The Internet has become an essential aspect for millions of people around the world. It is now being used as a communication medium, learning tool, and many other benefits, especially for business people. Despite the surge in Internet usage, some users may block Internet access since they cannot meet the monthly Billings or costs that come with it. Most people use cell phone data plans, but these are not efficient enough for many users in a homestead. Therefore, knowing how to get free government lifeline Internet is essential.

    The Government works with several Internet service providers to subsidize or offer free Internet to selected users. The lifeline Internet program has been in existence for quite a while, and it offers free Internet or reduced prices on the Internet two selected people based on merits. Millions of people have benefited from the program. They can now access reliable and affordable Internet connectivity for up to a year, after which they are required to recertify. If you have a free government phone, you have an idea of applying for the free government lifeline Internet since the process is quite similar.

    There are stages involved in the application process, and proof of eligibility is essential. This article aims to cover how to get free Government lifeline Internet. Will give in the guide on who qualifies for their free Internet. Our team will overview which areas offer government lifeline Internet and how to apply for the service. We aim to cover the best service providers for such services and how to switch free Internet service providers if you are experiencing poor services or network coverage.

    Who qualifies for free Government lifeline internet

    Qualification for free government lifeline Internet is based on several factors, but it mostly comes down to the application process. Users who use the emergency broadband benefit program have a wide range of qualification terms than applying directly through a service provider. If you use an emergency broadband benefit program, you May qualify for their service through the following eligibility terms:

    i) Income

    users who have income below 135% of the federal poverty threshold may qualify for the free Internet. However, they are required to show proof of income either through tax documents or income checks. Users who have no income at all may also qualify for the service.

    Qualification through income is also based on households. Only one person within a household is required to apply for the service through income.

    ii) Received a federal grant

    A federal Pell Grant may qualify you for their free Internet service. This grant is offered to people who wish to pursue their studies or complete a degree. Their requirements are either if you have a diploma and wish to advance or complete your studies. If you have received such a grant within the past year, ensure to start an application process and submit the grant award documents.

    iii) Approved to receive benefits under the free and reduced-price school lunch program

    Another way to qualify is if you are approved to receive lunch benefits under the free and reduced lunch school program. This program is most like participation in the federal assistance program where users get free lunch in school.

    If someone from your household has received such benefits, they may apply for their free Internet and may receive it. Proof of participation is required, so ensure to have or submit any relevant documents when filling the application form.

    iv) Experience a substantial loss of income

    People who have experienced a substantial loss of income may qualify for the free government Internet. This applies for the past year from February 29th, 2020, to date. If you have lost between $99,000 and $100,000, you may apply for the free government internet and laptop. Proof of loss of income is required for users to qualify.

    v) Participation in the federal assistance program

    The federal assistance programs are programs aimed at offering services to people with no income or low income. the programs have existed for years. They have helped millions of Americans get free benefits. If you have participated in the programs listed below, you may qualify for free government lifeline Internet:

    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program
    • Medicaid
    • federal public housing assistance
    • Veteran’s pension and survivor’s benefit
    • Burial of Indian affairs general assistance
    • Tribal head start for household meeting its income qualifying standard
    • food distribution program on Indian reservations

    These are the ways users may qualify for free Internet from the emergency broadband benefit program. Participation in federal assistance programs and income is another way to qualify if you apply directly through the service providers.

    Which areas offer Government Lifeline internet

    The Government lifeline Internet service is offered around the US. It comes down to their service provider, who will issue you with free Internet for the following year. Most service providers cover 99% of the US landmass.

    Before starting the application process, ensure to check, that the service provider offers adequate network coverage within your area. This will help prevent you from switching service providers all the time as it may attract some costs. If you have a free government cell phone for low income, research areas covered by these service providers and whether they offer sufficient coverage within your location.

    How to Apply for Free Government lifeline internet

    Applying for a free government lifeline Internet program entails the following process:

    Step 1: Choose a service provider

    The first thing to consider is choosing a service provider. This is a company delegated to offer Internet services within your location. You may be required to do some extensive research on factors like:

    • Internet speeds
    • The initial cost of installation
    • Cost of equipment
    • Area of coverage
    • Customer support

    You can research this by reading reviews on the Internet or going to their website and scouting for information. Visiting a lifeline office may also help you by getting you on the best service providers within your location.

    Step 2: Check if you qualify

    The next step will be to check if you qualify. Earlier on, we mentioned the eligibility terms which users may qualify through. Choose a service provider who has similar eligibility terms to the one with which you are applying. In such scenarios, if a service provider does not think of the eligibility terms you’re looking for, it is recommended to apply through the emergency broadband benefit program. The qualification terms are like getting a free touch screen government phone.

    Step 3: start the application process

    Ali only mentioned applying through an emergency broadband benefit program or directly through a service provider. Applying through an Emergency broadband benefit program is considered to offer a wide range of eligibility terms compared to applying directly through a service provider.

    You can visit the EBB website and follow their guidelines to apply.

    Step 4: approval and installation

    It takes between one to five business days to get approved for the service. Once approved, depending on your service provider, they may or may not charge you for installing and purchasing equipment. Some service providers give you a gateway service that comes with installation and equipment for free. This is also what to consider before choosing a service provider.

    Which are the best service providers for free Government lifeline internet

    Several service providers issue free government lifeline Internet. The service providers include:

    1) Spectrum internet

    Spectrum is seen to offer high speeds and free Internet to users who apply through the federal Internet benefit services. You may get up to 30 Mbps per month and free equipment installation if you meet the terms.

    2) Xfinity

    Xfinity offers free Internet under the emergency broadband benefit program. Once approved, you will get access to your bill credit, which can be redeemed for the Xfinity Internet service.

    3) NetZero

    NetZero is tasked to provide free and low-cost Internet to users who qualify for the program. Once approved, you will receive a MiFi, which will be used to provide Internet access within your homestead. NetZero also has Wi-Fi hotspots in selected areas that can be leveraged upon by users who qualify.

    4) FreedomPop

    Lastly is FreedomPop, and they offer free Internet through several Wi-Fi hotspots strategically placed around the US. You may be required to research the hotspots within your location and see if any can work for you.

    Bottom line

    The free government lifeline Internet service has enabled millions of Americans to get access to the Internet. This has helped better their lives such that they can use the Internet for accessible communication, doing business, and many other benefits.

    The process is like getting a free government smartphone, and all it takes is upholding integrity during the application process. Following the guidelines mentioned in this article will have a smooth transition to the free Internet services where they mentioned service providers.