What are the Cheapest Xfinity Cable and Internet Package

Probably you have heard Xfinityreferred to as Comcast. This is because Comcast is the parent company of Xfinity. It is one of the top internet services providers in the USA, with fast and reliable services despite having loopholes in its customer’s services. This article provides rich information about the cheapest Xfinity cable and internet package that you need to know before making any major purchase decisions.

Xfinity provides both cable and internet packages for its customers in different parts of the US. Its TV packages are brought to you through a cable connection. The company provides these fast and reliable services to over 30 million customers in different states, making it the giant cable provider in the country. For this reason, you need to find whether Xfinity TV is available in your location and comes with money-saving deals.

You will find that the cheapest internet package offered with Xfinity is 50Mbps plans. It is worthy to note that the fastest plans come with higher prices and meet your internet needs like video streaming and online gaming. You might pinpoint the cheapest internet package for you but getting the best stuff is a challenge. This article brings light to this challenge by giving crucial information for making wise decisions.

What Are The Cheapest Xfinity Cable TV Packages?

Xfinity offers cable services to residents of 33 states in the US. It is a life and on-demand service compared to other services offered by other companies. The company partners with other companies like Netflix and Hulu to ensure that you have entertainment at your fingers. Listed below are the pros and cons of the service.


  • It has various plans to meet your entertainment needs.
  • It has no contract options, thus saving you a lot
  • Flexibility in channel selection


  • The service is expensive

The service provider offers you five flexible plans, meaning that you can select the channels you like watching instead of a vast channel list which you don’t watch others. Some of these plans offer you the ability to stream program them in Xfinity Stream App and watch live TV. Here are the plans:

1) Choice Limited Package

This is the most basic package offered by Xfinity. The package has only ten channels, including FOX, CBS, NBS, and ABC. The package offers HD services and program streaming in the Xfinity Stream App. The price of the package is $30/mo. with no contract

3) Limited Basic Package

The package has limited package channels and adds access to a thousand most demanded TV movies and shows. The price of the package is $45/month with no contract making it somehow cheap.

4) Digital Starter Package

This is the robust package offered by Xfinity. The packages feature more than 100 channels, including FX, TLC, Bravo, and HGTV. The package gives more access to on-demanding program streaming on Xfinity App. It gives access to on demanding X1 voice-activated remote. The package costs $59.99/month for the first year with no contract.

5) Digital Preferred packages

Provides of features offered by digital starter package but jumps up to 200 channels. The additional channels are sport picks for sports fans which include the NBL network and NFL network. The price for the package is $69.99/month for the first year with no contract.

6) Digital Premier package

It is the costly package offered by Xfinity, and it has over 260 channels, including movie and sports channels. The package offers all features of low package like voice-controlled remote and APP streaming. The package costs$84.99/month for the first year with no contract.

 The prices of these packages vary from one state to another. The pricing information given here is for the customer in Charlotte, North Carolina.

What are the cheapest Xfinity Internet Plans?

xfinity cable and internet package

The best-known internet services providers in the US are Xfinity. Those who have subscribed to their services for a long can ascertain that there is no trouble with their internet speeds. Internet services for Xfinity start at a pretty low price, and sometimes, you can get their representative to offer you a promotional price. The price you pay for the internet depends on your location, which poses a challenge to choose. Some of the pros and cons of these internet packages are as follows.


  • Steady download internet plans.
  • Low promotional prices.
  • It is available in all states in the US.


  • They have no consistency in their prices
  • The data is capped at 1.2TB
  • Contract required

Here are the Xfinity cheapest internet packages and their prices for those residing in Northeastern US. If you are into purchasing the lowest-priced package without considering speed, the performance starter plan is the cheapest.

1) Performance Starter Package

  • Price: $29.99
  • Upload speed: 5 Mbps
  • Download speed: 50 Mbps

2) Performance Package

  • Price: $34.99
  • Upload speeds: 5Mbps
  • Download speed: 100 Mbps

3) Performance pro plus package

  • Price: $39.99
  • Upload speed: 5Mbps
  • Download speed: 200 Mbps

4) Blast! Internet package

  • Price: $50
  • Upload speed: 10Mbps
  • Download speed: 200Mbps

5) Extreme Internet package

  • Price: $50
  • Upload speed: 20Mbps
  • Download speed: 400Mbps

6) Extreme Pro Plus internet package

  • Price: $60
  • Upload speed: 20Mbps
  • Download speed: 800Mbps

7) Gigabit internet package

  • Price: $80
  • Upload speed: 35Mbps
  • Download speed: 1200Mbps

Recommended is that you take an internet package with a download speed of at least 100Mbps, and the Xfinity Performance package is within the range. The price for the package is what most families can afford. Also, do not forget the performance pro package; at $39.99, you can get a package with a 200Mbps download speed. The biggest drawback to these packages is that their prices double at the end of the promotion period.

What is the Xfinity Ebb program?

Xfinity ebb program, which in full is the Xfinity Emergency Broadband benefit program, is a seasonal Federal government program proudly supported by Xfinity to offer low-income internet services to households and stay connected during the COVID-19 outbreak. The program is available for both new and existing customers.

To qualify for the program, you must complete the eligibility form with the federal national verifier. Then, you will sign up if you are an Xfinity customer to access the next steps. Once your eligibility has been verified, confirmed you are a qualified customer, and connected to the service, finally, you can lend in your application to enroll. Your status updates will be sent to you after 48 hours of applying. You can start your Xfinity ebb program application here.

The customer can receive a monthly credit of $50 towards their internet services and leased phones and other gadgets once fully enrolled in the Ebb program. All essential internet customers are eligible, but they need to enroll before the application of the credit. Comcast is not applying this program towards some Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers like prepaid internet, overage charges unlimited data, Xfinity mobile and voice, and non-internet devices and products. The subsidies of some gadgets like laptops, tablets, and cellphones are not included in the program. Some of the eligibility requirements for this program include;

  • The household is qualified for the federal lifeline program.
  • The household is a beneficiary of the reduced-price school lunch program.
  • The members of the household experienced a significant loss of income due to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • The household’s total income is below $99000.

What are Xfinity Mobile deals for existing customers?

Xfinity is one of the cheapest carriers in the US, operating as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator under Verizon in agreed leasing terms. The carrier offers 5G access to various locations and has a million secure hotspots spread across the country. If you try out Xfinity mobile deals for existing customers, you will get excellent deals on smartphones.

Purchasing a smartphone from Xfinity will reduce your budget to half. You can get a vast market of top phones brands on their website. And you can explore the best phone deals and compare before you can get your next best gadget. You can purchase your phone directly from their in stores. The carrier also offers BYOD program where you can bring your device to be transferred to the network.


Xfinity is a cable and internet provider with vast and cheapest cable and internet packages for residents across the US. The internet and cable provider’s coverage varies from one state to another, and cable and internet services are unavailable for some states. You can see the Xfinity coverage map or enter your area zip code on their website to ensure that your area is covered before any purchase.

You can also get the best mobile deals from Xfinity at low prices that will save your budget. And you can purchase new and popular smartphones from Apple, Google, and Samsung alongside their internet packages.

Xfinity is the best cable TV provider with the no-contract option, and you can enroll on monthly options and cancel anytime without being penalized. Xfinity Stream App is another pro to the provider as it provides an excellent line to on-demand programming.