In 2019, it was estimated that 1.5 million people died of Diabetes. World health organization also estimates that the number of people dying from their business tends to increase over the coming years considering most people do not get diagnosed early.

    Diabetes has been a real-world problem considering it requires an efficient monitoring process that ensures that patients have adequate glucose levels reports. There have been several tools in the market that make it easy to monitor glucose levels, and one which stands out is Dexcom G6 if you are wondering how does Dexcom G6 works to make it easy to monitor because levels will take you on a trip on what makes them the best in the market.

    Dexcom G6 makes it easier for users to monitor glucose levels by simply applying a monitoring patch on their skin. It stands out compared to other glucose monitoring solutions in that there is no need to use needles or complicated procedures to get real-time data on your glucose levels. The Dexcom G6 system is efficient enough in that the FDA has permitted the data collected to be used in treatment without doing any other tests.

    Despite being available in a few countries, Dexcom G6 is a life changer in the health industry. If you have a Dexcom G6 compatible phone or gadget that helps display the data, you can easily monitor the glucose levels. In this read, we aim to provide in-depth insights into how Dexcom G6 works. We also offer info on what devices are compatible with G6 and look at some countries that support Dexcom G6. Our read will also cover what makes Dexcom G6 better and any health concerns with Dexcom G6.

    What are the components of Dexcom G6

    Dexcom G6 is a glucose monitoring tool containing several components that can provide accurate insights on Glucose levels. Here are the components:

    i) Simple Auto-Applicator

    The Applicator is placed on the surface of the skin. The Applicator then inserts a tiny sensor beneath the surface of the skin.

    ii) Sensor

    This sensor is attached to the auto applicator and goes beneath the surface of the skin.

    ii) Transmitter

    It receives signals from the sensor, after which the transmitter displays the data on a graphical user interface.

    How does Dexcom G6 works

    Dexcom G6 is a combination of four elements, as mentioned earlier in the article. The components feed real-time data to display mobile phones, smartwatches, and other Dexcom G6 compatible devices.

    When you place the Auto-Applicator on the skin, it attaches a sensor beneath the skin’s surface. This sensor gets real-time info on glucose levels within your body and sends the data to the transmitter. The transmitter will then send the data collected to your device, and it will display real-time data of your Glucose levels.

    Dexcom G6 makes it easier to monitor glucose levels considering there are no complicated procedures, and it feeds you real-time data. Other monitoring technologies tend to collect data occasionally, making it inaccurate to know the patient’s exact medical condition.

    Which countries support Dexcom G6

    Dexcom G6 is available in many countries around the globe, and the number tends to increase annually. Some of the countries supported include Australia, Bahrain, Belgien, Belgique, Canada, Denmark, Deutschland, Eesti, Espana, France, Israel, Jordan, Lietuva, Luxembourg, Malta, Norge, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Schweiz, Slovenia, and United Arab Emirates.

    Over the coming years, the product may be easily accessible to other countries around the globe in that you can directly purchase it at a local pharmaceutical store.

    What makes Dexcom G6 unique

    Dexcom G6 is unique when compared to other Glucose monitoring products in that it feeds real-time data. This helps bring a lot of accuracies when looking to treat Diabetes 1 and 2.

    The real-time data monitoring is also seamless, considering the sensor and Auto-Applicator are easy to wear and walk around. Dexcom G6 displays data on your cellular devices if you have a Dexcom G6 compatible phone. The Dexcom eco-system is also efficient enough such that the data recorded will be used in the treatment of diabetes without the need to do other tests.

    Dexcom G6 has an alert system that ensures users get an instant notification if the Glucose levels are above a certain threshold. Doing so has lowered the chances of many fatalities caused by Diabetes.

    Dexcom G6 lowers A1C and reduces hyper and hypoglycemia. It also increases the time range to help you stay in control of the glucose levels in your body. The App also has a shareable feature that lets you share data with up ten followers. You can also share it with your doctor, and it will help them fast-track your treatment.

    Setting up Dexcom G6 is also very simple, and it involves filling in your Diabetes information and doctor & insurance information. Once that is done, you can monitor your data efficiently.

    Are there any health concerns with Dexcom G6

    Now, there are no health concerns with Dexcom G6. However, some users are reporting data inaccuracy, but this may be due to how they placed the sensor on their bodies. Once you get the Dexcom G6 package, ensure to follow instructions on placing the sensor on your body.

    The App has a few bugs, but it isn’t essential. There are no significant concerns but only praise on the efficiency of this product. However, before you use it, ensure you have a Dexcom G6 compatible phone.

    Bottom line

    The Dexcom G6 is a pioneer in the treatment of Diabetes Type 1 and 2. The system comprises several components that interact to ensure the user gets accurate data on the Diabetes levels and can get adequate treatment based on that data. You can get started with Dexcom G6 by buying it at the nearest pharmaceutical store in the mentioned countries or ordering it online.