Nowadays, phone plans with unlimited hotspots have allowed users to enjoy the internet more often and with many conveniences. However, with unlimited data hotspot plans, you can get an enhanced surfing experience, in addition to a range of other services. Several providers give hotspot deals with plenty of data every month.  On the other hand, many cell phone plans feature hotspot options, and some cellular service providers offer you unlimited hotspot Wi-Fi with restrictions.

    In this article, you will identify the best mobile hotspot plans that offer you unlimited data or something similar to it. With a Mobile Internet plan, you can get cell phone plans with free phones, plus several plan options that offer different quantities of high-speed data based on your need. Most importantly, it would help if you chose a hotspot data plan that offers you a generous amount of premium data at an affordable price.

    Moreover, premium data is the amount of data you receive that supports the internet provider’s 4G LTE and 5G networks, consequently delivering fast speeds and lower latency. You’ll also require a plan that supports an extensive cellular network to provide you with consistent connectivity wherever you utilize it. Notably, some hotspot plans operate with only specific hotspot devices, and thus you’ll need a plan that functions with a good-quality device.

    Definition Of An Hotspot

    A hotspot refers to a Wi-Fi connection that enables you to connect laptops, tablets, and other devices to the internet while away from your home network or traveling.

    However, a hotspot can represent any of the following:

    i) Mobile hotspot devices

    These items are portable, pocket-sized modems connected with a cellular data plan from Verizon, T-Mobile, AT&T, and others. It is suitable for travel and gives you internet access anywhere you have cellular service.

    ii) The mobile phone hotspot feature

    This is another way to have an internet connection on your tablet or laptop while you’re away from home internet. Many mobile plans enable you to share a limited amount of data with another device, such as a laptop. On the other hand, some plans give you more data than others, including the unlimited hotspot data plan.

    iii) Public hotspots

    These are connectivity options that are available while you’re traveling. A public hotspot can be a free public Wi-Fi zone and Wi-Fi provided to customers by a business enterprise or a network of Wi-Fi hotspots offered by an internet provider. Besides, public hotspots are less reliable and secure than having your own hotspot, but they can help in certain situations.

    Should I Use a Hotspot For Home Internet

    Mobile phone plans can offer you unlimited mobile hotspot data with free cell phone service for life unlimited everything. However, “unlimited hotspot” may not appear as they sound to be. The majority of the unlimited plans offer you a limited amount of high-speed hotspot data and a truly unlimited amount of much slower hotspot data.

    Notably, it’s not recommendable to use a hotspot for home internet. Essentially, cell phone hotspots don’t connect to many devices and comprise limited data. Standalone hotspots devices also provide you with much fewer data per month than what you’ll have from a broadband internet provider. Additionally, speeds are a lot slower, and you can’t connect as many devices onto a hotspot’s Wi-Fi network.

    The following are the circumstances when you can use a hotspot:

    • Working outside of the home or office
    • Traveling within the country or internationally
    • Residing in a rural area
    • Staying on a weekend or vacation at home

    Therefore, hotspot plans are best for temporary use, especially when you’re traveling or working outside the office. It is also an excellent alternative if you reside in a remote/ rural area since it’s cheaper than satellite internet. However, fixed-wireless internet or 4G LTE internet may still be your ideal option in that case.

    Considerations When Choosing Unlimited Hotspot Plans

    a) Network coverage

    All the three major networks feature extensive nationwide 4G LTE and 5G coverage. However, you’ll have to check out coverage maps to ensure the carrier you select has the most robust service in your area.

    b) Data speeds

    You’ll need a data plan that offers 4G LTE data speeds most of the time. Many MVNO carrier plans feature 5G, where available at no extra cost. To tap on the 5G hotspot speeds, you require a 5G compatible device.

    c) Data allowance

    There’s a plan readily available for every customer’s needs.  If you want a genuinely unlimited data-only plan, know that there is usually a data cap. Immediately you reach the data amount limit, and your internet connection gets throttled to 2G or 3G speeds. Read well the plan features to know the amount of high-speed data you get.

    The 4 Best Phone Plans With Unlimited Hotspot Providers

    1) Verizon Do More Unlimited

    This cell phone plan from Verizon is the best if you want a speedy connection. However, it lets you experience the Verizon 5G network, which can deliver download speeds of 700 Mbps. Verizon’s Do More Unlimited plan costs $90 per month and is ideal for people who live, work, and operate in areas with 5G Ultra Wideband service.

    Additionally, the Do More Unlimited cell phone plan lets you use it with your phone’s built-in hotspot. On the other hand, if you decide to get a standalone hotspot, Do More Unlimited offers you 50% off on a qualifying data plan to get a separate hotspot device.

    Currently, 5G Ultra Wideband spreads in select parts of 35 cities. So, you can’t experience full 4G, 4G LTE, or even typical 5G data for hot-spotting. The unlimited applies to 5G Ultra Wideband data. If you go past the 5G Ultra Wideband area, you’re limited to 30 GB a month of hotspot data. However, exceeding hotspot data allowance reduces 600 Kbps speeds for the rest of the billing period.


    • Most reliable coverage
    • 4G LTE and 5G compatibility
    • Discount on additional mobile hotspot packages


    • Limited premium data allowance

    2) AT&T Unlimited Elite

    AT&T offers you 30 GB of high-speed hotspot data every month. However, if you need the largest allotment of mobile hotspot data for the best price, AT&T is the best option for you.

    Currently, AT&T leads in providing the hotspot data allotment among all the wireless providers. This carrier gives 30 GB of high-speed hotspot data every month for $85 per month. If you are eyeing the best GB to $ ratio, you need AT&T’s Unlimited Elite plan.


    • Lots of hotspot data for a reasonable price
    • Excellent 5G speeds
    • HBO Max included


    • Slowest download speeds

    3) Visible’s Unlimited Phone Plan

    Visible operates as a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that offers you a free phone without paying anything and provides cellular coverage using Verizon’s network. However, it has one phone plan, including unlimited phone and hotspot data per month at a very budget pricing. This is a phone plan, and hence you’ll get limited to using your cell phone’s hotspot, but not a more powerful 4G or 5G hotspot device.

    Visible’s unlimited phone plan costs $40 per month and gives you unlimited mobile hotspot data. On the downside, the hotspot data functions on only one device at a time, and speeds get capped at 5 Mbps and below-average 4G speeds of 30 Mbps. You may experience challenges with bandwidth-heavy tasks, but this plan is still helpful for all types of web browsing and light online work.


    • Unlimited 5 Mbps hotspot data
    • Reliable coverage


    • No high-speed data

    4) T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX

    T-Mobile’s Magenta MAX cell phone plan is an excellent plan you can use for unlimited hotspot data. This cell phone plan costs $85 per month, and it gives you 40 GB monthly high-speed data with speeds averaging around 30–50 Mbps. Plus, unlimited data at 3G speeds capped at 0.5–3 Mbps after you exceed your limit. However, the 3G is slow, but it is enough to check emails and stream SD video.

    On the other hand, most hotspot plans feature strict data caps, offering you as little as a few gigabytes per month. However, not all plans offer you the option to add extra data when you deplete allowance data. Still, you may find a limited selection when it comes to compatible hotspot devices that work with the plan.

    Most importantly, it’s advisable to pay close attention to cell phone plans, which offer you more GBs per month, so that you can utilize your phone’s hotspot feature. Besides, unlimited cell phone plans may offer you unlimited 3G data for hotspots, which enable you to keep connecting the Wi-Fi hotspot even when you’ve reached the given limit of premium high-speed data.


    • Lots of premium data
    • Data plan for both phones and hotspots


    • Slower 5G speeds than Verizon

    Bottom line

    However, if you can forego internet speed in exchange for unlimited hotspot data, you should choose Visible’s $40 Unlimited Plan. On the other hand, Verizon’s Do More Unlimited will give you enough satisfaction if reliable coverage is what you want. If you need more high-speed hotspot data and can pay for it, AT&T’s Unlimited Elite is the plan suited for you.