AT&T is among the most significant four carriers in the United States; Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. However, in 2020 the latter two merged to offer services under T-Mobile. The carrier offers unlimited data plans, internet service, AT&T TV, a wide selection of mobile phones from reputable brands, quality service, reliable nationwide coverage, and responsive customer service. Today I will mainly discuss AT&T’s wide selection of devices. But what are AT&T compatible phones? You will be able to know about this shortly, so stay around.

    AT&T compatible phones refer to phones that will work on the AT&T network. AT&T devices are compatible with other low-cost carriers using AT&T and T-Mobile networks. In addition, you should note that AT&T uses GSM phone technology. That way, most cell phones manufactured over the last few years with any carrier will work on the AT&T network as long they are unlocked. Before switching to this carrier, it is essential to confirm your phone compatibility on the AT&T website.

    AT&T has many subscribers, and you may want to be one of them. If that is the case, you may be wondering what phones are compatible with the carriers. Since AT&T is one of the leading wireless providers, there are many places where you can purchase AT&T compatible phones. You may consider purchasing AT&T prepaid phones at Walmart and other places like AT&T store, Amazon, and Best Buy. Let’s learn more about AT&T compatible phones.

    What phones are compatible with the AT&T network

    Below, you can discover the list of phones that are undoubtedly compatible with AT&T as the carrier sells them.

    AT&T compatible Phones list 

    1. iPhone 6 and all latest phones
    2. Samsung Galaxy A71 5G (A716U, A716U1)
    3. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra (N985F, N985F/DS)
    4. Arena 2/Neon Plus (LM-X320APM/AM8)
    5. Escape Plus (X320CM)  
    6. Escape2 (H443)
    7. Classic Flip (L125DL)
    8. Fortune 3 (LMK300AMC)
    9. LG Stylo 6 (LMQ730AM)
    10. LG Stylo 5 (LM-Q720CS, L722D, LM-Q720QM*)
    11. Moto G9 Play (XT2083-1)
    12. Moto G9 Power (XT2091-4)  
    13. One 5G Ace (XT2113-2, XT2113-5)
    14. One 5G (XT2075-2, XT2075-5)
    15. Razr 5G (XT2071-3)
    16. Razr (XT2071-2)
    17. Google Pixel 6 Pro (G8VOU)
    18. Google Pixel 5a  

    AT&T phone compatibility Checking ways

    Before you can do anything else on the AT&T network, you’ll need to ensure that your phone is compatible with AT&T’s network. If your phone isn’t compatible, you cannot use it with your AT&T plan, and you’ll need to look for a compatible device. The best way to check if your phone is compatible with AT&T’s network is by following the simple procedure below.

    1. Visit the AT&T compatibility check webpage, where you will see a search box.
    2. Enter your phone’s IMEI or ESN number in the search box and tap ‘Check.’
    3. If you don’t know your phone’s IMEI or ESN code, you can get it by dialing *#06#.
    4. When you enter the IMEI or ESN number and tap check, AT&T will let you know if your device is compatible with their services.

    Activation process of AT&T compatible Phone

    You can activate any AT&T phone by simply following the process described below.

    First, check if your phone or SIM card is already activated. Once you get your AT&T original or compatible phone and SIM card, carefully insert the SIM card and turn on the device. Try placing a test call, sending a message, or browsing the web without using the Wi-Fi. If you can do it, it means your phone and SIM card are already activated, and you can skip the entire activation process.

    If you cannot place a call, send a message, or browse the web without Wi-Fi, you can activate your phone or SIM card online. To do so, follow the steps below.

    1. Open your browser and visit the AT&T web page.
    2. Select ‘Activate your device’ for your AT&T wireless device.
    3. Provide the required information and press ‘Continue.’
    4. Follow the online instructions to complete the activation process.

    In the unlikely event that you cannot activate your phone or SIM card online, you can either contact AT&T’s customer service or visit one of their stores. You can find your nearest AT&T store.

    AT&T compatible plans for their reliable customers

    The carrier offers three unlimited plans, 4 GB, international, and unique discounted plans for military, veterans, nurses and physicians, first responders, and teachers. Their most popular plans include:

    a) AT&T Unlimited Elite

    The plan has unlimited talk, text, data, 100 GB of premium data, 5G access, advanced mobile security, HD streaming, 30 GB of hotspot data per lime per month, HBO Max, and Stadia Pro. It costs $50 a month per line if you get four lines.

    B) AT&T Unlimited Extra.

    The plan has unlimited talk, text, data, 50 GB of premium data, 5G access, advanced mobile security, SD streaming, 15 GB of hotspot data per lime per month, and Stadia Pro. It costs $40 a month per line if you get four lines.

    c) AT&T Unlimited Starter.

    The plan has unlimited talk, text, data, 5G access, advanced mobile security, SD streaming, and Stadia Pro. It costs $35 a month per line if you get four lines.

    AT&T Compatible phone deals for its new customers

    The carriers offer the following AT&T phones deals for new customers switching to their network.

    1. Get $700 off the iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, or iPhone 12 mini when you trade in an eligible device.
    2. You can switch to AT&T on an unlimited plan and pay just $10 per month for the iPhone 11 and receive total savings of $300.
    3. Save up to $800 on the Samsung Galaxy S21 with eligible trade-in
    4. Purchase the new iPhone SE (64GB) midrange cell phone with an unlimited plan and pay only $5 per month and save up to $250. 

    What to Do if AT&T Wireless Compatible Phone Gets Damaged, Stolen, Broken, or Lost

    If your AT&T Wireless phone gets lost or stolen, first, try to find it using GPS or a pre-installed location app. If you are unable to find it, ensure to contact AT&T’s customer service as soon as possible so they can temporarily suspend your service. This way, you will ensure that no one else uses your services. If you have AT&T’s Asurion insurance features, you can file a claim and request them to send you a replacement device.

    If your AT&T device is damaged, malfunctioning, or broken, visit this webpage and choose a topic. You can select ‘Fix or replace a device’ and then choose what is wrong with the device. You can either choose the device is lost or stolen, affected by physical or liquid damage, not working correctly, or ‘other.’ If you choose ‘Not working properly,’ the system will first recommend you fix it.

    By pressing ‘Troubleshoot Issue,’ they will guide you through the process. If you don’t need to troubleshoot, you can choose ‘Exchange under warranty,’ ‘Repair or replace with insurance,’ ‘Upgrade device,’ or ‘bring my own device.’ Press the option that best fits your needs and follow the provided instructions.

    Bottom line

    The article has presented all details concerning AT&T compatible phones, unlimited plans, and more. In case you don’t like any of the available new phones at AT&T, you have the option of exploring AT&T’s BYOP option. With the BYOP program, you can bring over any unlocked and compatible phone and use it with AT&T’s prepaid option. We know you will make the right decision and stay connected.