Hello there! Are you looking for a phone but can’t afford to buy one? If you are in such a scenario, the most considerate option will be to get a free government phone. Millions of Americans lack access to proper communication channels were digital platforms since they lack smartphones.

    This issue led to the government formulating a free phone and plan service to help people of low income in those with no income get access to a free phone and plan. Despite efforts by the government to uphold this program, issues of gender regarding the proper channels to get this phone. Therefore, we wrote this article to explain the best ways to get absolutely free cell phones without contract. Phones are now an essential part of human beings since, at its core, it serves as a means of communication between people around the globe.

    Free cell phones without contracts come with great perks compared with those having contracts. A contract comes with very limiting options that make it hard for the user to enjoy full benefits from the service provider. With a contract, it is hard to switch service providers, and it’s also hard to negotiate on the terms regarding your cell phone plans.

    Despite contracts being cumbersome, the only benefit you get is during network congestion; the network priority goes to you. This allows you to get a faster Internet connection reduced dropped calls and fast texting. The free cell phone service for life with unlimited everything has no contracts except for a one-year recertification process. You are required to prove eligibility for the program. This ensures that customers continue to stay connected and have a chance to switch to another service provider without having to pay any termination fees.

    We aim to discuss the best ways to get free cell phones without a contract. We look at how you can qualify for a free phone without a contract and how to apply for a free phone without a contract then we will examine whether the free phones have a cell phone plan and lastly, we will end with some of the benefits of the free phone cell phones without contract.

    Who qualifies for a free phone without a contract

    Qualification for a free phone is based on majorly two times. Here we will discuss some of the options to get under the two terms. Remember, each service provider has its eligibility terms. So, before you apply, ensure that you meet their eligibility terms, or you have a chance to qualifying for the service. Let us look at the two options you can use to qualify for an Absolutely free phone without a contract.

    a) Income

    The income should be below 135% of the federal poverty income level. This implies that your income should not be equal to or above the federal poverty threshold, as it will deny you the chance to get a free cell phone without a contract.

    You will also be required to submit a payslip or an income tax document to prove your income. In such scenarios, upholding integrity is critical. If you upload any fake documents, you will be subjected to face the law.

    b) Participation in federal Assistance programs

    Federal assistance programs aim to provide a basic income to people of low income or those with no income at all. There are several assistance programs in each state around the country. However, you must note that some service providers may not accept the assistance program you currently are using if it does not align with their terms.

    Here are some federal assistance programs that may give you the turn to be eligible for a free phone and plan.

    • Medicaid
    • Federal public housing assistance
    • Veterans’ pensions and survivor’s benefit
    • Treble head start-this applies to households meeting its income qualifying standard
    • Food distribution program on Indian reservations
    • Supplemental Security Income
    • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance program
    • Tribally administered temporary assistance for needy families

    These are the two major ways in which you can easily qualify for a free phone without a contract. Now the next step would be to go on the application process.

    How to apply for a free phone without a contract

    Step 1: Choose the best way

    This article will talk about the best ways you can use to get a free phone without a contract. You can evaluate the best option for you based on factors like location, network coverage, customer service, type of form offered, and the eligibility terms in place.

    All the service providers listed in this article have some similarities in the eligibility terms, which is the most crucial aspect of applying for a free phone. Also, location is essential as you may not be able to use your device without network coverage.

    Step 2: Check if you meet the eligibility terms

    The next step will be to check if you meet the eligibility terms. First, visit the service providers FAQ section to see if you may qualify. If your eligibility terms align with their eligibility terms, you may consider applying to that service provider.

    You should also have a certification to show that you participated in the federal assistance program or have income pay slips to show that the income is below the federal government threshold.

    Step 3: Start the application process

    Once you find the service provider, feel free to start the application process by creating an account at their website. You may also visit the nearest office to start the application process. Some service providers allow users to send in their application via mail, and for this, you will be required to download the form you will fill.

    Step 4: Complete the Application process

    after sending in the application process, it will take around five or fewer business days to get approval. If approved, the phone will be shipped to your address or collected at the nearest store. If you’re not approved, the company may require you to repeat the application process or tell you that you did not qualify.

    Do free cell phones without a contract have a cell phone plan?

    Yes! all the companies listed in this article offer Absolutely free cell phones and free phone plans. Some of these free phone plans come with unlimited everything from talk, text, and data. All you need is to discern which service provider offers more benefits than the other and, most of all, consider the network coverage.

    The Best 8 Service providers that offer Absolutely free phone without contract

    Q link wireless is a leading Free government phone provider in the US. The service provider Subs more than 40 states around the US. They have a simple application process, reliable customer service, and several stores around the areas they operate in. If you qualify, you get unlimited text, talk, and data. As for the devices, you may get a Qlink tablet or a phone.

    Qlink wireless allows its customers to port their phone numbers to the network. However, for this, you will be required to complete any pending bills with your previous service provider. You may also bring your phone to Qlink wireless and benefit from available free cell phone plans.

    2) Assurance wireless

    Second, on our list is assurance wireless and this service provider is under Verizon Wireless. This ensures that you get reliable nationwide coverage. Currently assurance wireless operates in over 50 states, and they have some of the best plans available. The application process is simple, and the eligibility terms mentioned early in the article are what will get you an Absolutely free phone without a contract.

    If you are approved for a free phone, you also get a free cell phone plan that includes unlimited talk, text, in data within the US. You may also get international data for Mexico and Canada. Assurance wireless applications can be made through their website, or you can visit the nearest store to get such services.

    3) Offer up

    Offer Up is an online marketplace in which you can get a free phone-based on certain conditions. The service works similarly to Craigslist but offers a more convenient way for people to get free phones or phones at a very affordable price. Here, the cheapest phone goes at around $5. The platform also allows people to trade in their devices, making it easier if you’re looking for a phone replacement or upgrading your previous phone.

    4) Access Wireless

    Access wireless is a free government cell phone provider that operates in several states around America. They offer their services in Colorado, Connecticut, Nevada, Tennessee, West Virginia, Illinois, Minnesota, Mississippi, Ohio, and other states.

    If you meet their eligibility terms, they offer you 50 minutes of talk, unlimited text, and 3 GB of data. Some states like California may get better deals depending on the revenue generated by them.

    The application process can be done online via their website, or you can do a mail-in process though this one is long. Access wireless also offers low-budget and mid-range smartphones for free and without contracts. You may however be required to recertify your eligibility terms to get their free phone plan.

    5) Assist wireless

    Next up is Assist Wireless and this is a free government cell phone service provider known to offer some cool midrange smartphones. They operate in Missouri, Maryland, Minnesota, and Arkansas.

    Assist wireless Offers unlimited talk, text, and data. However, for some states, you may get only 5GB of data. The application can be done through their website where you will be required to create an account. You may also visit assist wireless websites or stores near you to get started

    6) EBB

    The emergency broadband program is a service initiated by the federal government to eight people of low income or no income to get certain services. One of these services is a free phone from selected vendors.

    If you qualify you will be given a voucher in which you can use to redeem for a free phone through selected stores around the US. You may also be referred to certain service providers in which you can get a free cell phone plan.

    Safelink wireless is a free government cell phone provider that issues free phones and plans to qualify persons around the US. Safelink is among the few service providers that cover over 90% of the states within the US. If you qualify, Safelink will give you a free phone, unlimited talk, text, and data plan.

    They also have additional plans which may cost around $1 for the additional units. To get started visit safelink wireless or the nearest Safelink store. You can check the location of the nearest store within you through their website.

    8) TruConnect

    Last on our list is TruConnect. This is a lifeline service provider that issues free cell phones and plans to qualify persons Around the country. Despite being known to have a hectic application process,

    If you are approved you get to enjoy a 4G Android smartphone with features like a 5-inch display, reliable camera among many other benefits. True connect also offers talk text and three TB of data per month. You may also get international calling to selected countries. To get started visit TruConnect.

    Bottom line

    From this article, you now have all the insights required to get started with free cell phones without contract. We have covered the eligibility terms and how you can apply for such a service. In the end, we covered some of the eight best ways to use to get Absolutely free cell phones without a contract.

    The free government cell phone providers listed here are known to offer a simple reliable, fast application process for you to get their free phone without a contract. All their services have no contracts, and this makes it easy to apply. Get started choosing your service provider and go to their website to see if you qualify.