What Visible Compatible Phone Is

Sometimes you may be wondering, what are the best phones that are compatible with visible in the market? Maybe you are looking for recommendations from your parents and friends and none of them seem to give you the correct one. This article gives light and guide to some Visible compatible phones in the market.

Visible phones feature alternatives for both iPhone and Android gadgets with their budgets like other carriers like Spectrum and Verizon. Sometimes, you may need to dive yourself and get a 5G speed phone that uses Visible wireless plans that are faster where possible. Using Verizon’s network provides better network coverage with about 98% coverage around the nation with 4G lite connectivity. Visible is fast-growing and right now is covering over 2500 cities in the USA.

The carrier provides bring your own device service apart from having a lot of phones on their sites which you can order online and get delivered to your doorstep. It is good to note that not all phones you may have can be compatible with the carrier. The good thing is that we are covering the best visible phone deals in this article that we have experimented with and reviewed. We shall expound on the reasons for purchasing a given Visible compatible phone or not. Below is a guide with the best Visible compatible phone that will save your budget.

What are the best Visible iPhone phone deals for its customers?

Below are the best no-contract cell phone plans under this category.

1) iPhone SE

Apple iPhone SE

This is an iPhone in this spectrum that has been designed to provide high speeds. It has a Bionic chip and a well-designed outlook. This is a powerful device that you will get from Apple at a lower price than expected. It is a 4.7-inch smartphone that does an exemplary job that the iPhone phone offers and its future is promising.


  • The iPhone SE weighs only 148g
  • It operates on OS known as iOS 13
  • It is a 4.7-inch display phone
  • Best screen resolution of 750 x 1344
  • It has a RAM of 3GB and external memory of either 64GB, 128GB, or 256GB
  • Battery life of 1821mAH
  • The rear camera of 12MP, and the front camera of 7MP

Why buy?

  • It is an easily held phone because of its size
  • It is compatible with other carriers
  • A good camera to capture your moments

Why avoid?

  • Poor battery life performance
  • It does not support HD streaming.

2) iPhone 12 Pro

iPhone 12 Pro Max

It is Apple’s favorite phone to many people. It is an excellent simple phone that Apple has made with iPhone 12, and iPhone is great too. The phone has A14 Bionic chip that offers you the incredible speeds you need. The phone got a 6.1-inch OLED screen and a powerful rear camera. It is an excellent phone with the best camera for photographers and videographers.


  • Weight of 189 g
  • The phone has dimensions of 14.67cm x 7.15cm x 0.74 cm
  • iOS 14 device
  • Screen resolution of 1170 x 2532
  • RAM of 6GB
  • External storage of 128GB/256GB/512GB
  • Battery performance of 2,815mAh
  • Triple rear cameras of 12MP + 12MP + 12MP
  • The front camera of 12MP

Why buy?

  • It has triple rear cameras of suitable pixels for photography and videography.
  • Fast phone as it is 5GB enabled.
  • Robust design and outlook.
  • It is one of Visible wireless plans phone

Why avoid?

  • It is an expensive phone deal.

3) iPhone 12 mini

Apple iPhone 12

This is another visible compatible phone under this category. The iPhone 12 mini is an excellent product from Apple for anyone who wants lovely design features of the iPhone 12 series. It is a single-held and pocket-friendly smartphone. It is a robust phone with a metal frame design and a waterproof body. The iPhone 12 mini with the latest A14 microchip. It is a price-saving phone in iPhone 12 series.


  • Weight of 135g
  • It has dimensions of131.5mm x 64.2mm x 7.4mm
  • Operated on iOS14
  • A 5.4-inch screen
  • Screen resolution of 1080 x2340
  • RAM size of 4GB
  • External storage of64GB/128GB/256GB
  • Battery performance of 2227mAh
  • The rear camera of 12MP+12MP
  • The front camera of 12MP

Why buy?

  • A robust design with a metal body.
  • Hand-held phone due to its ideal size.
  • Powerful dual camera.

Why avoid?

  • Poor battery performance

What are the Visible android phones plans for its customers?

Android phones are best cheapest cell phone plans for low-income customers in all the USA states. They are considered to be the cellphones that are highly purchased in most cities compared to iPhone ones. Under this category, we have the following Visible compatible phones.

1) Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G

It is the best android visible compatible phone. It is the phone with most users around the USA. The cost of the phone matches its features, from a balanced internal power to compelling dual cameras for photography lovers. The phone is built on Snapdragon 888 processor making it speedy.


  • Light phone with a weight of 169g
  • Dimensions of (151.7 x 71.5 x7.9) mm
  •  Screen resolution of 1080 x 2400
  • The screen size of 6.2 inch
  • RAM size of 8GB
  • Storage capacity of 128GB/256GB
  • The battery capacity of 4000mAh
  • The front camera of 10MP
  • The rear camera of 12MP+64MP+12MP

Why buy?

  • A powerful camera.
  • Cheaper phone in the series.

Why avoid?

  • The phone is not microSD supported.

2) Google Pixel 4a 5G

Google Pixel 4a

This is the cheapest best android phone to purchase without spending a lot. The phone is Google-based, meaning you will get software updates first. Its camera uses artificial intelligence to get you the best photos ever imagined. It has a better battery for your daily needs. The phone is 5G enabled, making it a future phone


  • Android 11 powered
  • Dimensions of 153.9mm x74mm x8.2mm
  • The screen size of 6.2 inch
  • Screen resolution of 2340 x 1080
  • RAM size of 6GB
  • External storage of 128GB
  • Battery performance of 3868mAh
  • The rear camera of 16MP +12.2MP
  • The front camera of 8MP

Why buy?

  • 5G enabled phone
  • Good and latest android version
  • Good battery performance

Why avoid?

  • It is a slow phone compared to other phones
  • Plastic body frame thus fragile


Moto G Power

The MOTO G POWER is the most affordable gadget with a powerful battery that can last around the day of 5000mAh. It is a premium phone with a quad rear camera for photography. It has a screen size of 6.4 inches favorable for doing your internet things. The phone screen is of high resolution. It has the latest Android operating system. It is the cheapest powerful package that will give value to your dollars spent.


  • Weighs 179g
  • Body dimensions of
  • Android 10 operating system
  • Screen resolution of 1080 x 2300
  • Snapdragon 665 CPU
  • External storage capacity of 64GB
  • Rear camera of 16MP +8MP +8MP +2MP
  • The front camera of 16MP

Why buy?

  • A robust screen
  • Triple rear cameras of good MP
  • Battery performance of 5000mAh

Why avoid?

  • Average performance phone
  • Not known to many people

Do Visible has Bring your own device program?

Maybe you have a good phone with the best features and the idea of buying a new phone visible compatible phones is bothering you. Worry less, because with Visible, bring your own device program, which can bring your phone presuming that it is compatible with the network, and quickly switch and use a new SIM. You can check whether your phone is compatible with the network. Discussed below are the pros and cons of this program.


  • It helps you to avoid upgrading for no reason.
  • Protects your phone contacts and other information from being misplaced and lost
  • Get your first free month offer of $25


  • Costly as you will pay for your phone to be unlocked
  • With this program, you cannot get new excellent features that come with new phones when they are brought to the market.

Bottom Line

Visibly provides an excellent opportunity for you to save big in their compatible cell phone plans, from iPhone deals to android deals. The carrier not only provides excellent internet deals for its customer but also the best cell phones with desirable features for your daily activities. Any cell phone purchased from their shops is always compatible with their network. The BYOD program offered by this carrier ensures you bring your device to them so that it can be unlocked and transferred to their services. The most important thing to ensure is that your phone is always compatible with the network, and this is the compatibility checker.