StandUp Wireless offers prepaid wireless services through a government program that provides a lifeline and emergency broadband benefits to eligible households. This lifeline provider gives qualifying individuals applying for Lifeline with StandUp Wireless free cell phone, text, minutes, and data. However, you can qualify through programs like SNAP, Medicaid, Federal Public Housing, and Veterans Pension, or concerning your household income you also be able to receive StandUp Wireless Replacement Phone.

    Moreover, StandUp Wireless lacks a warranty program but will facilitate a manufacturer’s warranty replacement for any cell phone you buy from this company. You can get up to 90 days after the sale date. Interestingly, you can get a standup wireless replacement device for your free government smartphones, if your device gets stolen, lost, damaged or if it develops a malfunction. Notably, the warranty replacements do not tackle stolen, lost, or damaged devices.

    StandUp Wireless devices feature a 90 day limited warranty period. However, if your phone develops malfunctions due to manufacturer failure, StandUp Wireless can give you a refurbished phone model within 90 days of your activation date. Furthermore, if your phone gets lost or stolen, you may buy a replacement cell phone. StandUp Wireless tries as much as possible to replace your device with a similar model when available.

    About Lifeline Program

    StandUp Wireless is among the renowned provider of Lifeline, a government-assisted program that helps low-income households. Lifeline is a program by the FCC that has made it possible for low-income consumers to access free or heavily discounted communication services. The service initially started with home phone access, but the needs changed over time to provide free government smartphones.

    However, Federal law asks telecommunication companies like StandUp Wireless to contribute to the Universal Service Fund, which pays for USAC’s free cell phone program. When you qualify for the program and bring your own phone, you can get a free monthly service that features text, minutes, and data.

    Moreover, you qualify through programs including SNAP, Federal Public Housing and Veterans Pension, Medicaid, or based on your household income that should be at or below 135% of the federal poverty guidelines.

    Application For StandUp Wireless

    To apply for a free device and StandUp Wireless free tablet, you need to go to the Standup Wireless website and input your zip code to check if service is available in your state. You can also contact the toll-free number customer service to apply. You qualify if you participate in any government programs or meet the income-based criteria.

    Immediately you are approved, you must submit proof of financial status using your current pay stubs, last year’s W-2, a letter from the government agency. The features of the programs are call waiting, caller Id, voice mail, nationwide long-distance service, and international calls for a fee. You also get 1,000 minutes, unlimited texts, and 500 MB of data.

    To Apply, You Need To

    Check whether your phone works with StandUp Wireless service.

    • Start the online application.
    • Qualify through the National Verifier
    • Receive your free Sim Card in the mail
    • Activate service by calling 611 from your phone

    Notably, you must utilize your StandUp Wireless Lifeline service at least once every 30 days by using your data plan, engaging an outbound call, sending a text message, or purchasing extra minutes or data from StandUp Wireless. If your service remains dormant for 30 days, you will no longer get Lifeline benefits from StandUp Wireless, and your service will get suspended.

    Standup Wireless Replacement Phone Policy

    If you are a Lifeline eligible individual or household, you receive a free monthly plan and, in some instances, a free government phone. However, you are liable for the security of your FREE phone. Thus, Standup Wireless is not liable for the phone if it gets stolen, lost, or damaged.

    Most importantly, Stand Up Wireless will be responsible for new cell phones and any existing errors that a new device may come with. This provision offers you an initial 90 days to report the existing error and receive a FREE replacement phone. You can look at the discussed warranty details below.

    StandUp Wireless Warranty Exchange Policy

    The warranty policy states that StandUp Wireless customers are given up to ninety (90) days from the activation date to return any defective cell phone to StandUp Wireless.

    However, StandUp Wireless will exchange a faulty phone with a new or refurbished phone for the period only at the company’s discretion. If you receive a defective phone replacement, you can call Customer Care at 1-800-544-4441 or 611 using your StandUp Wireless phone.

    Besides, if you encounter any error or fault on your phone after the initial 90 days, you will have to replace your phone yourself. However, it is always advisable to contact Standup Wireless customer support and present your situation.

    Need To Do For Lost, Stolen, or Broken StandUp Wireless Phone

    For StandUp Wireless lost, stolen or broken phone, you should do the following.

    1) Lost Or Stolen

    If your cell phone gets stolen or lost, you should contact StandUp Wireless as soon as possible so that the services on your cell phone account can suspend to prevent any unauthorized usage.

    You can log in to StandUp Wireless to chat with the Customer Representative or contact 1-800-544-4441. Afterward, StandUp Wireless will cooperate with you to review your cell phone replacement options.

    2) Broken

    Suppose your device got broken or damaged within the initial 90 days, and it is not your fault due to water damage, drop, plus other mechanical caused damages. In that case, you will receive a FREE replacement according to the policy presented on their website. If your device is not functioning correctly, you can proceed to StandUp Wireless to chat with Customer Support or contact 1-800-544-4441.

    StandUp Wireless Compatible Phone List

    StandUp Wireless has an extensive list of phones that works with their network. The below are the three cases that prove a phone to be compatible with this carrier:

    • StandUp Wireless is a GSM Carrier, so you require a GSM phone from AT&T and T-Mobile.
    • Some LTE/Global cell phones from Verizon will work.
    • You must have an unlocked cell phone. If your device was advertised as unlocked upon purchasing, then it should be fine.

    However, if you are unsure if your device is locked, you can check using any of the following.

    • Start a phone call with the current SIM card to check that the phone is functioning correctly.
    • Power off the cell phone and eject the SIM card. You can use a SIM card removal tool or a paperclip.
    • If you see a dialog asking for an unlock code, your phone is SIM locked to the carrier it was originally bought from.
    • Insert a new/different SIM card in the device and switch it back on.
    • If you don’t see this, check whether the service is active if you used a valid SIM card and if the phone is working perfectly fine with a different SIM card, your phone is probably unlocked.

    If your cell phone is locked, you will have to call the carrier or manufacturer to unlock the device from whom you purchased the phone. After unlocking, it should be easy to use on StandUp Wireless.

    Wrap Up

    StandUp Wireless offers free cell phones, Bring Your Own Phone option, and a vast selection of upgrade devices. However, you can get a replacement device within 90 days of the warranty period. If your cell phone gets lost, stolen, or damaged after the grace period, this company will not offer you a free replacement, but rather, you will be responsible for the replacement charges that apply for a replacement device at that particular time. Besides, the replacement device can be new or refurbished, similar to your previous device, although this provision depends on device availability.