Mint Mobile is a smaller prepaid mobile virtual network operator that offers the best deals for wireless. If you switch over to the carrier, you can either bring your own device or purchase a new phone compatible with Mint Mobile. If you can right time, you can get better deals from the carrier. The provider also allows its customers to finance a new smartphone and pay it off over time. This article will only today focus on Mint Mobile Bring Your Own Phone program and the benefits you will enjoy from it.

    The carrier’s BYOP program allows subscribers to bring their own phones. Note that most Mint’s customers opt to bring their own devices instead of purchasing a new phone from their online store. Mint is not very restricting about the phones it allows. Most unlocked phones compatible with T-Mobile, the network Mint Mobile operates on, are allowed on Mint. You can verify your phone compatibility by running it through Mint’s eligibility tool.

    Switching phone carriers used to be puzzling and expensive, but when you switch to Mint Mobile, you will find it affordable to bring your own phone plans. These plans will save you some dollars on your cell phone bill. The MVNO makes it quick and straightforward to purchase a SIM card kit and get your new plan up and successively within a few days.

    Qualification for Mint Mobile BYOP

    There are no unique qualifications for BYOP at Mint Mobile. As long as you have Mint compatible phones, which are all unlocked GSM devices, and are willing to purchase a Mint Mobile SIM card and choose a plan, you can switch to their cellular services.

    Benefits You Will Get From Mint Mobile BYOP

    You can get the following benefits if you bring your own device to a low-cost Mint Mobile carrier.

    i) Enjoy lower prices

    Mint Mobile has affordable plans that save up to $600 a year. The saving, in turn, lowers your monthly phone bills.

    ii) Keep your number

    With Mint Mobile, there is no need to change your number. The MVNO allows you to port it across easily.

    iii) Ample coverage

    Mint Mobile gets powered by T-Mobile, and you will get the same coverage on the nationwide 4G LTE network from T-Mobile.

    iv) Easy to switch

    With Mint mobile, just pick your plan, and they will send your SIM card to your delivery address location

    v) Flexibility

    Mint Mobile does not tie you to any contract with their prepaid plans, so if your needs change, you can call off or alter your plan without being penalized.

    Bring Your Own Phone To Mint Mobile – The Steps

    Since Mint is an MVNO, it is quick to swap out your SIM cards and begin your phone service on your old phone right away. If you plan to bring your device to Mint Mobile, follow the steps below.

    • Check whether your phone is unlocked with your previous carrier. If you are still paying for your phone, you will need to pay off the phone with your carrier before unlocking it. Each carrier has different processes involved in unlocking phones. Ensure you are familiar with the procedures for specifics
    • Ensure your device is compatible with the Mint Mobile network. Most Apple iPhones and Android phones will work with Mint Mobile’s network.
    • Sign up for the Mint plan and wait to receive your SIM card kit. You can also purchase the SIM card kit from some retailers like Target.
    • Immediately you have the SIM card, follow the instructions on the kit, and replace your old SIM card with the Mint SIM card.
    • You can then activate your plan by visiting Mint Mobile’s website and providing the ACT code on the back of the card containing the SIM card.
    • For Android users, you need to access Mint Mobile’s network by entering the correct APN setting on your phone.

    Mint Mobile BYOP Plans

    Mint Mobile has a variety of low-cost plans available for you. Whether you are looking for unlimited data, text and talk, family plans, or basic plans, you will get them. Some BYOP plans include:

    • 4GB Data for $15/month
    • 10GB Data for $20/month
    • 15GB Data for $25/month
    • Unlimited Data for $30/month

    The Mint mobile deal on the plans is that you can buy three months of each plan and get three months free. All Mint plans include:

    • Unlimited talk and text
    • High-speed data
    • Free calling to Mex and Can
    • Free Mobile hotspot
    • Get free 3-in-1 SIM card
    • Wi-Fi calling and text

    Other Mint Mobile deals include:

    • Get 12 months free of Mint Mobile service when you buy a 12-month plan plus a new phone as low as $15/month.
    • Get three months free of Mint Mobile service when you buy a select iPhone (iPhone 12, 12mini, 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro, or 13 Pro Max)
    • Purchase any android phone with any 12-month plan, and Mint will knock $50 off the upfront device cost.
    • Get 250MB of 5G data, 250 minutes, and 250 texts free of charge with the new Mint Mobile free trial.

    Mint Mobile Compatible Phones

    Most Apple iPhone and Android phones are compatible with Mint Mobile. You can get brand new phones from Mint Mobile and Walmart. Old Apple and Android models will also work with the Mint Mobile network but check on Mint’s compatibility checker if the phone is old. Here are the top most popular devices on Mint’s network:

    • Apple iPhone 13 mini 128GB
    • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max 128GB
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G 128GB
    • Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G 128GB
    • Apple iPhone SE(2020) 64GB
    • Apple iPhone 12 64GB
    • Mint Mobile OnePlus 6
    • Mint Mobile Samsung Galaxy A52 5G

    Things to do If Your Phone isn’t Compatible with Mint Mobile

    If you check your phone compatibility and it fails, it most likely means it is locked. In that case, you have to contact your current carrier and ask them to unlock your device. Most providers have unlocking policies in place, and they are willing to unlock a phone after a specific time.

    If your phone is incompatible for some other reason, there is nothing you can do. The best option is to purchase one of the discounted new phones available at Mint Mobile.

    Network Towers That Mint Mobile Use

    Mint Mobile is an MVNO that does not have its own network of Mobile Towers. They operate on T-Mobile’s grid, one of the US’s largest and most reputable tower infrastructures. With Mint Mobile, you enjoy T-Mobile’s network and perks at highly affordable prices as Mint Mobile towers are identical to those used by T-Mobile. The towers are regularly updated to meet the latest standards.

    The Final Word

    Given the information in this article, you should now be able to make an informed decision whether the Mint Mobile BYOP option is something you want to take advantage of. If you decide to give Mint Mobile BYOD a chance, you have the information you need above, from compatibility check to activation process. The good thing is that it can all be done from the comfort of your seat. With affordable plans and no contracts, the Mint BYOP program can save your budget up to $600 annually.