What Is The Best Consumer Cellular Tablet Plans

Consumer Cellular is a US-based wireless provider. The wireless provider offers eminent plans, phone deals, and regular discounts to existing and new customers. A Consumer Cellular tablet refers to a mobile phone that resembles a smartphone in functionality but is more advanced that can operate on its network. You can use the tablet with a Consumer Cellular SIM card. There is a vast list of Cellular compatible phones, but this article will enlighten you with the best Consumer Cellular tablet plans.

The wireless provider offers customizable and flexible monthly plans. Whether you antedate using your mobile phone regularly or in case of emergencies, Consumer Cellular has a plan that fits you and your household. Consumer Cellular offers a wide range of tablet plans. They offer both Android and iPhone tablets for all price ranges that cater to all income internet users. Herein I will give much information for the best tablets currently offered at Consumer Cellular.

The wireless provider free SIM card enables you to connect your tablet to Consumer Cellular service. The existing carrier must unlock your device and be compatible with GSM network technology to activate their service on your tablet. Their SIM card primarily functions with phones compatible with AT&T or T-Mobile service. The Insertion and activation of a SIM card is a quick and easy process and does not include an activation fee.

How Do I Get The Best Consumer Cellular Tablet Plans?

To get the best Consumer Cellular tablet plans, you have to do the following, considering that the provider offers affordable plans.

  •  Be an AARP member so that you can save up to five percent on your monthly phone bills. Enjoy huge discounts on some tablets.
  • Refer your friends and family members to the service. A $10 referral credit added to your account when they sign up and start using the service will save your budget.
  • Look when the provider runs a promotion. They can offer you $100 credit which will save your budget upon purchase of your tablet.
  • Speak with their customer service frequently. They can inform you of any promotions and discounts they offer on some tablets.

What Are Consumer Cellular Phone Plans?

consumer cellular tablet plans

Here I will look at Consumer cellular plans used with all Consumer Cellular compatibles phones, including tablets. Their plans are flexible as you can choose several minutes and data plans. They offer discounted plans that present an opportunity to save on data and talk bills.

i) Talk only plans

  • 250 minutes @ $15
  • Unlimited minutes @ $20

ii) 250-Minute Talk plans

iii) Unlimited Talk plans

  • 500MB @ $25
  • 3GB @ $30
  • 10GB @$40
  • 15GB @$50
  • Unlimited data @ $60

 What Are the Best Consumer Cellular iPhone Tablets Deals?

1) Apple iPad Pro 12.9 -2021

The tablet can save you up to $250 if you purchase it from Consumer Cellular. It can be purchased using a 2-year plan. Moreover, you can use any other plan and get a $250 promo credit over 2 years. The purchase of the tablet can get you an offer of $100 with trade-in off of the devices like Apple iPad, LG G pad 5 10.1 FHD, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e. You are eligible for trade-in off your old phones with a month of purchase.

2) Apple iPad 10.2- 2020

It is a budget-friendly tablet for Consumer Cellular customers. You can receive the tablet when trading in the existing devices within 30 days of purchase. Some of the existing devices you can trade in are Apple iPad and LG g pad 5 10.1 FHD and get up to $100 off credit. You can save up to $250 when buying the eligible tablet from the provider. The tablet can either be purchased with a 2-year plan or any other plan where you can get up to $250 in promo credit.

3) Apple iPad Air 12.9 256GB (2020)

This is an excellent option provided by the provider. You can get up to $100 off when you trade-in with other tablets like Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e and LG G pad 5 10.1 FHD. The tablet can also be purchased with an eligible plan. The trade-in with your old tablets within a month of purchase. A promo credit given to you over 2 years differ based on unlimited plans. The customer can receive up to $350 upon purchase of an eligible tablet.

What Are the Best Consumer Cellular Samsung Tablets Deals?

The best 5 tablets under Consumer Cellular Samsung phones include;

1) Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is the complete entry-level Android tablet in the market. Whit few things to complain about, overall it offers a good experience across the board. With a robust chassis, good screen, powerful battery life, and other features on board, the Tab A7 nearly has it all.

The tablet supports a Nano size SIM card. On the left-hand side of the tablet, insert the SIM tray removal tool into the hole on the SIM card/memory card tray, and then push until the tray comes out. Place your SIM card on the tray.

2) Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE 5G

You can save $100 with trade-in with your old device upon purchase of the tablet. It is one of the best 5G tablets at Consumer Cellular. The device is currently unavailable, but you can pre-order the following stock and get saving for a trade-in. You can get up to $100 off when you trade-in with gadgets like Samsung Galaxy Book S, Samsung Tab S7+, and Samsung Tab S5e.

3) Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5″

The Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5 is one of the best models of this series. The tablet has updated software and LTE functionality, powerful battery life, robust build quality, the desired design, and stunning speakers. However, the processor is too slow even to consider doing any severe streaming or gaming.

What are Consumer Cellular phones at Walmart?

If you want cheap data plans and the best consumer cellular phones at Walmart, there is a list of alternatives to choose from the above iPhone and Samsung tablets. Whether you are an elder or a young adult, you can always find the phone that matches your pocket. Apart from the above tablets, other best consumer cellular unlocked phones at Walmart include;

  • Apple iPhone XR w/64GB, Red
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy S9, 64GB Black – Prepaid Smartphone
  • Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max 64 GB Space Gray Fully Unlocked
  • SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 10, 256GB Aura Glow
  • Motorola Moto One Zoom XT2010 128GB Unlocked
  • Apple iPhone SE (2020) w/ 64GB, Black, and many others

What is the best Consumer Cellular tablet for seniors?

GrandPad is the best and easy-to-use tablet designed for seniors. The tablet helps them keep in touch with their friends and family. It offers them an opportunity to make phone calls, video calls, send text messages, and browse. The gadget is user-friendly and comes with custom apps that meet the user’s specific needs. Some of the features of this tablet are;

  • Long-lasting battery
  • Pre-installed games and applications
  • Inclusion of walkthrough video instructions
  • No-contract tablet
  • User friendly and easy to use
  • Large buttons and text
  • Urgent response button
  • Instant customer support


  • Operating system: Android
  • Resolution: 1920 x1200 full HD
  • Display:8 inch

The consumer cellular phone deals for this tablet are prepaid mode based. Users pay fully for the tablet and receive a monthly service that sanctions internet connection and service features.

Do Consumer Cellular offer Bring Your Phone program for tablets?

The provider lets you bring any tablet compatible with their network and operate using the GSM technology SIM card they offer. Most unlocked GSM tablets should work on the Consumer Cellular network. Furthermore, their GSM SIM cards work with tablets used on AT&T or T-Mobile services.

Tablets from other carriers comply as well. Your task is to request your previous carrier unlock the phone you would like to bring over to Consumer Cellular. In summary, this is what is required;

  • Make sure the previous carrier unlocks your tablet.
  • Make sure your tablet is GSM technology compatible.

How Do I Replace My Tablet At Consumer Cellular?

Probably you have asked yourself a question, “how can I replace my lost tablet at consumer Cellular?” Here are the answers to your question.

  •  In case your tablet is lost or stolen, you need to purchase a new tablet with Consumer Cellular or bring another unlocked GSM tablet and use it with their network.
  • If your tablet becomes defective, you can explore their warranty. All Consumer Cellular new tablets have a one-year warranty with the manufacturer. If there is a malfunction, it is up to the manufacturer’s determinationto replace or repair the phone.
  • If your tablet malfunctions, contact the Consumer Cellular Customer Support care at (888) 345-5509, and they will help you through the warranty process.

Nonetheless, you should note that the warranty does not cover malfunctions caused by the careless handling of the tablet.

How to apply for an emergency broadband benefit tablet with Consumer Cellular?

The Consumer Cellular partners with the federal government to offer free government smartphones through the emergency broadband benefit program. The program helps low-income internet users get connected and accessible smartphones during the Covid-19 pandemic. To qualify for the program, you need to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • You must be the beneficiary of the reduced-price school lunch and breakfast program.
  • Have a substantial loss in your income due to the pandemic i.e. lost a job or closed a business.
  • If you have received the Federal Pell Grant award in the current annual, you are eligible for the program.
  • If you have participated in the provider’s internet for the low-income users’program, you will be assured.
  • Your income is less than 135% or less as stipulated in Federal poverty guidelines
  • If your household lives on Tribal lands, you can apply for the program.
  • If you or your dependents participate in the following federal government program: SNAP, SIS, and Tribal TANF.

The process of applying your tablet is as follows:

  • Contact Consumer Cellular to initiate the application
  • Check if you meet the eligibility criteria as stated with the provider.
  • Apply for your tablet online at ‘Get Emergency Broadband.’
  • You can also apply via e-mail by printing a copy of the application form, filling it and sending it to the provider.
  • After application, it will take a few business days to authenticate your request. If you qualify, they will contact you on how you can get your free tablet.

Bottom line

With the above best consumer cellular tablet plans, you can save on your phone purchase bill. You are free to purchase one of the best tablets available or bring your own to enjoy the provider’s huge discounts. If you are buying a Consumer Cellular tablet, the best place is, without a doubt, the online store. You can also visit one of their local representatives with the likes of the TARGET store.