What Dexcom Compatible Phones Are

High glucose levels in the body cause major issues like heart diseases, high blood pressure, in many other issues, with the worst-case being a fatality. Dexcom is seen to offer a solution by providing a glucose monitoring tool that is designed to help diabetes patients keep track of their blood pressure. Dexcom has helped millions of people worldwide to have sufficient data on the glucose levels in their bodies, which prevents any fatalities and know how to take care of themselves. The Dexcom continuous glucose monitoring system works with several Dexcom compatible phones.

If you are a first-time Dexcom user, they offer a Dexcom G6 sensor which can be placed anywhere around the abdomen, at the back of the upper part of the arm. This sensor feeds real-time data to your mobile phone and, in turn, helps to monitor any changes in the levels local in your body. This system has helped patients with diabetes to monitor Lucas levels, and you know what triggers high blood pressure based on the daily tasks these users perform.

It also helps doctors understand the current high blood pressures and recommend medicinal or psychological help to lower or prevent any catastrophe. This article covers how to know a phone is compatible with a Dexcom sensor. We also touched on the benefits of using the Dexcom G6 sensor to help people with diabetes or high blood pressure. Our read will cover the seven best phones that are compatible with Dexcom.

How to know a phones is compatible with Dexcom?

There are several ways to know whether a phone is compatible with a complex G6. However, the underlying factor comes down to whether the device is a smartphone or not. Flip phones or keyboard devices may not work with Dexcom G6 since transmission and displaying of data will only be effective on smartphones.

Phones that are compatible with Dexcom G6 are mostly Android or iOS devices. The user may also need to evaluate other factors like:

  • The operating system version of the Phone- this applies to users who have an Android device. You may need to check whether their current version is compatible with Dexcom G6 up.
  • Phone memory capacity- Some devices with low memory capacity may not work with Dexcom G6, considering it requires a significant amount of space to process and store data.

These are some of the underlying factors when checking for phone compatibility Dexcom. You may also visit Dexcom compatibility to know some of the devices compatible With Dexcom.

Once you purchase a Dexcom G6 sensor, you can connect it to their device by downloading the Dexcom G6 mobile app and following onscreen instructions. This sensor needs to be placed on your body for the entire day and linked with the app to get accurate information.

How does Dexcom G6 work?

Dexcom G6 is a continuous glucose monitoring system that uses sensors and generates data that helps diagnose and treatment of glucose-related diseases. The Dexcom G6 is a sensor placed on specific parts of the body and provides real-time glucose levels information, which helps predict the level of blood sugar in the body.

It’s most likely used to help control hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia, other religious diseases. This sensor connects to a smartphone which is used to display data considering it lacks a display. Dexcom G6 has helped millions of patients by providing accurate data, which is helpful to doctors in the treatment of diabetes and other related diseases.

Dexcom G6 is not a prescription-based product but is recommended for users with high blood pressure or pre-existing diabetes-related conditions. It can be purchased at selected stores, or you can order each directly from Dexcom or authorized resellers.DexcomG6 may work with several intelligent devices ranging from smartphones and smartwatches.

The 7 best Dexcom compatible phones

1) Apple iPhone XS 64 GB

apple iphone x
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First on our list is the iPhone X as 64GB. iPhone XS is dust and water-resistant and supports Apple Pay. The Phone comes with a Super Retina OLED HDR 10 will be vision display of 5.8 inches and a resolution of 1125 x 2436 pixels. It has scratch-resistant glass and an oleophobic coating. The Phone runs on iOS 12, is upgradable to iOS 15, and uses apple, a 12 bionic chipset.

It has an apple GPU with 4-core graphics. Internal memory is 64GB and 4GB RAM. iPhone XS offers a dual 12 MP primary camera and a dual seven MP selfie camera. Face ID, gyro, Siri natural language commands take dictation sensors are also available. This Phone has a 2658 mAh Li-Ion non-removable battery with fast charging at 15 watts and supports Qi Wireless charging.


  • Strong body build
  • Compatible with Dexcom G6
  • High camera quality
  • Decent screen resolution


  • Unreliable battery life

2) Samsung Galaxy S10e

Samsung Galaxy S10e
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Next on our list is the Samsung Galaxy S10 E, which is a Dexcom compatible phone. S then, he has a dynamic commercial display of 5.8 inches and features 1080 x 2280 pixels. The screen is protected with Corning Gorilla Glass five and has an always-on display feature. It runs on Android 9.0, is upgradable to Android 11, and uses one UI 3.0.

This Phone comes with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and uses Adreno 640 GPU. Internal memory ranges between 128GB to 256 GB, while RAM ranges from 6 GB to 8 GB. It has a dual 12 MP + 16 MP primary camera with features like LED flash and panorama.

The Phone comes with a 10 MP single selfie camera. S10 E has loud stereo speakers fine-tuned by AKG and features Fingerprint sensors, another fantastic sensor. It comes with a 3100 mAh non-removable battery and supports fast charging at 15W.


  • It runs on Android 11
  • Fast charging is supported
  • Ample internal memory is available
  • It uses a powerful GPU
  • It has stunning camera quality


  • Unreliable battery life

3) Samsung Galaxy Note 10 N970

Samsung Galaxy Note 10
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Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launched in 2019 August. The device has a glass front and back, Gorilla Glass 6, and dust and water resistance capabilities. The Phone has a dynamic model display of 6.3 inches with a resolution of 1080 x 2280 pixels and has an always-on display feature. It runs on Android 9, upgradable to Android 11. The device uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and comes wit6h Adreno 640 GPU.

Galaxy Note 10 has a triple 12 MP primary camera and a single ten MP selfie camera. It comes with loud stereo speakers, which AKG tunes. The phone features are the fingerprint scanner and have Bixby natural language commands and dictation feature. The Phone comes with a 3500 mAh battery with fast charging at 25Wand features Qi/PMA wireless charging at 12W.


  • Fast charging is at 25W
  • It runs on Android 11
  • High screen resolution
  • The Phone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset
  • AKG fine-tunes speakers


  • Lacks 3.5 mm jack

4) Google Pixel 4XL

Google Pixel 4
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Next on our list is the Google pixel for excel and was launched in October 2019. The phone has a Gorilla Glass 5 at the front and back, which enhances protection. It is also dust and water-resistant for up to 1.5 meters in 30 minutes. Google Pixel 4XL has a P-OLED display of 90 Hz and has a 6.3 inches display of 1440 x 3040 pixels with Always-on-display capabilities.

It runs on Android 10, upgradable to Android 12. This device runs on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset and has Adreno 640 GPU that provides enhanced performance features. Internal memory ranges from 64GB to 128 GB, while RAM is constant at 6 GB. The device has loud stereo speakers but lacks a 3.5-millimeter Jack. It comes with Bluetooth 5.0, NFC support, and many other features. It has a 3700 MAh battery with fast charging at 18W and supports Wireless charging.


  • NFC is supported
  • Android version is upgradable
  • It uses a Qualcomm chipset
  • Bluetooth 5.0 is supported


  • Short battery life

5) Samsung Galaxy A51

Samsung Galaxy A51
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Next on our list is the Samsung Galaxy 851 that is compatible with the Dexcom sensor. This device was released in 2019. A 51 has a Gorilla Glass 3 to protect the display. It has a plastic back. The device comes with a Super AMOLED display of 6.5 inches and comes with 1080 x 2400 pixels. The Phone runs on Android 10 and can upgrade to Android 11. You also get Exynos 9611 chipset, and it uses Mali-G72 MP3 GPU.

This device has a Quad primary camera and a single 32 MP selfie camera. The internal memory ranges between 64GB to 128GB. RAM starts at 4 GB and goes to 128 GB. It’s the F51 offers NFC support and has Galileo, BDS GPS features. The Phone comes with a 4000 MAh non-removable battery and supports fast charging at 15W. The Phone comes in prism crush black; prism crushes blue, white, and prism crush pink colors.


  • Supports fast charging
  • It has a friendly user interface
  • It comes with a high screen resolution
  • Ample memory storage


  • It has a plastic back

6) TCL 10L

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The TCL 10L is an excellent budget phone for users looking for phones compatible with the Dexcom G6 sensor. It has an IPS LCD HDR display of 6.53 inches and a 1080 x 2340 pixels resolution. The Phone has a plastic body. It runs on Android 10 with a planned upgrade to Android 11. You also get TCL UI on top of Android 10. This device uses a Qualcomm Snapdragon 665 chipset and has Adreno 610 as the GPU.

Internal memory ranges from 64GB to 256GB, while the ram is constant at 6 GB. TCL 10 L has a Quad 48 MP + 8 MP + 2 MP + 2 MP And a single 16 MP selfie camera. The Phone is compatible with GSM network technology. It also offers NFC Support and has GPS capabilities. Battery life is at 4000 mAh. TCL 10 comes in Arctic White or Mariana Blue colors.


  • NFC support is available
  • It comes with long battery life
  • Dexcom is compatible with the Phone
  • It uses a Qualcomm chipset


  • It does not have a modern chipset

7) Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A50
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Last on our list is the Samsung Galaxy A50. The Phone was released in February 2019 and has had millions of sales around the world. It is a Gorilla Glass three at the front, plastic back, and a plastic frame. The Phone supports dual or single SIM. It has a super ambulette display of 6.4 inches and 1080 x 2340 pixels. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 protects the display. Galaxy A50 runs on Android 9.0, is upgradable to Android 11, and uses one UI 3.0.

It has an Exynos 9/6/10 chipset and uses a Mali-G72 MP3 GPU. The Phone’s internal memory ranges from 64GB to 128GB and has 4GB RAM. These phone features are a triple primary camera and a single selfie camera. The device has 3.5-millimeter Jack and a great loudspeaker. Go to features fingerprint scanner proximity and Bixby natural language commands in dictation feature. The device comes with a 4000 mAh non-removable battery that offers fast charging at 15W.


  • Long battery life
  • Friendly user interface
  • High screen resolution
  • Fast fingerprint scanner


  • It has a plastic back

Bottom line

By now, you have insights on the best phones that work with Dexcom G6. The devices listed in this article offer high-end features for Dexcom compatible phones and other features like high camera quality, long battery life, friendly user interface, fast charging, and many other features.

At this point, we hope you know how a Dexcom G6 works, and it brings tremendous value to users who have diabetes or any glucose-related problems wish to improve their health. To get started with Dexcom, visit their website or contact them through social media channels.