Over the past few years, we have seen a tremendous transition in service providers’ type of network technology. Previously CDMA was widely used by significant standard networks in the US, but this has slowly shifted to GSM.

    Some service providers worldwide still have active CDMA networks for devices that may not be compatible with GSM. At this point, we will take a deep dive into whether Total Wireless is GSM or CDMA.

    Currently, all the standard service providers use GSM to offer network services, and it is proven to be a better option when compared to other networks. Despite GSM being known to be global and efficient, CDMA has its benefits.

    Total Wireless is a leading mobile virtual network operator in the US. The service provider has been in existence for over a decade and is known for its wide range of Total wireless compatible phones, among many other perks.

    The service provider is a subsidiary of TracFone, a prepaid, no-contract cell phone service provider. Total Wireless uses a steadfast network technology that ensures the customers get faster internet speeds, reduced dropped calls, and no delays when sending and receiving messages. Despite Total Wireless not offering nationwide coverage, it offers sufficient network coverage to the areas it operates in.

    From this post, we will clear the air on whether Total Wireless is GSM or CDMA. We will also cover the benefits of GSM when compared to CDMA. The article will dive deeply into Total wireless phone deals, phone compatibility, and much more information. Let’s roll!

    Network Coverage Of Total Wireless

    Total Wireless uses Verizon to offer network services. It operates as a Mobile virtual network operator whereby it leases network services from Verizon. Verizon is among the top 3 service providers in the US known for its amicable network coverage.

    If you join Total Wireless, you are assured of 99% network coverage unless you go to a rural place whereby the best option would be to get a portable cell phone signal booster. In general, Total WWireless’s chances of having slow internet or dropped calls are minimal except during network congestion, where priority goes to users on a post-paid plan under Verizon.

    Total Wireless GSM or CDMA- A complete guideline

    Total Wireless uses GSM network technology. It gets the network from Verizon wireless. As for Verizon, in the past, it used CDMA. It was ranked as the largest service provider using CDMA network technology in the US. However, with the upgrade to GSM by last year, Verizon has outshined most service providers since it has been able to leverage the better perks found on GSM networks. Here are some of the benefits of using GSM network technology:

    a) Phone compatibility

    Many manufactures create devices that are compatible with GSM network technology. Since Total Wireless uses GSM, you are assured of the most recently manufactured devices compatible with the network. Also, some phones may support CDMA and GSM simultaneously, which is a great advantage to many people.

    b) International roaming is supported

    If you are on Total Wireless and happen to be in another country, international roaming may work if the cell phone towers use GSM network technology. Despite roaming being expensive, it is an excellent option for many users who do not wish to change sim cards.

    This is an excellent benefit for people to travel a lot and wish to keep their phone numbers for a while. International roaming support on GSM has fewer restrictions, and the internet speeds are also reliable.

    c) Lower cost of equipment

    GSM is easy to maintain and build. Cell phone towers based on GSM can quickly be built at a low budget, assuring customers of reliable network coverage at an affordable price. This is also a contributing factor to low prices for Total wireless phone plans.

    d) High-speed internet

    GSM transmits signals at a high intensity when compared to CDMA. This ensures that signals go to a wide range and there is a minimal signal loss ratio. This makes it easier to get faster internet services. You are assured that the internet is fast except during network congestion. Network priority may go to users on a post-paid plan at Verizon wireless, but it will be temporary.

    e) Faster messaging

    GSM allows transmission of signals at a fast rate; hence sending and receiving of messages is faster when compared to CDMA. However, you must be in a location that offers stable network coverage from Total WirelessIf not, getting a cell phone signal booster can be a great option.

    These are some of the perks you get when using GSM from Total WirelessThe only downfall with GSM is that it is often a victim of dropped calls compared to CDMA, especially during network congestion. This should not be a big issue since network congestion rarely happens in some areas.

    best plans for Total wireless GSM network

    There are several plans you can get from Total WirelessThe plans include:

    i) Single line plans

    The plan is further divided into 3. $25/mo gives 1 GB of data and unlimited talk and text. $35 gives 5 GB of high-speed data and unlimited talk and text. The third option costs $50/mo and offers unlimited high-speed data.

    ii) Multi-device plans

    This is a plan convenient for users who wish to get more than one sim card. It is considered as a cheap plan with unlimited everything. The first-tier costs $60 and offers 30 GB of data. The second option costs $85 and comes with 60 GB of data shared across three lines. The last option offers unlimited high-speed data at $100. However, speeds are slowed down at 100 GB.

    Benefits of Total wireless network

    Here are some incentives for using Total Wireless for a new or existing customer:

    1. Affordable plans

    The cell phone plans offered by Total Wireless are pretty affordable when compared to other service providers. They lease network services hence have no overhead costs on maintaining the network towers or equipment.

    2. Adequate customer support

    The customer support team has good etiquette and proper communication skills. You can also reach out to them via several means like email, phone calls, and other options.

    3. Wide range of phone compatibility

    Total Wireless GSM; hence you get a wide range of compatible phones. If you wish to bring your phone to Total Wireless process is straightforward. You can also choose to purchase a phone from them.

    4. Simple Application process

    If you wish to join Total Wireless application process is straightforward and digitalized to ensure anyone can apply at the comfort of their home. There are no background checks or complicated procedures.

    Final Thoughts

    Total Wireless is a convenient network technology that ensures its users get fast internet connectivity, seamless messaging, and reduced dropped calls. The GSM is considered perfect for many, and it is also a building block of the recently launched 5G network.

    If you have a 5G device, it may work with Total Wireless article also covered some of the benefits of GSM, and at this point, you have all the insights needed to compare which is better between GSM and CDMA. As for