How To Receive a Free Cell Phone No Deposit No Activation Fee

Free cell phone no deposit no activation fee range from basic phones to flagship smartphones and help us stay connected to the dynamic world. However, these must-have devices are not affordable to everyone, but if you lack money to purchase a new phone right away, here comes the good news. On the other hand, even when you can afford a new cell phone, paying for the service plan is quite costly. 

Thus, some carriers may offer credit as an alternative way to get a new phone and service plan. In most cases, if you have a bad credit history of a score below 600. It’s tough to get a financing contract for your cell phone. For this reason, some cell phone companies will offer you free cell phone service without paying, even with bad credit.

Moreover, one of the several ways to get a cell phone with no deposits, no activation, no money down is by signing up for a contract plan, and that new device becomes yours.  Besides, these deals usually involve a fixed monthly payment amount for your total package, which comprises your data, talk, and text, in addition to a ‘line access fee’ for every device you connect to your plan.

How To Get A Free Phone?

i) Free Phones on Contract

This type of free cell phone requires you to sign up for a two-year service plan with your favorite carrier. After entering into a contract, you will get a brand phone for $0 upfront and no more to pay. However, for the 24 months, you will pay a specific amount monthly to cover the phone’s total cost. The monthly pay include includes your data, talk, and text.

On the other hand,  if you buy cell phone plans with free phones, you will pay less for your device, as you would for your plan in two years. Of which, it’s advantageous since you acquired the device with no deposit when buying a device in installments through 24 months.

ii) Free Cell Phone from the Government

Another way you can get a free cell phone is through the Lifeline Assistance government program. In addition to a free cell phone, you also receive a cheaper cell phone plan. However, don’t expect to get the latest Apple or flagship Android devices with this program, but you can still acquire a brand new phone for free.

Firstly, you’ll have to ensure that you qualify for a free phone from the government. The qualifications for the said free devices include enrollment in any of these government assistance programs:

  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)

Tribal-specific programs that include:

  • Head Start
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
  • Tribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TTANF)
  • Food Distribution Program on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

However, if you are not enrolled in any of the above -government assistance programs, you’ll need to prove that your income is at 135% or below the Federal Poverty Guideline. And household having one individual would require to make $12,880 or less for the program eligibility. Therefore, the more people you have in your household, the higher the threshold towards qualifying.

free cell phone no deposit no activation fee

iii) Buy One, Get One Free

Carriers run a buy one get one free offer to encourage customers to own two expensive new devices during some sales season. Besides, it’s not as plainly buying one device and possessing a second free of charge with nothing more to pay.

Learn more on free cell phone service for life unlimited everything in the US. However, after paying the total cost for the first device,  you’re eligible to get the second one for free. To qualify, you’ll have to add a new service line to your plan and stay connected for the entire contract months to get the total value of this deal. The second device credit gets spread as monthly credits on your phone bill.

The 6 Best Companies that provide Free cell phone no deposit no activation fee

Many carriers serving in various areas of the US provide the best deals on the free cell phone you can find. However, the choice of your always depend on your area. In this guideline,  you will get the carriers available nationwide and take a closer look at their no money down cell phone deals.

They include AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Metro by T-Mobile and others. Moreover, the first three are the leading carriers in the USA, and they now also provide prepaid options that feature no money down cell phone plans.

1) Verizon Wireless

Verizon Wireless is the top US carrier, and it’s giving various brands on iPhones, LG, Motorolla, among others, for free with no upfront cost required. However, to get the cell phone, you will require to get a new number from Verizon Wireless. Then, order your favorite phone from their website, and they will not charge the activation fee due to shopping online.

Moreover, if you are a qualified customer, you won’t require to make any down payment. Your bills will get approved, and the cost of the phone will start accumulating in your account within 24 months, and you will get fully paid to have the phone free of cost.

2) Metro by T-Mobile

Metro provides one of the free cell phones when you switch to its new customers. You can combine phone and monthly data plans when switching to its network. Besides, you can enjoy fantastic offers and deals, but stay tuned to this website to know the company’s latest T-mobile deals and offers.

However, getting the $0 phone deal from Metro, you will need to switch to its network and activate a line on the new phone. You will also require to purchase monthly plans worth $40 or more and maintain the line active.

3) T-Mobile

T-Mobile is now an ever-expanding network offering free cell phones without contract. The total number of cell phones will settle in 24 equal monthly payments and begin within two monthly bill cycles. You will need no trading in a device, and you won’t require to sign any contract.

The process of getting a free smartphone from T-Mobile is straightforward. Firstly, you will require to purchase the selected phone model on a qualifying monthly payment plan. A new line and a service line are a requirement together with the charges and other fees.

QLink Wireless is a crucial participant of a free cell phone and tablet, among other free government cell phone providers in the US. By participating in the Lifeline program, you can get a free government like other needy families. Also, the low-income families with a total household income that matches the Federal Poverty Guidelines will be eligible for the free offers.

Besides, to get free phones, you have to be eligible for the Lifeline program. After making a successful application, you will get your device and monthly packages. It comprises free 3GB of data, free unlimited talk and text, free unlimited picture messaging, and many more. Interestingly, there are no annual contracts, no deposits, or early termination fees.

5) AT&T

Though you can get free phone deals from AT&T, you can still check out the AT&T wireless free government phones under the lifeline program. Firstly, you have to purchase an eligible phone model from AT&T’s online store through a qualifying monthly installment plan to qualify for a free phone.

Afterward, you can add a new line for the phone to a new or existing account and activate a postpaid monthly service worth $50 or more. Settle all the due charges, fees, and other tax amounts during sales and submit the necessary documents. In a short time, you will start getting the phone price in your account.

6)  Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile avails the most incredible deals for switching customers, and you can get free cell phones with no contract. The available smartphone models fall in the Switcher Instant Rebate offer. You can get a Galaxy A20, LG Stylo 5, or Moto G7 Play from Boost Mobile online store.

Moreover, you will have to port your existing number to Boost Mobile’s network to get this free deal. Additionally, you’ll have to activate a line with eligible plans worth $50 or more, depending on your needs.

Bottom line

Landing for a free cell phone no deposit no activation fee is the most terrific deal you can ever think of. However, free cell phones are available in both big and small MVNOS carriers.

Mostly, you have to sign up for one of their qualifying monthly plans to get such free deals. The above providers offer fantastic free phones from renowned manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG, and Nokia.