At one point in life, everyone may need to do a phone upgrade. This may be essential to get better performance. Most people do phone upgrades since their old devices are wrecked or not working at all. In the end, a phone upgrade is aimed to provide a better device compared to the one a person previously had. There are several ways to do a phone upgrade. One of the best options is through a service provider, and here we will learn how to straight talk phone upgrade.

    Straight Talk is a Mobile virtual network operator in the US known to offer some of the best phone upgrades in the market. Their online and retail store consists of some top-notch devices that range at varying prices. The Straight Talk phone deals offer some exclusive discounts and promotions on cell phone upgrades. All this is done to ensure new and existing customers get a chance to upgrade their devices without burning out their pocket. Despite them not offering financing for a new device, you have the option to Trade-in your phone to the network.

    In the end, we aim to cover steps on how to upgrade a Straight Talk phone. We will also cover a simple guide on choosing the best phone upgrade. Here we will also review other places to buy Straight talk upgrade phones aside from their store.

    How to choose the best phone upgrade on Straight Talk?

    There are several things to consider before doing a phone upgrade.

    i) Budget

    Choose a device that fits within your budget. This will ensure you do not encounter financial constraints or are forced to take a debt that might affect you in the long run. So, it’s better to plan, save some money and get the straight Talk phone upgrade of your choice.

    ii) Battery life

    This is important for people who wish to travel and may not charge their phones often. Ensure the device comes with reliable battery life at 4000 mAh at the minimum.

    iii) Camera quality

    Do you love taking pictures, consider a device with stunning camera quality and some inbuilt features that ensure you get better and crystal-clear images and videos.

    iv) Processor

    The device needs to have an efficient processor based on the type of task you wish to perform. If you are a gamer or love to install many apps on your device, get a phone with a powerful processor. Qualcomm Snapdragon chipsets are the best option.

    v) Memory

    The phone’s memory should be sufficient to suit your needs. Get a phone that can store large amounts of photos, videos, and much more. Also, consider a device that comes with a Micro SD sim card slot.

    Where are the best places to buy Straight talk phone upgrade?

    There are several stores which you can get the Straight Talk devices for the upgrade. However, it would be best if you put into consideration straight Talk phone compatibility. Here are some of the best stores to get the devices

    1) Straight Talk stores

    The stores can either be online or retail. Buying the device from Straight Talk is an excellent option since you might get good discounts on the device if your choice. The service provider may also offer discounts on the Straight Talk phone plans if you are a new customer.

    2) Amazon

    Amazon is a leading online retailer known to come with benefits like fast shipping, dedicated customer support, and much more. They offer a wide range of devices on their platform. If you are looking for a mid-range of the flagship device, Amazon has them all.

    3) Best Buy

    Best Buy is known to offer some of the best Straight Talk compatible phones in the market. They have stores across the country, and you have the choice to shop online. Best Buy also comes with benefits like a refund policy, money-back guarantees, and much more.

    4) Walmart

    Walmart is a store based in the US that operates online and has physical stores around the country. Walmart offers phones from big brands like Samsung, Nokia, Motorola, and much more. You can get started by visiting the nearest Walmart store or their online store.

    How to check phone upgrade compatibility on Straight Talk?

    If you have bought an upgrade phone outside the Straight Talk store, you may need to run a phone compatibility check. This can be done on Straight Talk’s website, and it only takes a few minutes.

    The first thing you’ll need is an IMEI number. The IMEI number can be obtained by dialing *#06#. An on-screen prompt will then be displayed, showing the IMEI number. You can choose to screenshot it or write it down. From there, navigate to the Straight Talk’s website section for checking phone compatibility. Key in your IMEI number and check to see if the device is compatible or not.

    If your device is compatible, you will receive instructions on how to register it. If not, Straight Talk may direct you to a section where you can buy new devices from their store compatible with the network.

    New vs refurbished: which is a better straight Talk phone upgrade?

    A new phone is considered a better option since you are not likely to encounter any issues with the device. Some of the issues may include poor software build, viruses, dents, and much more. Having a new phone tends to give some sense of comfort when compared to getting a refurbished phone.

    A refurbished phone is also a good option. However, for this case, you must get the device from a verified refurbished re-seller. Straight Talk offers some great certified owned devices in their store. You are also given a refund policy, and a money-back guarantee in case the phone has issues.

    In conclusion, it all comes down to your budget and preference. If you have a low budget but wish to get a refurbished phone, that may work for you. Ensure also to evaluate the device to avoid any issues in the long run.

    What is the best phone upgrade on Straight Talk?

    There are several devices to choose from when doing an upgrade. Here we will discuss the best brands from which you can get your phones.

    a) Samsung

     Samsung has been in the limelight for its stunning devices, which are affordable and still have some impressive specs. You can buy a Samsung phone for an upgrade at varying prices depending on the features you want.

    b) Apple

    Apple is seen to be an iconic company in the cell phone industry with its unique iPhone devices. The iPhone is famous for its unique ecosystem that ensures you get a broad network of services within the device from several companies.

    c) Nokia

    Nokia is considered a Veteran in the cell phone manufacturing industry. They were the pioneers of making flip phones and touchpad devices. Currently, they also manufacture some excellent smartphones with varying specs.

    These are the top 3 brands from which you can get a very cool device. Ensure that the devices you buy are original. Luckily these manufacturers have a phone authentication section on their website, which you can use to see if the device is authentic or not.

    How to upgrade a Straight Talk phone: Complete guide

    Below is a procedural guideline to help in getting started with upgrading a Straight Talk phone

    Step 1: Choose a device

    The first thing to do is choosing a Straight Talk compatible phone. Earlier on, we mentioned how we could choose a suitable device based on several factors. We also talked about the best places to get these devices and the top three cell phone manufacturers around the Globe.

    Step 2: Register the device

    Once you have the device, the next thing would be to register it. However, this option is unnecessary for existing customers since they will only need to place their old sim cards on their new devices and proceed with their cell phone plans.

    If you are a new Straight Talk customer, consider registering for a cell phone plan, after which you will be issued a sim card toolkit. Place the Simard toolkit on the device, and everything will be good to go.

    Step 3: Upgrade your cell phone plan

    This is an optional choice, but a good one if you wish to do so. Getting a new device may force you to get a better cell phone plan on Straight Talk. Luckily, there are several plans to choose from.

    Bottom line

    Straight Talk phone upgrade is considered a great avenue to upgrade the device you currently have. The Straight Talk ebb program may also aid in this if you are of low income or no income at all. From this article, you have all the information needed to get started with a phone upgrade. Ensure to get the device from a legit place if you do not wish to buy from the Straight Talk store.