverage on its coverage map and see whether your city has the carrier’s 4G coverage.

    Can I get hotspot data from Walmart Family Mobile

    You can get hotspot data from the carrier to connect your devices. The Walmart Family Mobile $49.88 Unlimited Plan comes with 10GB of hotspot data. Furthermore, the hotspot data connects on the 4G network speed, meaning that you will be able to stream high-quality content for your devices. The $49.88 Unlimited Plan allows you to stream videos at DVD quality, typically 480p.

    Can I terminate my contract with Walmart Family Mobile

    As I mentioned earlier, the service does not have any contract, and you can terminate it at any given time. Services with contracts require you to stick to the time frame until the duration of service is over. After that, you can decide to abandon your service to continue.  Services with contracts are usually acceptable if you decide to leave early.

    Does Walmart Family Mobile have good customer service

    Even though Walmart Family Mobile does not have the best customer service, you can be sure that you will get some help when in trouble. You can get the customer service via chat and phone (877-440-9758) only.

    Bottom line

    Walmart Family Mobile is among the best mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) in the United States that offer cheap communication plans to users. Although Tracfone owns it, the carrier uses the T- Mobile’s cellular towers to offer its services. There are various phones that you can use with Walmart Family Mobile as long as they are unlocked. You can terminate the Walmart Family Mobile service at will.