Consumer Cellular operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), based in Oregan and started in 1995. Besides, it offers its wireless services using the T-Mobile and AT&T networks. Consumer cellular hotspot plans are specially tailored to cater to your Internet needs on the go with no need of consuming your regular data plan. One of the most beneficial things of opting for the Consumer Cellular hotspot plan is the extensive coverage across the United States.

    However, Consumer Cellular reaches over 4 million customers and focuses specifically on the senior citizens within the age bracket of 50 and above. This carrier gives AARP members special discounts on wireless plans and free government smartphones. Most importantly, Consumer Cellular avails customizable, flexible monthly plans, together with affordable and straightforward mobile hotspot plans. Another reason to choose Consumer Cellular hotspot plans is the fantastic customer service and retail partnership.

    On the other hand, Consumer Cellular cell phone plans are basic, allowing you to choose the number of texts, call minutes, and data you can consume each month. If you utilize more data or minutes than your plan allocates, Consumer Cellular will upgrade your plan to cater to the service used without overage fees. Interestingly, their plans don’t have contracts, so you can change and switch plans at will. 

    Features and Benefits Of Consumer Cellular

    i) EasyPay

    If you don’t ready cash to pay for the total cost of a device on consumer cellular phone deals, you can spread your payments with no interest fees. You can subscribe to AutoPay, pay the required upfront fee, then pay $25 per month over the given amount of months (up to 24 months). However, you must have credit approval, and:

    • No charges and no additional fees
    • Make an early payment or pay your balance anytime

    ii) No Contract

    Consumer Cellular plans don’t involve contracts, cancellations, activation fees, or overage fees. However, you will get usage alerts when you deplete your plan, and you will receive an automatic upgrade to the next-level cell phone plan if you go beyond your plan’s limits.

    Besides, the next month you can switch back to your previous plan, and if you exceed 25 GB of data, you pay an additional $5 for any extra G.B. used. You may also get reduced data speeds after 25 GB of use. Notably, the maximum amount of data applicable in any billing cycle is 25 GB, after which your data use gets suspended until the start of the next billing cycle.

    iii) BYOD or Buy New Device

    You can bring any Consumer Cellular compatible phones from AT&T, T-Mobile, or unlocked GSM cell phone to Consumer Cellular. In this case, you need to add a free SIM card to your cart when purchasing your plan online. Alternatively, you can buy a new device from Consumer Cellular’s website.

    iv) Share Your Plan

    You can share your cell phone plan and add one line for $20 per month. You can top up an extra person to your plan for $15 per month. Also, get shared minutes and free calls among all phones on the same account.

    v) Referral Rewards

    You can get a $10 credit for you and any person you refer when enrolling with Consumer Cellular.

    Other Included Features

    With Consumer, the following cell phone features are also included.

    • Caller ID
    • Call Forwarding
    • Call Waiting
    • 3-Way Calling
    • Voicemail
    • International Direct Dial
    • 100% U.S. Based Customer Support

    vi) Network Coverage

    You get network coverage of the largest GSM cellular providers in the U.S., with 99% of the U.S. population covered.

    Consumer Cellular Cell Phone and Hotspot Plans

    Consumer Cellular offers two types of plans – Unlimited Talk Only plans ideal for non-smartphone users that feature unlimited minutes, and other Unlimited Talk and Text plans, which top up a data package. Also, there are consumer cellular plans for seniors, designed for the 55+ seniors who receive AARP benefits.

    The unlimited plan includes unlimited text, talk, and data with 15 G.B. of data allowance. However, 5G access applies in select areas for compatible devices. You can amend your plan anytime for free regarding your usage. However, incoming calls and outgoing calls get charged, plus all plans provide monthly service.

    Additionally, Consumer Cellular’s available data plans must feature a talk package for the smartphone.

    • 250 mins talk go for $15 per month.
    • Unlimited mins talk go for $20 per month.

    Unlimited texting is a component of the data portion on all data phone plans, and the options available now are:

    • 10 GB data (previously 5 GB) for a $20 per month plan.
    • 15 GB data (previously 10 GB) for $30 per month plan.
    • 25 GB data (unchanged) for a $40 per month plan.

    Most importantly, if you request turning on the mobile hotspot feature, you can utilize your total data allowance at full speed as a hotspot.

    • Notably, a 10 GB plan is the lowest amount of talk allowed, and you will pay $35 per month.
    • For a 15 GB plan featuring the lowest amount of talk allowance, you will pay $45 per month.
    • For a 25 GB plan featuring the lowest amount of talk allowed, you will pay $55 per month.

    Consumer Cellular Cell Phones and Devices

    Consumer Cellular lets you bring your current phone with you when you switch over from your existing carrier. On the other hand, this carrier sells a variety of phones at consumer cellular phones at Walmart for any customer who needs to purchase one. The cell phones are also available for purchase at Target.

    The most popular cell phones include the following:

    • iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13, and iPhone 13 mini
    • iPhone 12
    • iPhone SE (2020 model)
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 5G and Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G
    • Motorola One 5G Ace

    Most importantly, customers out of contract with AT&T devices or T-Mobile device can bring their device to the Consumer Cellular network if they so wish. Most universally unlocked cell phones from cell phone manufacturers like Motorola and Samsung are compatible with this network. You can purchase one at Consumer Cellular Samsung phones if you are looking for a compatible unlocked device.

    Process to Enable Hotspot With Consumer Cellular

    If you own an iPhone user, you have to proceed to the “Settings” and choose “Cellular.” Here, you can tap on “Personal Hotspot” and swipe the toggle to the right to turn it on.

    Alternatively, if you own an Android phone, you have to go to the “Settings” and select “Tethering & Portable Hotspot.” Then, just similar to an iPhone, you must click on the toggle to switch the hotspot on.

    Final Words

    Consumer Cellular is an upscaling carrier in the United States that uses AT&T and T-Mobile to offer wireless services to its customers. However, this gives you adequate coverage across the U.S. when enjoying your cell phone plans that include a mobile hotspot. You can enjoy incredible 4G LTE or 5G speeds on your data, although you require a 5G-enabled cell phone to browse that fast.

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