The Best Straight Talk Hotspot Plans

Straight Talk Wireless operates as a mobile virtual network operator that offers services through leasing coverage from the major wireless carriers in the United States. Besides, it operates on GSM and CDMA wireless technologies. This carrier gives new customers more flexibility to maintain their current phone when switching and signing up for a new plan. Besides, there are straight talk hotspot plans, which will get elaborated on in this article.

On the other hand, Straight Talk Wireless has partnered with TracFone and Walmart to offer the best straight talk phones. Additionally, Straight Talk Wireless provides many different plans, all without any contract. Thus, you can always pick up the plan that matches your needs and change if your needs vary without being locked into a contract.

With Straight Talk Wireless, you can get value for your money with unlimited nationwide text, talk, and data for 30 days or more with their extended service plans. Straight Talk unlimited data plans, including a $55 per month plan that features 10GB of mobile hotspot data. Apart from its monthly plans, this carrier offers 12-month, 6-month, and 3-month data plans at a discounted rate. Also, you can enjoy slightly lower prices when you pay for plans with auto-refill.

Are Straight Talk Phones Unlocked?

All Straight cell phones come locked to their network. However, there is an unlocking policy for all wireless providers in such cases. Thus, Straight Talk phones can get unlocked and work with other carriers’ services. However, some conditions are to be met for you to qualify for the device unlocking.

Moreover, after your Straight Talk phone becomes unlocked, you can use it with any other wireless provider that provides the BYOP option. However, you must check compatibility with the carrier’s network first. Most providers that offer the BYOP program have a similar online compatibility check process as Straight Talk. You need to enter your phone’s IMEI.

Straight Talk Compatibility Check Process

If you need to know if your phone is compatible with Straight Talk, you can follow the simple steps below.

  • Browse the Straight Talk’s official website.
  • On the home page, go to the ‘Shop’ item in the main menu bar and tap the ‘Buy SIM Cards or Bring Your Own Phone option from the drop-down menu.
  • Then on the next page, you will see ‘Check Compatibility.’ Then click on the ‘Check Now’ button below that option.
  • You will get directed to the next page, asking if you know which carrier your device is compatible with. You will choose between’I Know the Compatible Carrier’, ‘I Have An Unlocked GSM Device,’ and ‘I Don’t Know. Tap the ‘Select’ button under the applicable option for you.

How Do You Transfer Your Phone Number To Straight Talk?

straight talk hotspot plans

You can transfer your mobile number from your current wireless company to Straight Talk online. To port in your existing number to your Straight Talk device, the number must be active with your current service provider.

However, you must request Straight Talk to transfer your number, and Straight Talk shall process the request on your behalf. To begin the process, log in to Straight talk Activate, and choose the option ‘Activate my phone with a number from another company.’

Additionally, porting in your phone number to a new Straight Talk cell phone takes at least two workdays, but it can take a few hours in most cases. If you transfer a landline number, it may take longer. Notably, your new Straight Talk cell phone gets ready to complete activation when your old phone stops functioning.

How Do You Switch To Straight Talk Wireless?

You can join this carrier by bringing your own device or purchasing a compatible device. Straight talk provides a wide selection of cell phones from renowned manufacturers such as Samsung, Apple, Motorola, and TCL.

Nevertheless, if you want to enjoy the freedom and flexibility of a no-contract carrier, switch to Straight Talk Wireless. You only need to:

  • Select from several varieties of smartphones or opt to keep your own phone and purchase a compatible SIM Activation Kit.
  • Select a no-contract monthly plan.
  • Activate your cell phone online and enjoy the savings.

If you don’t have a cell phone you’d want to keep when transferring to Straight Talk, you can choose from plenty of different phone models and brands. Besides, you can select from the straight talk phone deals, plus various latest smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 and Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy 21, all at pocket-friendly prices.

Activate Your Straight Talk Service

To activate your new Straight Talk phone online. You may also activate your new device by calling the customer care center on 1-877-430-2355  from a different phone.

  • Proceed to straight talk
  • Select “Activate.”
  • You will require entering a service plan PIN.
  • You can also buy a service plan using a credit card or a debit card in the activation process.
  • You will also require your Mobile Hotspot device serial number and zip code to complete the process.

Straight Talk Mobile Hotspot Service Plans

You can use two ways to have a hotspot with Straight Talk. First, you can have them choose the right plan to create a hotspot through your phone, or you can have a separate hotspot device that allows you to choose among several plans for the straight talk home internet. The Unlimited Nationwide $55 plan is the common among the Straight Talk cell phone plans that allow you to utilize your phone as a hotspot device.

1) Basic $30

  • Unlimited Nationwide Text
  • 1500 Minutes for Nationwide calls
  • 100MB of data for data-capable phones.

2) Unlimited Nationwide $35

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text,
  • 5GB of data (First 5GB at high speeds, then at 2G)
  • 30-day plan

3) Unlimited Nationwide $45

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text
  • 25GB of data (First 5GB at high speeds, then at 2G)
  • day plan with extended options for $130 for 3 months, $255 for 6 months, $495 for 12months)

4) Unlimited Nationwide $55

  • 30 Days
  • No Contract
  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text
  • Unlimited Data
  • 10GB Hotspot data (not authorized with AT&T compatible SIMs)
  • Video typically streams at DVD quality

5) Unlimited International $60

  • Unlimited Nationwide Text and Talk
  • Unlimited Data (first 25GB at high speeds, then at 2G, Unlimited Talk, Text, and Picture Messages
  • Unlimited International Calling (limitation apply)
  • Unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile to Mexico, China, Canada, and India phone numbers
  • call up to 15 unique destination numbers per service month
  • 400 bonus minutes to call Claro Guatemala phone numbers.

6) $65 Platinum Unlimited Plan

  • Unlimited Data, Talk, and Text
  • 20GB of Mobile Hotspot
  • 100GB of Cloud Storage plus Mobile Protect protects your phone against cracked screens, spills, mechanical and electrical failure. HD Video Streaming and International Calling

7) 2 Lines – Unlimited Nationwide $90

  • Unlimited Nationwide Talk and Text,
  • Unlimited Data (Hotspot data not included with the discounted 2-Line plan)

Where Can You Buy Straight Talk Phones?

However, if you are planning to purchase Straight Talk compatible phones, then you can find your dream device in any of the five best places below:

i) Straight Talk Website

This place is the safest and 100% sure way to get Straight Talk services. This website avails excellent customer support, and you can call at any time if you require extra information or help. Moreover, you can find a diverse selection of Straight Talk cell phones here.

ii) Straight Talk Authorized Retailers

They are accredited local stores, which can get identified using the Straight Talk locator. These retailers provide a good place if you prefer to hunt for your wireless needs in person. Besides, these stores lack a variety of phone choices, but they can help you request an order online.

iii) Straight Talk Phone At Walmart

Walmart is an excellent alternative that offers a wide range of cell phones from all the major wireless carriers, more so Straight Talk’s. They allow you to shop online or in any of their local stores.

iv) Straight Talk Phone At Amazon

Amazon is a leading retailer of everything you’d want under one roof. However, whenever you purchase your cell phone on Amazon, ensure you check their customer reviews and all the details on the listing.

v) Straight Talk Phone At Best Buy

Best Buy is a leading electronics store with an extensive selection of various mobile phones. However, their stocks become limited from time to time, especially in local stores. But, their online store offers you the best chance to receive the phone you want.

Bottom line

Straight Talk Wireless is an excellent no-contract carrier that offers you quality cell phones and plans. Besides, you can select a plan that works best for you, including the hotspot plans. With their extended service plans, you can enjoy unlimited nationwide talk, text, and data for 30 days or more. Undeniably, Straight Talk provides the plans that suit your needs, and you can keep your own phone, plus your current number, into its network.